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Mudras & Health Perspectives (An Indian Approach)

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About the Book Now on the advent of a ‘New Perspective’ which is more oriented towards the ‘Desi Culture’ this book on ‘Mudras and Health Perspective- an Indian Approach’ is a welcome addition to our knowledge. Suman K Chiplunkar, whom I know as an Educationlist, a tireless Social Worker and a very humble but cordial humanist has endeavoured upon the age old inheritance in an altogether new version. The human body and mind are not two different entities....
About the Book

Now on the advent of a ‘New Perspective’ which is more oriented towards the ‘Desi Culture’ this book on ‘Mudras and Health Perspective- an Indian Approach’ is a welcome addition to our knowledge. Suman K Chiplunkar, whom I know as an Educationlist, a tireless Social Worker and a very humble but cordial humanist has endeavoured upon the age old inheritance in an altogether new version.

The human body and mind are not two different entities. They complement each other. Today, we see a mad rush towards ‘Hi- fi’ way of life which totally ignores the around development. Hence a Golden path invented through by our Sages and Seers is really worth following.

The outlook as manifested here is that Health means not only the absence of disease but also ever functional, enthusiastic and positive way of life. This particular vision of the Author is most welcome. Similarly the Chapter on ‘Sun Worship’ and ‘Gayathri Mantra’ are quite secular and universal in their approach.

I sincerely congratulate Suman K Chiplunkar for bringing out this English Version of her original work in Kannada (which has already seen two editions) which I am sure will attract an enlarged reading class.



‘Mudras’ are blessings for the mankind. They have a scientific basis and are very effective in day to day life to maintain excellent health. Suman K. Chiplunkar has written the book of ‘Mudras and Health Perspective – An Indian Approach’ after a focused and concentrated effort.

This book is mainly related to health. As you all know ‘Health is Wealth’. This book is to be read and understood by all modern and younger generation and make life healthier. Parents and well wishers should advice all, to follow the essence of this book religiously in their lives.

I wish Suman K. Chiplunkar success in her effort to popularize Mudras and Health Perspective and hope this work will be proved beneficial to all.



In the year 2000 Dr. Lalita Rao, a former Health Minister in the Government of Maharashtra. Volunteered to speak on Mudras to the Ladies Wing of BSKBA. This was my introduction to Mudras. We learnt fifteen Mudras and I started experimenting with them to aid me in dealing with indigestion, watering of eyes and cramps. To my pleasant surprise I found miraculous relief within no time.

I became the devotee of Dr. Lalita Rao. I started learning about Mudras and their scientific background. I was truly happy that I could depend on this natural therapy and did rigorous study of various volumes provided by Dr. Lalita Rao.

Rishis and sages in their meditation discovered that the whole universe is composed of five elements and hence all matter and creatures are composed of those five elements called- Pancha Mahabhoota-s. They are fire, space, wind, earth and water. The Rishis logically proved that the balance of these five elements in human beings establishes health whereas imbalance of these five causes disease. They also discovered to balance these five elements through the various gestures of fingers which are called –‘Hasta Mudras’.

Our fingers emit electromagnetic power which is arrested by Mudras. With the right positioning for prescribed periods, Mudras can rejuvenate the body, heal diseases, also help in spiritual awakening.

Choosing vibrant health is the choice and need of the hour. The diet, lifestyles and stresses of life lure body and mind away from equilibrium. This causes disturbance in the five elements, hence invite disease.

In order to create and maintain equilibrium in our body and mind Mudras act as a remote control and maintain balance of the five element within the body. They remove disorders. So Mudras help in regaining health and happiness.

Ayurveda and Nature cure have made detailed studies on diet. Proper diet can be veritable elixir of life lifting one to the pinnacle of health. Improper diet on the other hand can act as poison destroying health and life.

Spiritual nature has to be nourished like the roots of a tree. Spirituality makes us good human beings so that we become the benefactors of our own society by being healthy and happy.

Sun is the giver of life and radiant health. Mantra-s and Mudra-s purify and energise our body through their vibrations.

Yogasana-s and Pranayama-s balance the mind and body. Hence Yogasanas, Pranayamas, Mudra-s and Mantra-s should constitute the Syllabus in the schools like Language, Maths and Science with equal weightage.

Therefore, the purpose of this book is to promote this understanding of Indian genius in the field of health. Hence along with Mudras I have focused on the Indian perspective in these following areas-

1 Ayurveda and Health
2 Nature and Nutrition
3 Yoga and Health
4 The Philosophy of Life and Health
5 Sun Worship
6 Gayarri Upasana

The laws of nature and laws of health can’t be violated. If violated we cannot live unpunished.

The laws of preservation of health should receive our first and foremost consideration.

Writing a book on Health is like service to the society. My father late D. Venkatest Bhat Marathe and my mother late Padmakshi Marathe have inspired me to write this book. With respects I have dedicated this book to them.

I am grate to my husband Keshav Rao Chiplunkar who helped me to bring out this book in proper way.

My heart felt thanks to my daughter Dr. Anjali V. Brave and son- in –law Dr. Vijay Barve (Radiologist and sinologist) for all their help in providing reference books.

My heart felt thanks to my son Ravindra K. Chipulnkar (B. E., MS Computer sci.) and my daughter- in – law Archana R. Chipulnkan (M.A, M.Lib) for their valuable suggestions and reference books.

I thank my Mentor Dr. Lalita Rao for guidance in Mudra Vigyan. She has provided me a lot of reference materials in the form of books, pictures and philosophical magazines. She has written a beautiful foreword and has blessed me. I am highly grateful to her.

I thank, Dr. Taltaje Vasantkumar - Prof. Dept. of Kannada, University of Mumbai, for his valuable message on the blurb. I am grateful to him for organising Mudra sessions in Karnataka.

I am thankful to the publisher, Dr. G. N. Upadhya - Head of the Kannada Department, University of Mumbai, who has initiated to write the article in Taranga - the Kannada weekly and now he guided to print the books on Mudras. He has written appreciative publisher's note for which I am really grateful.

I also thank, Dr. Vyasrao Ninjoor - Retired Head of the Dept. Food Science Section, BARC, Mumbai; Alka Chaphekar - A Yoga Enthusiast, Tulasi Sadanand and Sunanda Dandekar for the support in this endeavour.

My sincere thanks to Chandra Sharma, Savitri Idasani, Kamal Sachdeva and Sarala Sachdeva for organising many Mudra Vigyan sessions in New Jersy and New York, USA.

I thank Sindhoori Rao for her assistance in graphics and cover pages, also I thank Smt. Soumya D. Rao for her perfect photography.

I thank M/s. Navin Printers for their timely help to print the book in a beautiful manner.

I thank the family members - Chiplunkars, Marathes, Divekars, Paranjapes and Godses for giving me encouragement in this endeavour.

I thank the President, Committee Members and Ladies Wing Members of BSKB Association for their full support.

I thank my classmates of M.A. Kannada Mariyappa Natekar, Jayalakshmi Parvatikar and others for their encouragement.

I wish good health and prosperity to all. I hope you will welcome and benefit from this book and give constructive suggestions if any.




1 Mudras and Health 15
2 Ayurveda and Health 116
3 Nature and Nutrition 145
4 Yoga and Health 189
5 The Philosophy of Life and Health 236
6 Sun Worship 286
7 Gayatri Upasana 320
  INDEX 349


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