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The Mandirs of Maharastra - An Old and Rare Book

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About the Author   K. K. Moorthy was born in a hamlet of Kolar District, Karnataka, bordering on Chittoor Dt., Andhra Pradesh ... had his Primary School education at Mulakalacheruvu, Chittoor Dt., studied in Madanapalli, Andhra Pradesh till graduation .. a product of Besant Theosophical School and College graduated from Madras University In 1952.   Entered Govt., Service in 1951 ... worked as clerk In Registration Department f...

About the Author


K. K. Moorthy was born in a hamlet of Kolar District, Karnataka, bordering on Chittoor Dt., Andhra Pradesh ... had his Primary School education at Mulakalacheruvu, Chittoor Dt., studied in Madanapalli, Andhra Pradesh till graduation .. a product of Besant Theosophical School and College graduated from Madras University In 1952.


Entered Govt., Service in 1951 ... worked as clerk In Registration Department for a year and a half ... Joined as Graduate Asst. In Dt. Board High School in 1952 ..... worked for three years at Puttur and Piler .. underwent B.Ed. training at Govt. Training College In Kurnool in 1955-56 .. Joined as trained teacher at Kuppam ... obtained two Masterate Degrees n the sister disciplines of Literature - English and Histroy from Banaras Hindu University In 1961 and 1965 ... worked as Special Asst. for 4 years at Z.M.P. Higher Secondary School, Chittoor.


Left for Tamil Nadu College service In 1966 ... worked as Lecturer at G.T N. Arts College, Dindigul from 1966 till retirement In 1984 ... did Research on Byron as part time Research Scholar submitted thesis for Ph. D. Degree to Madurai - Kamaraj University, Madurai ... worked as Prof, and Head of the Department of English at Adhiparaskthi Engineering College, Melmaruvathur, Tamil Nadu ... worked in the Publication Department of no, Tirupati.


Has been contributing articles, Poems, essays, stones etc. to several periodicals both in English and Telugu under different pen names ... authored about 46 books In English and Telugu ....




Ere your enter the state of Maharastra, there blows over your ears, puffs of sublime breeze, saturated with the sounds of clanging of cymbals and singing of abhangas, in praise of supreme deities, invariably those of Panduranga Vittal, the darling Lord of both class and mass of the theist community of the entire erstwhile Bombay State, comprising the present Sourastra and Maharastra, renowned for its intense religio-political activity. The sons of the soil, tilling the fertile fields of Philosophy and Politics by their honest toil and moil, reaped bumper crops of FREEDOM to snapping the pasas binding mankind to this mundane world, or to its ruthless autocrats. The primacy of their rare culture stupified the worlds here on earth and there in heaven. Their exalted humanist approach to the down-to-earth problems and exemplary tenacity exhibited to solving them so exulted even the uncompromising hard- hearted antagonists, descending from the bloated high, hollow pedestals, they knelt before them in token of approval of the policies pursued. And the supreme soul-force of the highly evolved transformed beasts into saints, inanimate into ever-blooming and never-withering enticing sights that pleased celestials to that extent of appearing again and again for bestowing boons infinite that converted them into torch-beares. In consequence, there emerged many schools of philosophy, like Ganesh Sampradaya, Datta Sampradaya, Bhagavatha Sampadaya Varkari Sampradaya, Nath Sampradaya that culminated in the spread of desim and humanism throughout the state, nay to the four corners of world. Hence the achievement of the highest seat in theism.


