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Foreword "Each soul is potentially divine", proclaims the great Swami Vivekananda who says the goal life is to manifest this divinity within. This Statement of his in tune with the Upanishadic proclamation, "Sarve – Amrtasya Putrah". Yoga is a systematic and scientific process to manifest this divinity within. In fact, anything that helps us to bring the best from within us is Yoga, as even playing games properly can help active the divine goal. But few people...

"Each soul is potentially divine", proclaims the great Swami Vivekananda who says the goal life is to manifest this divinity within. This Statement of his in tune with the Upanishadic proclamation, "Sarve – Amrtasya Putrah".

Yoga is a systematic and scientific process to manifest this divinity within. In fact, anything that helps us to bring the best from within us is Yoga, as even playing games properly can help active the divine goal.

But few people are aware of the real importance of games, their scope and depth and the way they affect all those involved – the umpire, the players and the spectators. True personality of an individual is revealed during his involvement in a game and his response to the failure and success, to the fair and foul play etc. "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation" says Plato, the great philosopher.

Games not only reveal one's character, they form it. A man who enjoys games in true spirit, irrespective of success and failures, ups and downs, learns to enjoy life like Sri Krishna. We call Lord Krishna Yogeshwara, the master of Yoga because he faced all the difficulties of life, from his very childhood, in a playful way. That is why it is called Leela, the play.

Psychologists agree that games give us a chance to give free vent to pent up emotions and thus, release a lot of stress. They help us control our excitements and culture our emotions. Group games create a field of energy, breaking the barriers of Tamas, converting Rajasic energy into Satvic.

While the participants learn to play in perfect harmony with one another in a team spirit, the umpire learns how to imbibe the qualities of an able deader. Games cover not only the elements of all physical exercises viz., body-building, quick reflexes, stamina, strength, flexibility and dexterity, daring and initiative but also enhance mental faculties of both the sides of brain, right and left, like I.Q. Memory, Concentration and Creativity. More than that, games develop the most needed spiritual quality in Man – awareness, alertness or wakefulness.

No scripture, no teacher, need tell us not get upset in life. We all know it. But when a critical situation arises, we lose ourselves with the loss of awareness, the façade of cultivated relaxation and peace drops off. Games like 'Om' bring us face to face with our own self. How quickly we miss the point due to anxiety and speed, we come to realise. Recognition is half the solution. These games not only us an insight into our state of awareness but also help us to develop it.

Most of these games have been in vogue in various parts of our country and extremely popular among our people for generations on end. In fact these were our national games. Like many other colourful features of our rich national life, many of these games also have been facing extinction on account of the onslaught of foreign games which are in fact less suited to our circumstances and ethos. It is encouraging that various voluntary organizations have been trying to resuscitate and revive them in our social life.

The book on hand is one such attempt. The games noted here are easy to learn and play, need no costly gear or prepared pitch or lawn. All can play and get involved, ensuring total participation.

The book is commended to the readers. The publishers will welcome suggestions for improvement so that such good intentioned views are incorporated in the next edition that will follow this.



Yoga is a process of all round personality development – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Games play an important part in this process. Games (Krida) will turn into yoga, if we keep constant awareness while playing, which in turn will bring love, harmony, peace and bliss.

The games described in this book do not require any paraphernalia, extravaganza or expenses. The only apparatus used is Body-Mind. Different actions of the body are utilized and the games are formed. Others can easily prepare new games or change them, based on single or composite actions.

Before playing the games, as a preparation, a few minutes of Drill or Physical exercise is essential. Sanskrit orders for conducting such Drill and its description is given at the beginning of the book.

We have broadly divided games into five categories 1) Collective Games 2) Circle Games 3) Single line Games 4) Double line Games and 5) Indoor Games.

The idea behind making such division is to facilitate the conductor to take one type of games at a time without wasting time in arranging players for every game.

Most of the games can be played by all the participants i.e. children, young as well as old. A few games where daring and strength is required, need not be played by the elders.

A few games such as lemon race, thread and needle rare or plate-cup-glass race can be played by ladies only. Ultimately, the conductor has to use his own judgement while choosing the participants. Similarly he has to seen the availability of players while choosing a particular game. If participants are more than 15, he can have team games and for lesser number of participants, he can choose group games.

Playing area should be adjusted according to the requirement of the game and strength of the players.

Indoor Games are normally played in the Night Assembly (Happy gatherings after dinner). The same can be played on the field by the elders while other youngsters play the first four categories of games.

The book also contains 'Ice breakers' which are useful particularly during the night assemblies for breaking the inhibitions, barriers and for drawing out the best in the participants.

Comprehensive index and Annexure are provided to help for conducting the sessions efficiently. The session should always end with a patriotic song or some interesting song during night assemblies. A few songs are given in the Annexure.

We are sure, the book will turn out to be highly educative and will help in unfolding the latent potentialities.


About the Author

Shri Dattaram Pol, a senior member of Vivekananda Kendra, has dedicated more than four decades in the service of the nation. He has endeared himself to thousands of participants of various camps of Vivekananda Kendra through these games conducted by him for them.

Though octogenarian in age, he is a youth at heart and in spirit, and inspires all who come in contact with him, by his liveliness and persuasive manners. He is an embodiment of the maxim-Retired but not tired and aged but not old.

The book is his contribution for the welfare of the youth of this nation.




I. Foreword 1
II. Introduction 3
III. Drill (Description of orders in Sanskrit) 5
IV. Tips and check list for Instructor 15
V. Collective Games 17
VI. Circle Games 35
VII. Single ling Games 51
VIII. Double ling Games 63
IX. Indoor Games 79
X. Ice Breakers 97
(a) Fun with Numbers  
(b) Riddles  
(c) Express your joy through various claps  
XI. Annexure i – Model Quiz 103
XII. Annexure ii - Stories 108
XIII. Annexure iii - Songs 112
XIV. Annexure iv - Glossary 116
XV. Annexure v – List of Articles required 120
XVI. Annexure vi – Qualities brought out in games 121
XVII. Annexure vii – Transliteration code 122
XVIII. Annexure viii – Comprehensive Index 123

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