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Sacred Relationships (The Practice of Intimate Erotic Love)

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About the Book Sexuality is one of our core soul qualities, best evidenced by the design of our physical and spiritual bodies and their inherent propensity for sexual expression. By embracing your sex-ual power in a loving union, you can enact a sacred trinity between your two souls and the Divine, transforming your relationship into an initiatory temple of spiritual development and awakening yourselves to divine gnosis-direct knowing of God-through sacred body rites. In this workbook, Anaiy...
About the Book

Sexuality is one of our core soul qualities, best evidenced by the design of our physical and spiritual bodies and their inherent propensity for sexual expression. By embracing your sex-ual power in a loving union, you can enact a sacred trinity between your two souls and the Divine, transforming your relationship into an initiatory temple of spiritual development and awakening yourselves to divine gnosis-direct knowing of God-through sacred body rites.

In this workbook, Anaiya Sophia and Padma Aon Prakasha explain how to reactivate your primal sexual expression in harmony with the Divine, navigate the waters of Sacred Relationship with a partner, and ignite the alchemical process of Sacred Marriage or union with God. Integrating shamanic, Gnostic, tantric, and alchemical traditions with sacred sexual practices, they explore how to unite the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within each of us and experience the great work of sexual alchemy. They explain how, when two lovers come together and abandon themselves to loving each other, they reenact the primal union of the cosmic couple, Shiva and Shakti, that created the Universe.

Weaving together mystical feminine wisdom, transcendent masculine consciousness, and sexual psychology, the authors offer practical tools to balance your masculine and feminine energies, help with relationship obstacles, and bring about sexual healing, emotional clearing, spiritual growth, and physical release. Offering female specific, male specific, and couples exercises, they detail practices for self-awakening, womb pulsing, yoni-lingam evolution, and a series of sacred body rites. Through these heart-opening practices, you can not only deepen your connection with the Divine but also develop a loving connection with yourself, with your partner, and with the world around.

About The Author

"A divine invitation to wholeness! To read this powerful book is to remember the path of Sacred Relationship. This book is a lighthouse of connection, illuminating the path for those who have momentarily forgotten their call to union. Open these pages, and the bridge will appear."


The core mystery of this era is the birth of the Divine Human. A being that has fused together within himself or herself all the opposites: light and dark, body and soul, transcendent and immanent, masculine and feminine.

The wisdom gathered in this book has been drawn together in a myriad of ways, ranging from deep mystical insights, initiations, and relationships to the experience of streetwise common sense. These Pearls of Wisdom are the fruits of our personal experiences journeying into Sacred Relationship and the divinization process that the new paradigm brings.

Sacred Relationships illuminates many of the obstacles and grace-filled ecstasies that came as one important relationship in our lives ended and the seeds of other ones were sown. This book also includes contributions and quotes from other midwives and sacred warriors on the path of Sacred Relationship.

Trust, holy desire, and humility allow one to step off the cliff and risk all. Inevitably this book shall speak the loudest to those who have these essential qualities or want to develop them. For us, Sacred Relationship is the place where we have grown more radically than in any other area of life. We have experienced the beloved relationship, the parent-child relationship, the mentor-apprentice model, and even the new paradigm community collective relationship! However, it is always in Sacred Relationship where the rubber hits the road and our edges are softened. Some of this softening and resultant growth has been difficult and painful, but in the end it has always served to open our hearts.

Sacred Relationships is a road map and oracular prayer. It brings forth mystical teachings that can reactivate our primordial, often for-gotten voice, our pure sexual expression in harmony with the Divine, and the presence of deep-rooted wisdom within us. By reintegrating wisdom into relationship, a fully awakened couple is born. This divine pair has the power to dissolve the patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that remain entrenched within the old paradigm. Furthermore, they create a template of the new paradigm with their clear-feeling vision. These beings have reclaimed their power and are not afraid to use it to let go and create anew. With their throne of sovereignty reinstated, all psychic entrapments and emotional obstacles simply fall away, making space for creation to enter.

This book is a rich resource of mystical feminine wisdom and transcendent masculine consciousness, and it births a practical, realistic path to bring women and men together as one. Within the core of all divine unions, we discover the true kernel of lasting transformation. Within the womb of woman and the hara, an energetic region in the lower torso, of man lives a resource that can activate the forces designed for the complete transfiguration from human to divine. This force is known as Shakti, a brimming, teeming life force that helplessly flows toward deeper consciousness (Shiva). We cannot prevent Shakti from merging with Shiva; this is the Divine Marriage in action.

To facilitate the return to our original wholeness, we must take some essential healing steps. Before we can open to the full sacredness of divine union, we must melt all shadowy forms of body hatred, sexual shame, emotional wounding, and gender animosity. The teachings within this book are devoted to such a process. Lovingly imbued with the tenderness of the feminine and precisely instructed by the awareness of the masculine, these words, transmissions, and practices are designed to penetrate at the deepest level and guide you toward the gnosis, or direct knowing, within your own soul.