Situated between the Arabian blue to the west and arid zone to the east, with Sahyadri range running almost in the middle, this splendid state is blessed with an inexhaustible measure of natural resources of infinite variety that are feeding the hungry needy, both in and out of its bounds. Several sacred life-giving and ever-flowing rivers, taking origin in the high mountain region, in addition to irrigating millions of acres of land in their courses, covering hundreds of miles, lured even the Avatarapurushas for permanent settlement, as far back as in the Dwaparayuga. Even earlier, say, from time immemorial to be specific, in the Kritayuga, and later in the Thretyuga also, the highest divinities chose this sacred land for enacting awe-some dramas. They left behind magnificent relics in several forms, their very sight purges one of the sins clinging to the body, and instil lofty idealism, enabling him to see inward first, and outward next that ensures a harmonious peaceful co-existence. To add to these ancient monuments, the sacred spots of habitation of modern nation-builders, like Tilak and Gandhi in the field of politics, and, Jnaneswar and Tukaram in philosophy deserve visitation of immense significance. Why, the places of their birth and samadhis too have become national monuments of international importance, and as such, the state is dotted with countless visit-worthy places of both mythological importance and political significance. Among the scores of such places of perpetual interest and perinnial inspiration, p judicious selection has listed down only twelve for instant visitation. And sure salvation too. Even though a cross-section of the selection reveals the premier saktipithas, Saiva Kshetras, Vaishnava thirthas, Sampradaya kendras, Siddhapurusha nilayas etc., embodying a fair representation of each type, it is inexhaustive. Limitation of space barred the admission of many, and so an appeal in made to the enthusiastic pilgrims and tourists to visit other similar kshetras, like the famous Ashtavinayaka Kshetras hinted in the Mayureswar of Morgoan wite-up. Likewise, many others mentioned elsewhere also. At any rate, one should not miss the holy samadhis of the modern machine-age-Mahsiddhapurushas, whose seats surpassed the yugas-old kshetras, and are drawing more followers than the latter, Steadily and surprisingly too. A visit made, I presume, to the twelve included-Kolhapur, Tuljapur, Pandharpur, Shirdhi, Bhimashankar, Alandi, Ellora, Morgoan, Jejuri, Parli and Triyambak will certainly rouse irrespressibleurge that itself will propel the wheels of your Darsanikakanksha to the rest; for the narration and array of factural information are so made, that they stop not till visiting them all. Now begins the yatra, with its first leg halting at the Mahadwara of MOTHER Mahalakshmi shrine to receiving her munificent blessings, for successful completion.


Will you then kindly spare me a mintue to remember at this moment, all those responsible for steering this Vahan for you convinence? It is a MUST; for, expression of gratitude is not only a mark of culture, but a prime necessity for a carefree, earthly existence. So wait. Among the many high- souled, who extended unforgettable help, first comes Sri K. Subba Rao, M.A., Editor, Saptagiri, who monitered and scrutinised the type-script submitted, for making it Aid- worthy. Discerning its merit, he passed it on to the higher authority with commendation. And it was okayed. His objectivity and critical acumen deserve all praise. I offer my whole-hearted gratitude to him with all humility due. I express my sincere thanks to the benign Experts Committee, adorned by a highly progressive young man for Chairman, and a scholarly luminiary for Executive head for approving and extending AID to printing of this book. I bow to them and the members, who lent their support with one voice. Of the Divinities, BALAJI, Mathridayanivasi takes precedence. Through a hierarchy of His human agency, He granted this golden chariot and made me its mover, although He alone is moving itunseen. I offer my prostrations to Him soulfully. Next comes my MOTHER Adiparasakti, who in the aspect of SARADA, dwelling in my heart, since the down of illumination of the efficiency of devotion and surrender lighted up an inextinguishable akhandajyoti to guiding the devotional community with a series of serene shafts of light for illumining their way to temples. Making a parikramana, I offer obeisance to Her, Finally, I extend my grateful thanks to several authors of books, folders and booklets, particularly to Sri. J.H. Dave and Sri. M.S. Mate, whose scholarly works. “The Immortal India” and “Temples and Legends of Maharastra” supplied me enough fuel to steering this chariot for your benefit. My daughter Kavitha and son Kiran discharged their routine duties ungrudingly, as in the past. So, deserve God’s benedictions. I owe my thanks to the dynamic Proprietor. KRBE Printers, Madras and his efficient staff for their excellent work and Sri C. Nageswara Rao Garu Manager, Visalandhra, Vijayawada for extending full cooperation in the printing work. All is said everyone is paid his due, except you the reader, of course awaiting my attention. So dear look, I am raising the curtain on the Archamurthi of Kolhapur temple for darsan. Circumambulate first and bow to her for grant of infinite luck and trouble-free journey. And then pray to several deities enshrined in many mini-shrines and grand pavilions” as you move from one corner to another for your salvation, and to my gratification too.


















































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Item Code: NAJ305 Author: Prof. K.K. Moorthy Cover: Paperback Edition: 1992 Publisher: Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, Tirupati Language: English Size: 8 inch X 5 inch Pages: 150 (31 B/W Illustrations) Other Details: Weight of the Book: 120 gms
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