Miraculous Wisdom of Sadguru Shree Satam Maharaj (Essence of Spirituality)

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Preface   It has been proven, time and again, that God re- incarnates Himself in the human form and descends among mankind every now and then. His re-incarnation is not bound by any religion, caste or creed. Our scriptures, religious epics, history bear it out.   The most spontaneous question, then, is: Why does God descend among mankind in the human form?   Undoubtedly the answer is: to alleviate the sufferings of the meek and ...



It has been proven, time and again, that God re- incarnates Himself in the human form and descends among mankind every now and then. His re-incarnation is not bound by any religion, caste or creed. Our scriptures, religious epics, history bear it out.


The most spontaneous question, then, is: Why does God descend among mankind in the human form?


Undoubtedly the answer is: to alleviate the sufferings of the meek and the poor, to guide man towards spiritual upliftment, to punish the wicked and help the pure, to eradicate evil and spread the warmth of goodness.


Jesus, Prophet Muhammad, Lord Buddha, Zarathustra, Lord Shrikrishna, Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Guru Nanak, Khwaja Peer Saheb of Ajmer, are but a few of those who took birth in the human form and lived among mankind as Incarnations of God. They came at different times, in different places, by different names. But their cause and purpose was the same.


It is believed, and not without good reason, that God Incarnate descends to Earth among men as and when Evil begins to outweigh the Good.


God's Incarnations live among men like ordinary men. But, in fact, they are born with the celestial light that connects them with God and with the Halo that spreads universal Love, Enlightenment, Brotherhood, Spirituality and the word of God.


However, ordinary mortals like you and me fail to see this extraordinary Light or Halo. We are, indeed, so steeped in the act of self-gratification that we are incapable of using our 'inner vision' to perceive the Light/Halo.


But the purpose of God descending amongst men must be served. Unseeing and visually impaired mortals must also recognize the purpose and feel attracted towards God's Incarnations. But, how?


The common man does not understand the intricacies of spirituality. He remains in awe of the Almighty and His power. But, if man must receive spiritual upliftment, he must have absolute faith in God's Incarnation who appears in the role of Sadguru.


How, then, does one acquire the absolute faith of the common man ?


Through Miracles.


Miracles that alleviate the sufferings of the common man. Miracles that mitigate the common man's har ships, fulfil desires closest to his heart and bring him solace and joy. The common man is overawed by miracles and willing to repose absolute faith in one who performs them.


To an enlightened mind, however, miracles are, in fact, lessons in Spirituality and Godliness.


Hence it is that Incarnations of God must use their spiritually enlightened powers to acquire the fait of the common man so that they may guide and help him through turmoils of life towards the ultimate destination: God.


God's Incarnations are neither bound by time, religion, caste nor community. They choose the time and place of their birth, fulfil the mission of God and choose to depart from their physical forms as and when they feel it is time for them to do so.


Shree Shankar Narayan Satam alias Shree Satam Maharaj was one such Incarnation of God. He was a contemporary of Shree Saibaba of Shirdi. Both re- incarnated to support the meek and the poor, to mitigate their sufferings, to spread consciousness about God and to uplift men spiritually so that they may traverse the path of goodness and achieve self-realization.


It is not surprising, therefore, that Sadguru Satam Maharaj chose to be born in a family that lived a life of poverty, and deprivation. He lived among the meek, the poor, the underprivileged and witnessed the pangs of pain, suffering and helplessness.


It is also not surprising, then, that he did not retaliate or complain against those who branded him as a nomad and lunatic, pelted stones and hurled abuses at him.


He bore it all with unbelievable and extraordinary patience. The truth being that he himself was extraordinary, born to fulfil an extraordinary mission as the emissary of God.


Gradually, the inevitable happened. He won the faith of those very men who had rejected him as an aimlessly wandering nomad.


Looking at the turn of events from the angle of spiritual wisdom, it can be said with conviction that what happened had to happen because it was the will of God. Sadguru Shree Satam Maharaj was sent amongst mankind as the Messiah of God. Sooner or later God's Messiah had to be given the due devotion that he deserves.


Most men flocked to Sadguru Shree Satam Maharaj to have their materialistic desires fulfilled. Some came to him to have their pain and sufferings alleviated. Few others came to offer their selfless ser ice, live in his proximity and receive his blessings. Very few, however, sought spiritual enlightenment. Sadguru Shree Satam Maharaj did not disappoint or turn away anyone, (irrespective of his/her status, religion, caste or community) who knocked at his door. But he did express, now and then, that it would have given him much happiness if more men came to him seeking spiritual enlightenment rather than asking for gratification of their worldly desires.


Sadguru Shree Satam Maharaj, endowed with the spiritual powers that he was, performed actions on several occasions that are perceived by the common man as Miracles.


Men may argue against Miracles, through logic a d reasoning. Logic and reasoning are products of the intellect, the mind. But the mind and intellect are material and therefore limited. God, spirituality, self- realization are beyond the intellect and hence cannot be argued or reasoned.


Miracles are, in fact, carriers of spiritual wisdom and should be interpreted accordingly. Each Miracle should be perceived as a message of God, through His Messiah, Sadguru Shree Satam Maharaj.


As we journey along the extraordinary path adopted by Sadguru Shree Satam Maharaj, as God's Incarnation and Messsiah, we shall attempt to uncover the spiritual wisdom and message that lies behind his actions and words. Together shall we endeavour to render justice to the interpretation of the messages of Sadguru.


Through this humble attempt, we wish to share our treasure with you, to unfold the ways of an Avataar, to draw you to the fold that is shepherded by Shree Satam Maharaj so that you and we are prepared to receive Enlightenment through self realization.


May the spirit of Shree Satam Maharaj Prevail.


Item Code: NAK832 Author: Dr. Manmath M. Gharote and Mrs. Dipty Roy Chowdhury Cover: Paperback Edition: 2013 Publisher: The Lonavla Yoga Institute, Lonavla ISBN: 9788190820356 Language: English Size: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch Pages: 134 (Throughout Color Illustrations) Other Details: Weight of the Book: 200 gms
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