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Sandhya Vandanam, Gayatri Vidya and Enlightenment (With Sanskrit Text, Word-to-word Meaning and Detailed Explanation)

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From the Jacket The intellect (Buddhi) is the most important instrument in self-evolution of the soul. Intellect is the discriminative faculty which reveals the ephemeral nature of things around and brings faith in the eternal nature of the soul. The one, whose intellect has been carried away by the violent sense-organs, quickly perishes. Therefore, purification and enlightenment of the intellect is the prime means for self-protection. Sandhya Vandanam of body, life and mind and then enl...
From the Jacket

The intellect (Buddhi) is the most important instrument in self-evolution of the soul. Intellect is the discriminative faculty which reveals the ephemeral nature of things around and brings faith in the eternal nature of the soul. The one, whose intellect has been carried away by the violent sense-organs, quickly perishes. Therefore, purification and enlightenment of the intellect is the prime means for self-protection. Sandhya Vandanam of body, life and mind and then enlightens the intellect through Gayatri Upasana.

This book presents the theory and practice of Sandhya Vandanam and Gayatri Vidya which facilitates the entry of the soul into the plane of Vijnana. The purpose of this book is to reveal the various planes of soul-existence and not merely a mechanical performance of rituals. This book brings about a synthesis of Karma, Upasana and Jnana by rendering English translation of three minor Upanishads dealing with Gayatri Vidya. The ultimate aim is to eliminate all desires from the intellect and confer Brahma Vidya on the seekers of liberation.

The author has been an earnest seeker of the spiritual knowledge for more than a decade. Having completed his graduation in Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, he went on to pursue Masters Degree in Business Administration from Sri Sathya Sai University, Prasanthi Nilayam, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh. Compelled by an inner spiritual urge, he decided to dedicate his life in search of truth. Presently, he is residing at the Ashram in Prasanthi Nilayam, the abode of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He is leading a holy life by pursuing spiritual knowledge and rendering services at the Ashram. He is also the author of books entitled ‘Path of Knowledge’, ‘Eight Minor Upanishads’ and the ‘The Gospel of the Bhagavad-Gita for Holy Life’.


From Back of the Book

“O Aditya (sun), the friend of all beings, that mortal who learns by the laws of Mitra, he becomes Prayasvan, full of love which is founded on truth and expressed in righteous efforts, such a soul is neither slain nor conquered (by any opponent). He, who is favoured by you, does not suffer (from mental and physical affliction) and sin does not accrue to him from far and near”. Rig Veda (3.59.2)



The fundamental doctrine of all the Vedas is that the embodied soul (Jivatma) and the super-soul (Paramatma) are one and the same. However, one cannot realize this unity of Jivatma and Paramatma without the purification of the mind and intellect. The Vedas have laid down various rituals (Karma) and worships (Upasana) for the purification of inner being. Sandhya Vandanam is one such obligatory and purification ritual. Sandhya Vandanam Mantras release the human soul bound by triple cord (physical, verbal and mental) of sin through Sandhya Vandanam daily with necessary discipline is called Dvija, the twice-born. This ritual gradually wipes out all worldly impressions from the mind and bestows purity. Daily performance of this ritual constantly enhances the divine faculties and facilitates the evolution of the embodied soul. Practice of Sandhya Vandanam confers inner strength to lead a righteous life free from six vices. Due to the efficacy of this ritual, the initiated one overcomes the evil influence of the hostile forces and does not fall prey to worldly temptations.

Though Sandhya ritual effaces worldly impressions from the mind, yet it is an extrovert path which seeks higher kind of happiness in the three lower worlds of matter, life and mind. The mental intelligence in these three lower worlds into the three higher worlds of Sat, Chita and Ananda where the mental intelligence is unified and free from falsehood. Mundane life is characterized by life associated with three lower worlds where vision perceives diversity while spiritual life is characterized by life associated with three higher worlds where vision perceives unity.

Meditation is the means to attain three higher spiritual words by unifying the diversified state of mind. Meditation transforms the extrovert mind (Bahir-Mukha) into introvert mind (Antar-Mukha). This is the essential pre-condition of enlightenment and subsequent attainment of knowledge of the philosophical truth (Tattva Jnana).

Meditation is synonymous with Upasana. Gayatri Upasana is enjoined during Sandhya Vandanam for transcending the scattered and diversified faculties of the mind. It opens a link between the three lower worlds and the three higher worlds. It stimulates the higher faculty of Upasaka (worshipper) called Dhi or Buddhi. The deity invoked through Gayatri Upasana brings communion with the supreme creator. It is said, ‘Gayantam Trayati Sa Gayatri- Gayatri protects those who chant this Hymn of illumination. ‘Gayatri Upasana like any other Upasana is free from all desires of enjoyment in seen and unseen worlds, it confers self-knowledge and grants Sadyo Mukti, instantaneous liberation Her and now.

Daily performance of Sandhya Vandanam is a pre-requisite for the seekers of Brahma Vidya. Gayatri Upasana is an important means to realized The purpose of this book is not just to impart ritualistic knowledge of Sandhya Vandanan and Gayatri Upasana. An effort has been made in this book to investigate the inner significance of various steps involved in the performance of Sandhya Vandanam. The main object is to brings three-fold purification of body, life and mind through this ritualistic knowledge and then elevate the soul to the plane of Vijnana through Gayatri Vidya. This book presents Sanskrit text, English translation and notes on three Upanishads dealing with three-fold Vidya of Gayatri (Bestower of Illumination), Savitri (Bestower of life) and Sarasvati (Bestower of wisdom). It also gives insights into few selected hymns of Illumination from the Rig –Veda dealing with the Gayatri Vidya.




1. Preface i-iiii
2. Fundamentals of Vedic Dharma 1-7
3. Psychology of Sandhya Vandanam 8-28
4. Initiation into Brahmacharya 29-39
5. Theory of Divine Waters 40-46
6. Suryogasana and Divine Dawn 47-56
7. Gayatri Upasana and Enlightenment 57-77
8. Practice of Sandhya Vandanam 78-103
9. Gayatri Upanishad 104-111
10. Suryopanishad 112-121
11. Sarasvati Rahasyopanishad 122-156
12. Hyms of Illumination 157-169
  Appendix 170-180


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