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About the Book In her book, Practical Nadi Astrology, Satyamma Bharadwaj, a teacher herself who understands all dimensions of learning strongly, takes the reader through all the basics that are required for reading and interpreting a chart through well laid down rules and guidelines with examples. The reader clearly understands the WHY behind so many interpretations and thus can reason it out for self while interpreting other charts. A very important part of Nadi reading is that o...
About the Book

In her book, Practical Nadi Astrology, Satyamma Bharadwaj, a teacher herself who understands all dimensions of learning strongly, takes the reader through all the basics that are required for reading and interpreting a chart through well laid down rules and guidelines with examples.

The reader clearly understands the WHY behind so many interpretations and thus can reason it out for self while interpreting other charts.

A very important part of Nadi reading is that of 'Timing of Events' through Transits. The way the rules of Transits have to be interpreted have not been formulated in most of the Nadi books available.

The main highlight of this book is the 'Complete Life Case Studies of21 Charts' given with vivid description of every event mapped based on 'Transits' in a systematic manner. This effort from the author will help in solidifying the learned concepts and their applications in the experience of the reader.

The scribe here has read various books on Nadi Astrology and yet hasn't come across Systematic Lesson especially on 'Transits' and a huge collection of 'Complete Life Case Studies' in any other book.

So, as the name of the book implies, all you need to do is take the 'First step of Reading' it and the book takes care of all the remaining Steps in your learning.


About the Author

Satyamma Bharadwaj was born in Gadhwal on 7th October 1935. Her father was an illustrious Sanskrit Scholar and Jyotish Vidwan of Gadhwal Sansthan from 1920 and her mother Rukminamma was a visionary and saw to it that her daughters were well educated.

Satyamma joined R.B.Y.R. Reddy Women's College in July 1957 at a young age of 22 after completing MSc. in Botany from Osmania University. Even before she graduated, she learnt astrology from her father when she was in her teens. But in all seriousness, she took to astrology after her retirement.

She was awarded the prestigious Smith-Mundt Fulbright Scholarship in July 1961 from United States Educational Foundation in India and obtained MS degree in Plant Pathology from Berkeley, California, USA in October 1962.

She did her Hindi Bhushan from Hindi Prachar Sabha and Sr. Diploma in German with distinction.

She wrote a text book of Botany in 1970 for Intermediate and wrote course material for Degree students.

She is the recipient of 'AP State Best Teacher Award' in 1986. She worked as the Principal from 1989 and after retirement in 1993 she worked as Director EG. Courses & Administrator of the college till 1997, thus completing 40 years of service in the same college. She did her Jyotish Visharad and stood All India first and received a gold medal and taught at ICAS. She organized a state level seminar for two days in 2006 and wrote a book on Jaimini Dasa Predictions in 2007. She organized Nadi classes for two years 2008 & 2009. In 2009 a seminar was organized on Nadi Astrology and late Dr. R.G. Rao was the chief guest. She was given an opportunity to write Nadi Lessons for Modern Astrology in 2010 & 2011, the magazine edited by Smt Gayatridevi Vasudev. She contributed articles on Nadi to Saptarishi Astrology too.

The present book was written at the request of Saptarishi Astrology and it has 21 case studies.



Jyotisha shastra is an ocean. If we go deeper we gain more knowledge. Many great Maharshis wrote Nadi granthas like Garg Muni, Sagdevar, Pulippani, Bhrigu Nandi devar Agastya, Varahamihira, Badsanarayana, Kaipla, Kashyapa Jaimini, Asita, Bharadwaja, Brihaspati, Bhadalla, Latacharya, Manu, Maya. Parasa Saka, Savithrara, Sugar, Aryabhatta, Satyacharya, Saptarishi, Bhattotpala and Yavanacharya etc.

Eminent scholars have written on palm leaves in Nadi form detailed predictions with their intutive powers born out of tapas. Shuka Nadi, Shukra Nadi, Agastya Nadi, Saptarishi Nadi, Surya Nadi are famous in present times. They are in Tamil language.

Nadi Astrology is in four line poetry form.

Study of Lagna, Rasis, Stars, Combination of planets is all very important. Nadis are genuine documents. Reading Nadi can be not only a gainful occupation but also an asset to the society.

Sage Varahamihira gave detailed predictions for each bhava and paricularly elaborated on the eighth bhava. A man will shine only when 8th sign is under auspicious influences.

Shukra Nadi has details about much yoga such as Indira yoga, Nabhi yoga, Chakra yoga, Chitra yoga, Puraj yoga, Shakata yoga, Ananda yoga, Mala yoga, Kakala yoga, Bayiri yoga, etc. Nadi reading is difficult to understand since they use different names for planets. Nadi reader should be thorough with these names and should be well versed in the language used in ancient times.



Rarely do we find research authors publishing the real secrets of astrology. A few do publish their research principles for the benefit of students. One such author was late Sri R.G. Rao. He had written a book on Bhrigu Nandi Nadi and revealed the real predictive secrets behind the N adi principles.

Prediction Secrets and Revelation from Nadi Jyotisha, Orbital Providence, Celestial Matrix and Prashna Hora are some of my work which deal with practical approach towards Nadi. Thorough researches on these principles were conducted by applying them on charts in class room situations. These classes were conducted by Smt. Satyamma Bharadwaj. A sincere student of Nadi, she religiously prepared the notes from each class. She has written several articles in astrological magazines and has converted these articles into the present book.

Her work in this handy book will be useful for Nadi students and also to astrologers in general. Some of the material that appeared in my books has lucidly been explained in the present work.

With 21 charts she has made all efforts to make Nadi principles easy for anybody to understand and apply. She also deals with Nadi transits for timing the events and has presented them in tabular form for easy grasp.

One thing is certain, apart from the principles given by Sri R.G. Rao, no other system of N adi has such organized rules and structure to predict effectively. Envious of his work many claim themselves as scholars in some Nadi system but they have never come out with predictive principles. However Smt. Satyamma Bharadwaj has done a good job and has acknowledged the sources based on which she has written this book.

I wish her good health and knowledge to put her efforts for a few more works on astrology.

Always in the service of Lord. Na aham karta sarvasya hari karta.




  A Note V
  Introduction VI
  Foreword VII
  Different Names for Planets VIII
  About the Author XIII
  Part A  
1 Karma Siddhanta 1
2 Web of Space and Time 5
3 Graha Karakatwas 9
4 Rashi Karkatwas 12
5 Debilitation and Exaltation of Planets 16
6 Exchange of Planets 19
7 Dispositor Theory and Bandhana Yoga 22
8 Destiny Makers, Destiny Modifiers and Destiny Breakers 25
9 Profession 30
10 Profession Engineers and Scientists 34
11 What to Make of Directions 37
12 Transits of Jupiter and Saturn 39
13 Rahu and Ketu in Transit 42
14 Marriage and Marital Harmony 45
  Part B  
  Chapter I 49
  Chapter II 51
  Chapter III 54
  Chapter IV 67
  Chapter V 78
  Chapter VI 96
  Chapter VII 111
  Chapter VIII 120
  Chapter IX 133
  Chapter X 143
  Chapter XI 147
  Chapter XII 156
  Chapter XIII 162
  Chapter XIV 177

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