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Shrimad Bhagavad Gita - Spiritual Philosophy of Practical Life (Small Size)

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THE MESSAGE OF THE GITA The strangest and the most unprecedented was the background when the spiritual wisdom of the Gita was revealed. It came out in the form of the dialogues transpired between lord Krishna and Arjuna while they stood between the formations of the opposing armies ready for the battle. The spiritual philosophy contained therein is the essence of all the scriptures. It is not only limited to spiritual theology but also analyses psychology and prescribes practical follow-u...

The strangest and the most unprecedented was the background when the spiritual wisdom of the Gita was revealed. It came out in the form of the dialogues transpired between lord Krishna and Arjuna while they stood between the formations of the opposing armies ready for the battle. The spiritual philosophy contained therein is the essence of all the scriptures. It is not only limited to spiritual theology but also analyses psychology and prescribes practical follow-up. Thus, the Gita diagnoses spiritual conflicts and advises treatment. It is not meant for a particular religion or group but for the benefit of entire mankind. A human being is superior to all creatures by being the source of thoughts, emotions and planned action. The intelligence helps him to cultivate all his dormant qualities. The modern science has proved that humans can even reprogramme genes. No other creature can even dream of it. Humans can explore their inner selves to reach the spiritual heights. The Gita’s knowledge is a ladder to attain those heights and meet the Creator.

Lord Krishna has revealed the possibilities of various spiritual exercises including Karma Yoga. Karma is a natural reaction of a man. It leads to bindings and worldly trappings. The Gita teaches us ways to escape those bindings and trappings. Lord Krishna through the sermon of the Gita propounds the divine theory of selfless deeds and non-attachment to the rewards of deeds.

This Karma theory is quoted worldwide. He analyzed the manifest and unmans fest forms of the supreme Power. The Gita reveals the cosmic truth of God being present in all creatures in the form of the Soul uniting all living beings as life-energy. This union is further extended to non-living matter as God being Omnipresent. Through divine spectacle Lord Krishna demonstrated to Arjuna how God contains everything visible in the cosmos and all the invisible forces. So, nothing matters in this world because only thing that matters is God.

The spiritual revelations drove away all the confusions and mental conflicts Arjuna was suffering from. What He told Arjuna is relevant to every human being. The Gita helps one understand the universe and he cosmic spectacle through the vision of the spiritual knowledge. It explains the relation of one’s soul to the body, the soul’s relation to the Supreme Power and how everything is related to everything else. Once the message of the Gita is understood, one can feel one’s self extended into all other creatures, living beings, things, happenings and the Ultimate Truth, God. Then no confusions and conflicts can haunt the mind and the soul is liberated from all the feelings of guilt and remorse.




First Chapter: Arjunvished yoga Shlok
The count of the main warriors of the both sides 1-11
Both armies sound conchshells 12-19
Arjuna surveys the armies 20-17
Arjuna reveals his confusions and doubts 28-47
Second Chapter: Sankhya yoga  
Lord krishna's advice to Arjuna 01-10
Sankhya yoga explained 11-30
Arjuna remided of his Dharma (Duty) to engagein the battle 31-38
Karma Yoga referred to 39-53
The definition of the balanced mind 54-72
Third Chapter: Karma Yoga  
Desirability of doing duty remaining unattached 01-08
The need of Yagnas 09-16
Deeds for setting examples 17-24
The differences between the ignorant and the learned 25-35
Avoidance of Kama 36-43
Fourth Chapter: Gyankarma Sannyass yoga  
Karma Yoga and to of improtance manifest God 01-18
The conduct of the Yogi and his gratness 19-23
Various Yagnas defined 24-32
The glory of knowedge 33-42
Fifth Chapter: Karmasannyaas Yoga  
Comparison between 'Sankhya yoga and Karma Yoga 01-06
Sankhya Yogi and Karma Yogi The sign and the importance 07-12
Gyan Yoga explained 13-26
Devotion and meditaion explained 27-29
Sixt Chapter: Aatmasanyam Yoga  
Karma Yoga-Subject and the sign of the Master Yogi 01-04
Sel-realistion and the divine person 05-10
Details of the meditation 11-32
Processes of controlling the mind 33-36
Yoga-failed person's fate and the glor of the meditative yogi 37-47
Seventh Chapter: Gyanvigyan Yoga  
Science and wisdom explained 01-07
The presence of God in all things as the cause 08-12
The evil and the faithful 13-19
The rewards of the devotion the lesser gods 20-23
The evil of non-bilievers and the goodness of the faithful 24-30
Eight Chapter: Akashabrahma Yoga  
Arjuna's questions on Brahm, spiritualism, karma, etc.-Lord Krishna's revelations 01-07
The Bhakti Yoga defined The two ways of the depature to the other world 08-22
Ninth Chapter: Rejvidyarajguhya Yoga 23-28
The greatness of the knowledge and wisdom 01-06
The origin of the world 07-10
The evil of the bad ones and the kinds of worship 11-15
God's dimensions revealed 16-19
Attached and unattched devotion 20-25
The superiority of the unatcahed worship 26-34
Tenth Chapter: Vibhooti Yoga  
The diviine attributes of the Almighty and the power of Yoga 01-07
The rewards and the consequences of the devotion 08-11
Arjuna prays to God and wishes to know His attributes and the power of yoga 12-18
Lord Krishna explains God's dimensions 19-42
Eleventh Chapter: Vishwaroopdarshan Yoga  
Arjuna's request for the show of the spectacle of divine dimensions 01-04
Lord krishna obliges 05-08
Sanjay narrates to Dhritrashtra the incredible sight of the divine spectacle 09-14
Arjuna is overwhelmed and prays to God 15-31
Lord explains His powers and inspires Arjuna for taking up arms as his sacred duty 32-34
he frightened Arjuna prays to all consuming from recealed 35-46
The glorification of Cosmic From 47-50
Twelfth Chapter: Bhakti Yoga 51-55
The devotion to manifest and unmanifest forms of God The ways to meet to Creator 01-12
The signs of enlightened perosns 13-20
Thirteents Chapter: Kshetrakshetragyavibhag Yoga  
The fields and the master of the field 01-18
The knowledge on the nature and the master 19-34
Fourteenth Chapter: Gunatrayvibhag Yoga  
The glory of knowedge and the origin of the creation by Nature God 01-04
The definition of Setva, Raja and Tama tendencies 05-18
The ways to attain the union with God and the signs of the accomplished one 19-27
Fifteenth Chapter: Purushottam Yoga  
The world tree and the fruit of the Ultimate Salvation 01-06
The form of the soul in a living being 07-11
The form of God 12-15
God in abstract symbolic forms 16-20
Sixteenth Chapter: Daivasurampadvibhag Yoga  
The divine and the evil tresures 01-05
The signs and the fate of the owners of the evil treasures 06-20
The renunciation of the evil ways and the advice to follow the path prescribed by the Dharma 21-24
Seventeenth Chapter: Sharddhatrayvibhag Yoga  
The forms of the devotion or worship 01-06
The Food, Yagna, Penance and Charity defined according to the three basic tendencies 07-22
The importance of Om-Tat-Sat 23-28
Eighteenth Chapter: Mokshasannyas Yoga  
The sacrifices 01-12
Sankhya principle in respect of Karma 13-18
The Definitions of knowledge, Karma, wisdom, fortitude and pleasure according to the tendencies 19-40
The professions and the duties 41-48
The glory of the faith 49-55
Karma Yoga with devotion 56-66
The glory of Gita 67-78

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