Kundalini Yoga and Sakti (Seven Bio Energy Fields) (First Part)

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Introduction The Indian Yoga System is now being recognized throughout the world as a positive science. Several Institutions are conducting regular classes on Yoga in India and abroad as well and a large number of people are benefited by adopting Yoga in their daily life. In Indian Philosophy six branches of knowledge (Dhada Darshana) have been expounded by six authorities in which 'Yoga Sutras' of Pantanjali have been considered as the most authoritative presentation of the scien...


The Indian Yoga System is now being recognized throughout the world as a positive science. Several Institutions are conducting regular classes on Yoga in India and abroad as well and a large number of people are benefited by adopting Yoga in their daily life. In Indian Philosophy six branches of knowledge (Dhada Darshana) have been expounded by six authorities in which 'Yoga Sutras' of Pantanjali have been considered as the most authoritative presentation of the science of Yoga which has stood the text of time and experience.

Shat-Chakra Nirupan is an ancient technique which deals with a particular form of Tantrik Yoga Kundalini is the Divine Cosmic Energy residing in the individual's body. Though the location of the Chakras in the spinal cord has a biological and physiological resemblance with the plexuses, still the Chakras referred to in the Kundalini Yoga are in Astral forms. There are six important Chakras (Lotuses) and each has a particular number of Petals. The total number of Petals in the six Chakras corresponds with the number of letters of the Sanskrit Alphabet which is 50. Moreover, the number of petals of any specific lotus is determined by the disposition of the subtle nerves (Nadies) around it. The alphabets allotted to each petal bears subtle sound vibrations. This Yoga Tantra also describes certain Powers (Siddhis) which are gained by contemplation on each of the Chakras. The first five Chakras represent the five elements (Tatwas), and contemplation on these five elements results in acquiring Ashta-Siddhies (Eight Psychic Powers). Our body is composed of the Five Elements, such as, Prithvi (Earth), Aap (Water) Teja (Fire), Vayu (Atmosphere), and Aakash (space). In Yoga-Tatva Upanishad' it is said that he who has mastered the Earth Element can conquer the living and nonliving objects on the Earth and need not fear from snakes and poisonous or cruel animals. He can raise himself above the Earth and can easily cross valleys and mountains. One who has mastered the Water Element can walk on water and so on and so forth. The possible scientific explanation is as under.

Our brain is a huge store of energy and has several thousands of centres of different potentials. The Hindu Masters of the Yoga Vidya (Science of Yoga) discovered through the technique of Meditation that each centre in the brain has its own power and could be energized and activated by concentrating on a particular Chakra in the body. By activating the particular centre in the brain, a Yogin can achieve the powers inherent in the centre.

The present Treatise by Dr. Jawalgekar is written as an endeavour to supply, more particularly to those interested in Occultism and Mysticism, a fuller, more accurate and rational presentation of the obstruse science and technique of the Indian Yoga System. He has described the technique in three parts. First part is the theory of Kundalini Yoga. In the second part he has dealt with the Meditation technique. In third part he has dealt with the results that will be achieved. He has also given several references from authentic records to support his theory. Life-Energy operates at various levels, in varying time-space patterns. The human body-mind-intellect, obviously, is a very minute particle in this vast ocean of 'Energy'.

Some books are to be seen, some are to be read and some are to be digested. Obviously, this volume falls in the last category. I congratulate Dr. Jawalgekar on his handling a difficult theme so ably and presenting an exhaustive knowledge on the subject of Kundalini Yoga for the readers at large.

I highly recommend this Treatise to all those who are seekers after truth and are ready and courageous enough to experiment with themselves in order to reach out and be in tune with that inexhaustible, eternal Harmony, Beauty, Energy and Bliss.

My Sincerest compliments to Dr. Ravi Jawalgekar.

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Prof. Dr. Ravi R. Javalgekar The Author of this Book on Kundalini Yoga is basically an Integrated Medical Graduate, Trained in Modern and Ayurvedic Medicine. He is a Retired Professor in Ayurvedic Medicine. He has got Ph. D. and D.Sc. for his proficiency in Yoga Science. His Book on Yoga Science is Published in 4 languages. He has introduced a new Scientific Hypothesis on 'Yogic Six' in Yoga Science and Sexology, for the first time since 1984 he has many times Visited European Counties and Propogated Yoga Science to thousand of Foreigners. A part from 'Yoga Shiromani' (Crown of Yoga) he has been Awarded Some Honours uptill now. He is the Fellow, Founder Member and Life Member of Some National and International Organisations.

About the Book

Kundalini Yoga is a very important Aspect of the Indian Yoga Science. But unfortunately for centuries together Kundalini Shakti or Serpent Power has remained an unsolved Mystery in Indian Philosophy. Hence a Common Man interested in studying Kundalini Yoga is puzzled in understanding the exact Nature Position, Qualities and Methods of Awakening of Kundalini Shakti etc.

Hence the Author has tried in this Book to simplify Kundalini Yoga for Indian and Foreign Readers. He has tried to clearify this complicated Subject in a Very Simple but Scientific Aspect.

It is rather difficult to understand the topic of Kundalini Shakti or Serpent Power clearly without the prior essential knowledge of Saptachakras or Seven Bioenergy Fields Hence the Author has divided this Topic in Two Parts.

The First Part deals with the basic information about Saptachakras in a Simple Clear Language with some Illustrations. The Scientific importance of Saptachakras in the Modern Age is also cleared from the Modern Medical Scientific View.

All the Basic essential information about the Kundalini Shakti is given in the Second Part of this Book. Herein, apart from the Theoretical Point of View the Practical Methods for Kundalini Dhyana (Meditation) for Awakening of the Kundalini Shakti etc. are also given.

Hence this Book will be proved much helpful for an Indian and Foreign Student of Kundalini Yoga to Practice Kundalini Yoga and achieve some Supernatural Powers also.

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