Not only does sexuality require a completely conscious transfiguration, it also calls for a transformation of what is held within one's heart and psychology. Our ability to love at the level of holiness has become enshrouded by layers of fortified protection. Hidden in the intricate catacombs of the mind, our personality continues to harbor thoughts of fear, separation, and isolation.

All of this has to be offered up to the high altar of love. God's love. And one of the most important things that we have learned about this love is that it requires our trust. The two go hand in hand. We need to trust ourselves. We need to trust our partners. And we need to trust God. We need to trust in love and the process-completely-all the way to the end of the road. This may lead to God knows where, but our faith in the journey will bring about its conscious completion. Lack of trust in any of these areas undermines our relationships and makes it impossible for us to penetrate and heal the veil of fear that separates us from one another.

Trust is based on a willingness to explore and an ability to evolve. We simply cannot trust a person we don't respect, don't accept, and don't desire to be vulnerable with. The attempt to do so is one of the most frustrating aspects of relationship. Without trust, love is infantile and selfish. Indeed, to call it love is to misname it and trivialize it. At the beginning stages of relationship, we must ask ourselves these questions in the cool, still center of our being. Do I respect this person? Do I accept this person? Do I want to be vulnerable with this person? Does this person have a true and real center? Does this person have what it takes to hold me and all that I am as well as the mystery of all that I shall become?

If we really choose the path of Sacred Relationship and desire deeply to be transformed, then we have to embrace our partners fully. We must be willing to let our partners be just as they are. That means no fixing, no saving, no remaking of our partners to fit our idealized vision or anyone else's-including those of our parents or our friends. This doesn't mean that we think our partners are perfect. We simply see them as they are, with all imperfections, and we accept those as part of the total picture.

The inability to see and hold our partners' wholeness is symptomatic of our inability to see and hold our own. Most of us have deeply divided relationships with ourselves-and these divisions arise in double time once we have committed to Sacred Relationship. This internal fragmentation plays out as neurotic thoughts and emotions and ambivalent behavior toward our partners. Yet, at the molten core of divine union is wholeness. Wholeness within oneself extends to wholeness with the other.

This doesn't mean that we think we are whole, because there are certainly times when it feels that we are not. Wholeness comes when a being has a palpable connection to God. In any challenge this being does not fall apart or get hysterical, but instead turns inward and calmly moves in the direction of the One who bestows that wholeness. In that peaceful and benevolent state, grace enters. This internal process has to be the backbone of your spiritual practice. It connects you with your essence, giving you the ability to endure this transformational process. When couples lack inner confidence, have no real faith in a greater source of wisdom than their human minds, and are ambivalent toward one another, how on Earth can this internal shift ever take place? Without a palpable connection to the Divine and each one's inner wholeness, this great journey together will not come to fruition. It takes not only intention and desire but also practice.

We are living in a time on our planet when we are being called to reach deep inside to find the courage for undertaking an incredibly challenging and amazing act of creation the birth of the Divine Human. This genesis is happening right now, all over the world, not just in humankind, but within all of life and Earth herself. We believe this shift is the answer to our existential crisis as well as the deepest meaning of it. The birth of the Divine Human is, in fact, the key to our evolutionary destiny.

Unless we call forth and embody the commitment to stay as humble as possible, none of us will successfully enter the firestorm of this great evolutionary movement that is being directed straight toward humanity from the heart of Godhead. We have to commit to a daily infusion of prayer, love, humility, openness, and truth on every level of our being. Without daily and consistent replenishment, our spiritual backbone may break. Let us not underestimate the gravity of what we are embarking upon.

We are asking to be made divine, to be restored to our original wholeness. We are asking to fuse the inherent holiness of our soul with our human self, thus creating a divinized human-an archetype for the awakened, co-creative beings of the new Earth. God's eyes have always seen us as holy and whole. Yet for millennia the fragmented human emotional state and ego have trained us to believe in the illusion of separation. Now is the time for us to humbly, yet powerfully, step into our sovereignty and see ourselves truly as we are-divine reflections of God. In fact, we are asking to see the world with the eyes of God and bless all we see.

Humility is the only virtue that will allow us to stay empty. No matter what we seem to achieve along the way, unless we continually empty ourselves, we cannot be filled with divine love. Unless we stay empty, we cannot be continually taken forward. Only when we bend our knees in adoration, gratitude, and surrender will this fundamental yet immense transfiguration be integrated. Only in humility and openness will it become real.

Dearest Readers, may the seeds of this wisdom be planted in your heart and blossom into your life. May you drink deeply from this well and quench your thirst for love and truth. May you forgive and heal. May you come into the fullness of your union. May you experience your divinity through the grace of Sacred Relationship. And may we all sup-port, love, and take care of one another along the way. And so, on that exquisite note, I wish to give thanks to all the lovers and friends who have helped me to grow, to love, and to trust the truth.

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