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Sree Chakra : An Esoteric Approach

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Back of the Book   What is Sree Chakra. Is it a mystical experience Let us Explore-What kind of mathematical concepts or constructs are to be examined. How is it constructed. What are the mathematical figures-it is made up of. Let us understand the nuances of Sree Chakra and explore/ exploit the fullest benefits in getting Sree Devi’s fullest shower of blessings.   Sree chakra is normally given a religious perspective. But a differ...

Back of the Book


What is Sree Chakra. Is it a mystical experience Let us Explore-What kind of mathematical concepts or constructs are to be examined. How is it constructed. What are the mathematical figures-it is made up of. Let us understand the nuances of Sree Chakra and explore/ exploit the fullest benefits in getting Sree Devi’s fullest shower of blessings.


Sree chakra is normally given a religious perspective. But a different approach is attempted in this book.


About the Author


Ramamurthy is a versatile personality having experience and expertise in various areas of Banking, related IT solutions, Information Security, IT Audit, Vedas, Samskrit and so on.


His thirst for continuous learing dose not subside even at the age of late fifties. He is also pursuing research on Information Technology and Samskrit and has submitted his dissertation for Ph.D. degree. He is into a project of developing a Samskrit based compiler.


It is his passion to spread his knowledge and experience through conducting classes, training programmes and writing books.




The worship of Divine Mother in the form of Shri Chakra is prevalent in our culture for ages. Adi Sankaracharya has installed Shri Chakra in various places for propagating Sakti worship.


Shri Chakra is a unique and complex design representing both the Divine Mother and her abode. The worship of Shri Chakra in a proper manner, as mentioned in the scriptures is sure to bestow all forms of prosperity and inner purity for the devotee.


In the book, the author has presented a mathematical perspective of the Shri Chakra. This will be extremely useful for students and seekers as well.


This book brings out the glory of our ancestors-the Vedic Rishis who gave us different modes of worship of the divine.


I congratulate the author for this work and bless him.




Science and spirituality - “What matters is that, in the interacting development of these two basic trends upon which Mankind is continuing to build itself, technical organisation and the growth of reflective consciousness, the second should acquire an ever greater predominance and degree of autonomy”.


Mathematics and Vedas - more in general, most parts of Samskrit are integrated. Lot of Mathematical calculations are explained through verses. For this purpose there are some methods in Samskrit for representing numerals through letters/ words. The major two methods are Katapayadi and Bhuta Sankhya. On the surface reading the Stotra-s apparently seem to be praising one or other God. But when read in depth - analytically, one can enjoy the beauty of the verses representing some Mathematics.


Even chanting of Vedas has some Mathematical sequence -like:


1. Samhita Pata - reciting the Vedas in a straight sentence.

2. Pada Pata - reciting the Veda mantras word by word instead of joining the padas (words).

3. Krama Piita - reciting the Veda mantras - in a sequence - first and second words, second and third words, and so on. The sequence of words goes: 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, etc.

4. lata Pata - reciting the Veda mantras - the first two words are recited together and then the words are recited in a reverse order and then again in the original order and so on. The sequence of words goes: 1-2-2-1-1-2, 2-3-3-2-2-3, 3-4-4-3-3-4, etc.

5. Ghana pata - reciting the Veda mantras in the order of the sequence: 1-2-2-1-1-2-3-3-2-1-1-2-3, 2-3-3-2-2-3-4-4-3-2-2-3-4, etc.


There is a special type of Mathematics called “Vedic Mathematics”, which is known to this world about half a century before. This is a treasure, yet to be exhumed in full.


In any worship Mantra, Tantra and Yantra are used:


1. Mantra - the verses used to offer prayers.

2. Tantra - the actions doing any worship like Arathi, etc.

3. Yantra - Talisman - 3 types of energies - A plate (normally of copper or five metals) where some drawing is made in a specific design to the concerned god. Yantras are in the form lines which have in themselves, the concerned presiding deities.


Ardent devotees do pooja with the Yantra instead of idols. Again during any worship, the worshipper has to imagine a lot of forms on his own - self, his teacher, mantra, the presiding deity and the yantra. If a place has to be made worthy of worship, it should be made ready through the rules of mantra, tantra and yantras, or naturally ready for nearing godliness.


A yantra is also called as Chakra. Among the Chakra-s pertaining to various Gods, Sree Chakra is called as Chakraraja (king of Chakra-s). Sree Chakra is also called as sree Mandala. It is considered to be the abode of Goddess of Wisdom or Supreme knowledge i.e. sree Vidya.


Yantras are made pertaining to most of the Gods. But these are either kept beneath or in front of the idol in the temples. However, Sree Chakra is imagined as Sree Devee and worshipped replacing the idol. Hence the sree Chakra has a special place among the Chakra-s.


The Sree Chakra is a beautiful and complex sacred geometrical diagram used for worship, devotion and meditation. It has been in use for thousands of years and its origin seems to be unknown to this world. It is an Architectural Marvel. It comprises of different interlocking triangles, connecting to others by common points and this is the reason why it is so difficult to draw correctly.


This author has earlier penned a book titled “Power of sree Vidya” - explaining the nuances about Sree Chakra, its importance, method of worship, etc. After the reading this book, there were some feedback from the readers that it would benefit them, if the details of Stee Chakra, mainly the method of drawing is explained and hence this book. Complete method of drawing sree Cnokra is explained in Mathematical terms. Some sample data for the length of the lines and angles are provided in the annexure. For completeness some details of Avarana-s and the method of worship are also given in a separate chapter.


Conventions used in this book: Wherever she indicates Shreedevee it has been written in bold as She. The transliterated Samskrit words are written in italics - for instance Devee. When Samskrit words are transliterated in English, diacritical marks are normally used. The same convention has been followed in this book also to introduce the diacritical marks. However it has not been used, in its entirety, since it makes the reading a little more difficult and since this book is intended for very common audience.


My humble pranams to HH SreeSree Ornkarananda Swamiji for his crisp introduction and shower of blessings to the author and to the readers. I will be failing in my duty if I do not thank Shree. M. Easwaran, who has printed and published this book. He not only did the publication tasks, but also reviewed the book and gave vital feedback, so that the book is in the fashion it is in your hands. Even amdist all constraints like soaring power cut, etc., Nice job done - thanks a lot. I thank all those who supported me in this noble cause.


Drawing a Sree Chakra is a meditation. Giving it to others is a blessing. Let us all be showered with the glory of Sreedevee.


The aim of this book is to demystify some of the esoterics hidden in Sree Chakra. The devotees are requested not to themselves draw sree Chakra or Meru as per the geometrical construction given in this book and use it for worship.


The readers are requested to give all comments and feedback to the author.














The Sree Chakra



The Parts of Sree Chakra



The Authority for Sree Chakra



The Form(s) of Sree Chakra



Geometry of the Sree Chakra



How to Draw a Sree Chakra?



Three Dimensional Drawing



Sree Chakra and Human Body



Avarana Pooja or worship of Sree Chakra



Annexure 1:






About the author



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