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Secrets of Sree Chakra (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)

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About the Author   ‘Swami Naoananoa Tirtha’ an authority in ‘Samaya Marga’ of ‘SRIVIDYA’ in ‘Keralaacharam is born in a Traditional Saktha Namboodri family and had ‘Poornabisheka’ with Umanandanatha as Deekshanama. Swamiji, for his practices in ‘SRIVIDYA’ in both ‘Kaula’ and ‘Samaya’ margas of ‘Dakshinachara’ for a period of 45 years is conferred ‘Peedhathipathi’ of Kashmira Peedha of ‘SRIVIDYA...

About the Author


‘Swami Naoananoa Tirtha an authority in ‘Samaya Marga’ of ‘SRIVIDYA’ in ‘Keralaacharam is born in a Traditional Saktha Namboodri family and had ‘Poornabisheka’ with Umanandanatha as Deekshanama. Swamiji, for his practices in ‘SRIVIDYA’ in both ‘Kaula’ and ‘Samayamargas of ‘Dakshinachara’ for a period of 45 years is conferred ‘Peedhathipathi’ of Kashmira Peedha of ‘SRIVIDYA’. Presently Swamiji is the Head of ‘Srividya Gyana Peedham, Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir and ‘Srividya Anusanthan Nyas,Panipat, Haryana. Swamiji is bestowed with the title SRIVIDYA KULAAGRAJA’ by high authorities of ‘SRIVIDYA’ tradition for his 12 years of research works on Spendes of Sarvanandamaya Chakra (Vibrations on Bindu). Swamiji traveled extensively all over India especially in Himalayas, Nepal and Tibet to meet Rishis and Scholars of Srividya with regards to the Research work.




It is fascinating to understand how a geometry with a few lines, basic mathematical models and alphabets symbolizes the Universe, the Cosmic energy. Sri Chakra is worshipped in Meru as well as Bhoopura forms. The Hindu Philosophy considers the mantra and the yantra as the presiding diety itself. It is believed that the Mother Goddess manifests Herself in Srichakra along with Her parivara yogini ganas. The different levels of Srichakra called avaranas, have accommodated each group of yoginis with a Presiding Diety, Chakraswamini. Finally, the male and female forms (Shiva and Shakti) of Consciousness and Awareness reside at Navama Avarana, the Bindu (Sarvanandamaya Chakra).


It is really impossible for human being to explore the dimensions of Srichakra except the Mother herself. However, through his own experiences, Sri Sri Sri Pramahamsa Swamy Nadananda Tirth has tried to unfold some of the Secrets of Srichakra. Swamiji, a surrendered devotee of Mother took his Sanyasa Deeksha in Tirtha order of Dasanama Sanyasis of Adi Shankara Order and has been in sadhana over 45 Years. Inspite of his ill health, Poojya Swamiji has been continuing this research on Sri Chakra and Lalita Sahasra Nama from 12 Years with dedication and total surrender. In order to help the interested sadhakas Swamiji consolidated his experiences on Sri Chakra in to Five volumes.


The First volume of his work deals with Rituals (Saparya), followed Surrealisic experiences of Hrillekha Mantra (324 paintings) in volume two. The Bijodhara and Yantrodhara of Sri Lalitha Sahasranama in Thousand Geometric Designs (1000 Yantras) appears in Volume Four. The experiences of Swamiji on Vibrations of Bindu of Srichakra during his research are documented in Volume Five. To achieve and unfold the supernal power by investigating each and every part of Srichakra in detail is presented here in this volume SECRETS OF SRICHAKRA. The other volumes i.e., one, two, four, and five will be published near future.


The first part of present work conventionally deals, with Srichakra Aavaranas, Avarana Dieties and their positions on Sirchakra. The spiritual secrets of the avaranas with their seed syllable (Bija Mantras) and worshiping procedure (Upsana Krama) and the benefits of worship are explained in this section which is first of its kind.


The Srichakra and its Avarana Dieties are beautifully chanted in Sri Devi Khadgamala to which is given equal to Sri Lalita Sahasranama as well as Lalita Trisati. One lakh Eighty three thousand (1,83,000) vibrations with their utilities of Khadgamala based on Srichakra are experienced, explained and documented by Sri Swamiji as a part of this volume. The Vagbhava Kuta, Kamaraja Kuta, Shakti Kuta and Hiranyagarbha (Kameswari Kameswara) of Panchadasi as well as Shodasi are identified and located on Srichakra based on his experiences as Knowing and Being.


“Ganesha, Graha, Nakshatra, Yogini, Rasirupini”, are highlighted in this work. Finally the 51 Shakti Peedhas of Akhanda Bharatha are earmarked in Srichakra by the author. As whole through this volume author made an effort to open the unopened avenues of Srichakra.


At last, I feel its my ‘poorva janma sukrutam’ to write this introduction about this volume “as a small cotton thread to moon”. Let SRI MAA LALITA PARMESWARI shower her blessings to one and all. JAI MAA.

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