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Krishna Deities and Their Miracles (How The Images of Lord Krishna Interact With Their Devotees)

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About the Book Lord Krishna's deities in L temples are like a channel through which the Divine can be understood and perceived better. In fact, the deities themselves can exhibit what some people would call miracles in the way they reveal how the Divine accepts the deity form. This is one process through which Krishna reveals himself and the reality of his existence. Stories of such miracles extend through the ages up to modern times. This book relates an assortment of these events to...
About the Book

Lord Krishna's deities in L temples are like a channel through which the Divine can be understood and perceived better. In fact, the deities themselves can exhibit what some people would call miracles in the way they reveal how the Divine accepts the deity form. This is one process through which Krishna reveals himself and the reality of his existence. Stories of such miracles extend through the ages up to modern times. This book relates an assortment of these events to show how the images in the temples have manifested their character in various ways in their pastimes with their devotees; whether it be for developing their devotion, instructing them, or simply giving them His kindness, mercy and inspiration.

This book will give deeper insight into the unlimited personality and causeless benevolence of the Supreme, especially to those who become devoted to Him. Besides presenting stories of the reciprocation, this book gives rational and systematic explanation about antiquity of devotion to the deity, scriptural references to deity veneration, and information about historical sites related to Krishna deities.

About the Author

Stephen Knapp is a writer, author, philosopher, spiritual practitioner, traveller, photo-grapher and lecturer. He has continuously worked to help spread the profound and genuine spiritual knowledge of the Vedic philosophy so that anyone from anywhere can be benefitted by it. The main purpose of Stephen Knapp's work is to offer simple yet accurate ways and explanations to comprehend the lofty insights found within the spiritual philosophy and Vedic culture of India, which has much to offer humanity. So far his intention seems to be working. He has been critically appreciated by many readers for his simplistic way of explaining the complexities of the Incomprehensible and Infinite in attractive words.


The reason why we are using the word "miracles" in the title is because many people are familiar with this word and its connotation to that which is out of the ordinary or of a special nature in the area of spiritual or religious topics. And many of the pastimes that we relate in this book can be considered in that way. Herein we will read some of the pastimes about how the temple Deities act in personal ways in the lives of Their devotees, both in waking life as well as in dreams that affect the existence of such devotees. This is with one's personal Deities as well. But for the Indian Vedic community, especially those who follow the deeper aspects of Santana-dharma, many of these descriptions are not so much miracles, but are considered common events that many people experience as part of their devotion to the Deities in the temple.

It is understood in the Vedic tradition that a person who raises his or her consciousness through spiritual practice can attain the perception of various levels of the spiritual realm, as well as perceive the higher dimensions of existence. But this depends on how sincere and steady they are in their spiritual practice. However, for one who has not endeavored in this way, all of this may seem like a mirage, a misconception, or simple buffoonery. They may be convinced that such things cannot happen, or that the Deity is not real, only a statue. But such people only 'weal themselves to be both without knowledge of God or a perception of the higher dimension, and certainly without any spiritual experience. Thus, if people like this advocate a view that such things are not possible while being without knowledge or perception, or remain closed to the potential that such things can happen, then they remain but fools, closed to the evidence, the scriptural instructions, and the stories of personal experiences from those who have had them.

However, even those who blindly accept that God can interact with us without having perceived it, must also go deeper than that. They must also participate in the genuine spiritual path that uplifts or spiritualizes their consciousness so they can also begin to perceive that which is spiritual. That is what makes the difference and opens them up to the possibilities and probabilities of them having their own spiritual experiences in any number of ways, including the likes of those described herein.

These descriptions of miracles, or the interactions between the Deities of Krishna and the devotees, will cover a wide range of occurrences. Some of these miracles may be considered minor or more ordinary, while others may be a special spiritual phenomena that shows the definite interplay of the Supreme Being with His devotees and the spiritual dimension overlapping into the material realm.

These descriptions of Krishna Deities and His various forms and other Divinities include traditional pastimes that have been recorded from years ago, as well as those that are more recent. It shows how great or even minor devotees can have experiences with Krishna as long as they have two qualities, which is great faith and love. A variety of situations are provided in these descriptions, which shows the many ways that the Lord can reveal Himself, and the favor that is shown by Him to those who worship Him.

Why should some of these descriptions of the activities of these Deities be considered special, which involve what are often viewed as mere images in the temples? Because it shows how the Supreme Being and His expansions can reveal Him or Herself in many ways to the amusement and to the awe of the devotees, based on the devotees' love and devotion. Some of these revelations are like the play or pastimes of the Supreme Lord, while others are for heightening the realizations or guidance of the devotees, and those who hear about such pastimes. It is to our benefit to consider the information that is provided, and to listen or read these stories to get a better understanding of the potential relations that take place between the Supreme and His devotees. It also gives an indication of the possibility of what can happen to any of us. You will notice that the basis of all these experiences that are related in the stories that follow is but one thing, and that is love. The more there is love for the Lord by the devotee, the more compelled the Lord is to reveal Himself or interact in the lives of those devotees. Why? This will be explained later in the book.

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