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Speaking of Ayurveda Yoga and Nature Cure

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About the Author Prof. Dr. Theranya Lakkanna Gowda is an erudite scholar of Ayurveda and Ambassador of Ayurveda as he spreads Ayurveda Worldwide Through his 44 Books on Ayurveda, articles on Ayurveda indifferent medias and free consultations to public. He had written 44 books on Ayurveda in English, Kannada and Hindi and English books are exported all over the world and two books are translated into Russian language. He is awarded National Award, International Service Award, Dhanwantari Gold ...
About the Author

Prof. Dr. Theranya Lakkanna Gowda is an erudite scholar of Ayurveda and Ambassador of Ayurveda as he spreads Ayurveda Worldwide Through his 44 Books on Ayurveda, articles on Ayurveda indifferent medias and free consultations to public.

He had written 44 books on Ayurveda in English, Kannada and Hindi and English books are exported all over the world and two books are translated into Russian language.

He is awarded National Award, International Service Award, Dhanwantari Gold Medal Award, Karnataka State Rajyotsava Award, Ayurveda Academy Award and so on. The Present book deals with details of health promoting ideas as Divacharya, Ritucharya, Sadachara, Sadvritta, Nishacharya and Brahmacharya. Yoga and Nature cure aspects are also to help in maintaining bodily and mental health to prevent bodily and physio disorders. So, totally one can attain Dharma, Artha and Kama in this world and salvation (Moksha) after death. It is hard book for the readers to keep their health in whim mentally and physically and to live long for more than one hundred years.


Ayurveda, an ancient science of medicine practised in India, has postulated some of the best principles for maintaining and preserving the health of any individual. It lays down certain rules, not only for healthy living, but also for-hygiene - a key requisite for health.

Health is an important factor in attaining individual goals, whether it be wealth or happiness, material or spiritual, or indeed Moksha or salvation. Ayurveda stresses that the four influencing factors that play their part in gaining Moksha in the after-life are:

1. Dharma - truthful living

2. Artha - generating money and resources

3. Kama - fulfillment of desires, including the sexual

4. Moksha, itself - attainment of life's ultimate goal: Salvation

Ayurveda propounds healthy living by following a set of regimen - on a seasonal, daily and even nightly basis, coupled with sadvritta. Regimes encompass food and activity and these are detailed in this book.

The modern age is characterised by pressures - hurry, worry, the pressures of making a quick buck and the temptations of corruption. These are bound to lead to deviation from the safe routines of diet and habit, and so, to imbalances of health. The old practices of eating meals at fixed times, starting the day with exercise, supplemented with oil baths and massage, all contributed in keeping old age at bay, by keeping one's body in prime fitness, by keeping the eye keen.

However, in modern India, deviation from these principles and the effect of all manner of pollution, from food adulteration to pollution in the air and water, down to even the very lifestyles that are led, is the order of the day. Ayurveda offers relief to those suffering on account of these, whether rich or poor, in all walks of life. This book covers the ameliorating aspects of Ayurveda, for the individual and for communities. The book has four sections starting with Part A which details the historical background and basic concepts of Ayurveda before moving on to socially related issues such as Family Planning. Ayurveda developed in order to address such community needs and this segment will examine issues of contraception and conception - such as conceiving a child of desired gender. Part B deals with topics such as the environmental perspectives of Ayurveda and issues related to the construction of communities - whether they happen to be schools, villages or cities or even just a basic lavatory. Both past and present practices are explained for the benefit of readers.

There is a special section, Part C, which is devoted to Nisargopacharam or Nature Cure, based upon the axiom of the five bhutas - air, earth, fire, water and space. These are the basic components that make up every human being, though the proportions vary from person to person. The fact is that these elements, the five bhutas, make up nature itself, Man being only a microcosm of the macrocosmic universe. This section is illustrated with photographs.

Also illustrated is the next section of the book, Part D, which deals with the subject of Yoga Vijnanam, the linkage of Yoga with Ayurveda. Postures, such as Asanas and Pranayama, which help to maintain health and can cure health problems, are explained for the benefit of the readers.

This book should prove to be valuable not only for general readers, for whom it contains matter related to the prevention of disease, protection of health and prolongation of life, but also for those students of Ayurveda who are studying for their B.A.M.S. degrees, as it covers their required curriculum.


Prefacev - vii
1Derivation and Definition of Swasthavritta3
2Historical. Background of Swasthavritta6
3The Physically Perfect Human Body8
4Daily Duties and Health14
5Sleep and Health25
6Sex and Health27
7Seasonal Conduct and Health30
8Doshas and Health34
9Spiritual and Mental Health39
10Satvadi Gunas and Health41
11Mental Health43
12Measures to Maintain Health47
13The Defective Constitution50
14Ojas and Health52
15Perspectives About Food54
16Swasthavritta in Women58
17Swasthavritta in the Young and the Old62
18The Right Conduct (Sadvritta)64
19The Impact of Occupation on Health67
20Public Health71
21Health for the Military75
22Prevention of Disease78
23Maintaining Health Statistics81
24Modern Nutrition83
25Samshodhana and Samshamana88
26Rasayana and Vajeekarana96
27Effect of Location101
28School Health Programmes103
29Family Welfare Programmes104
30Prophylactic Measures106
31Disposal of Faeces115
32Public Health Administration119
33Ayurveda and Family Planning121
34The Science of Social and Personal135
35Country or Area (Desna)138
36The Food We Eat (Ahara)143
37Water (Udaka)150
38Air Pollution157
39Introducing Nisargopacharam165
41Mudbaths and Prakshalana170
42Steam Inhalation and Sudation Therapy177
43Sauna Baths179
46Exercise (Vyayama)186
47Enema Therapy (Vasti Karma)188
48Vaginal Douche (Yoni Prakshalana)190
49The Sun Bath192
50How Ayurveda Relates to Yoga (Swasthavritta Vijnanam)197
51Description of Yoga in Ayurveda201
52The Role of Yoga as a Safeguard for Health204
53The Origin and Structure of Yoga208
54Regulations for Yoga Learners214
55The Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara)217
56Some Important Postures (Asanas)222
57Breath Control (Pranayama)239
58Cleaning Internal Tracts and Facets of Yoga (Shatkarma and Samadhi)251
59Concepts of Ida and Pingla261
60Nasal Therapy (Nauli Karma)264
61Flushing the Intestines (Vasti Karma)267
62Exercising the Eyes (Trataka)269
63Sub-Routines (Bandha)271
64Yoga and Ayurveda as Relievers of Stress and Unhappiness274
65Rajayoga and Hathayoga277
66The Power of Prayer (Naishtika Treatment)281
Herbal Chart283
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Item Code: NAL032 Author: Dr. T. L. Devaraj Cover: Hardcover Edition: 2015 Publisher: Chaukhambha Orientalia ISBN: 9788189469894 Language: English Size: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch Pages: 313 (62 B/W Illustrations) Other Details: Weight of the Book: 440 gms
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