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Reach Gods in Your Religions (Geeta, Astrology and Religions II)

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About the Book There are fighting’s on best Holy days among Xian Roman Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Pentecost’s, Muslim Shanny and Shia people in the world. There are battles and terrorism among Six groups of countries in the last 2000 years after Lord Jesus. This book is vividly explaining the merits of Kepler Spiritual Astrology in my first book namely "Bhagawad Geeta, Astrology and all Religions". Because above six groups are not accepting the Raja Yoga of St. Vi...
About the Book

There are fighting’s on best Holy days among Xian Roman Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Pentecost’s, Muslim Shanny and Shia people in the world. There are battles and terrorism among Six groups of countries in the last 2000 years after Lord Jesus. This book is vividly explaining the merits of Kepler Spiritual Astrology in my first book namely "Bhagawad Geeta, Astrology and all Religions". Because above six groups are not accepting the Raja Yoga of St. Vivek Ananda.

About the Author

T.Mari Muth i was born in Madurai, TN, India on 20.1. 950 lie got MA Economics, on 1981 and Astrology Diploma on 1992 at Madurai Kamaraj University and PG Diploma in counselling Psychotherapy at Tamilnadu Open Universityon 2008.11e had worked in MKU office and MKU Physics/ Energy science Departments from 1973 and then retired as Senior Superintendent on 2005. In the middle of his service, he had served as part time Astrology Diploma in MKU Evening College from 1992-94.

On his kindful request, MKU had started the same course in MKU Correspondence course Department. lie had then served as the Part time Lesson writer cum teacher also from 1993 to 2003. There were d differences between text books of regular classes and Correspondence course , lessons (cum teachings) on 1993. Because. at that times, there were Correspondence courses and regular classes in B.Com., MCom., BA., M.A., M Phil, BBA, MBA, B.Sc (in Economics, Politics, English, Math's, Management, Psychology and other and I humanities (except Astrology) in India and abroad. By God's grace, he had to write the CC lessons within 100 days (in 524 printed pages of A4 sin papers, MKU/DDE/2017/1993). On 1999 itself, he had published a book (Psycho Astronomy in Christian Astrology). I fully hope had sent his blessing letter for his Book. After seeing 1000 MKU students per year from 1993 to 2001, Mr. Vajpayee Government had sent UGC Circulars to all his Indian Universities to conduct B.A., MA., M Phil, Phi) in Jothir Vigyana @ Scientific Astrology under Correspondence courses with regular Courses by Government funds on 2001. 10000 students in MKU Fuming college and MKU Corre,spondence course Department had asked him to teach the Real possible remedies for people in all Religions from 1992 to 2002. After 25 years of thinking’s and readings, by the Grace of M/s. Eastern Book linkers, he has written manuscripts of the following books and sent to publish them on 2016-2017 (1) Bhagwad Geeta, Astrology and Religions (2) Philosophy in Ffindi and English by Numerology of Chiero and Pythagorus, (3) All devotees can reach their Gods by Spiritual Royal Astrology, in their religions, (4) Best Astrology in London etc


Lord Paramatma is saying in Bhagawad Geeta (chapter sloka 3) that among thousands of human beings, only one? Person is practising yoga to reach me. Among thousands of yoga practitioners, only one saint philosophically knows me.

Because paramatma is asking human beings to reach him at least before death. Hindu epic stories are telling that all saints and even asura saints had penanced for many years without feeding, drinking and sleeping. Hence all people fear to reach the Gods by penance.

Even St Patanjali had not written the minimum or maximum years of Penance in his yoga sutra. Recently the penance years of Lords Buddha, Jesus and Mohamed are seen in their Holy books. While three prophets had suffered very much to reach ne Gods, their hard devotees are now telling simple -7moods to reach the Gods. If a devotee has strong believes in his god, He can reach the God (approx) 12 years through steady penance ideally and slowly. In this ultra modern conditions, all people are zhologically affected by atheology, Science, Marxism, women and greediness. Hence their minds and hearts do not believe any one Gods in Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, christianity and others doe to natural geo psychology or Geo pirkirti, samsara.

In addition, Governments in all types of countries are not giving minimum employments to the people at least for feeding and residing. Gods and Governments are not helping them poor people of all countries are asking minimum employment from Local Astrologers. They are paying fees for dummy predictions. Religions, Governments, and professional Astrology have not saved the poor and Middle class people in the last many years. Lord Buddha had preached very simple ways of peace in the world. As Greek emperor Alexander had shown three Road ways and one sea way from Greece to India, (after Buddha) many Greek kings had ruled North western part of India for 250 years. As there were no civilized societies and kingdoms except in Asia, Lord Jesus had known Buddhism of India.

Because Buddhist saints were healing the war wounds of Greek Soldiers in Greece and India when Jesus was born. Lord Jesus had simplified the hardness of Buddhism in Israel near Greece after 500 years to Buddha as white Bhuda. As per Bhagawad Geeta all human beings have noble Sattva characters, Royal Rajo characters and Lazy idle Damasa characters. Hence Lord Buddha had taught Buddhism among Rajo Guna people in India.

Lord Jesus had then taught Chrishanity among Sattva Guna Jewish people of Roman empire. Finally Lord Mohamed had taught Islam among Brutal Damasa Guna people in Arabia. As per Mukkuna vellai Astrology they had used different methods to change the minds of people in their Areas. Mukkuna vellai Astrology is saying in India that same characters or behavroirs shall not of used to win same type be people. (Other opposite characters shall be used.) Noble Sattva people shall use other Royal Rajo Guna or Brutal Damasa Guna to win. Likewise Royal Rajo Guna People shall use two other Guna characters to win. Brutal Damasa character people. Shall use others 4. Buddha had won his enemies by Magic competition in India. Jesus had won his enemies by sattva methods in usual under Roman Empire 6. Mohamed had won his enemies by battles in Arabia.

Picture I

All Religions were from Asia Before 6000 years, there were no kingdoms, Cultures and Civilizations in the world except Asia. Hence Religions of Asia are taken into Consideration as per picture I Asian Religions have Sacred Samadhi Symbols as per


  Acknowledgement vii
  Introduction xi
Chapter-1 New Enlightment Methods 3
Chapter-2 Holy Books of Religions 28
Chapter-3 History of Spiritual Astronomy 47
Chapter - 4 Beliefs, Prayers and (30 Days of) Fastings 93
Chapter -5 Spiritual Astronomy in all Religions 124
Chapter - 6 Spiritual Astronomy openly in Hinduism and Secretly in others 167
Chapter - 7 USA and India from 1526 AD 204
Chapter - 8 Saints, Nuns and Atheology 231
Chapter -9 Heavens, Hells in the World itself 247
Chapter - 10 Reach Gods in your Religions 258
Chapter - 11 World after St. Vivekananda 266
Chapter - 12 Pray in Holy days of Religions 279
  Conclusion 286
  Appendix-I 290
  Appendix-II 295
  Appendix-III 298

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Item Code: NAP551 Author: Mari Muthu Cover: Hardcover Edition: 2018 Publisher: Eastern Book Linkers ISBN: 9788193630228 Language: English Size: 9.0 inch X 6.0 inch Pages: 328 (4 B/W Illustrations) Other Details: Weight of the Book: 560 gms
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