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Sri Lakshmi Narayana Stotra Mala

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About the Book The basis of the entire creation is Mother Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. They have been called Shiva-Shakti, Purusha-Prakriti, Brahma-Maya and other names. by different philosophies and traditions. The interplay of these dual energies causes creation to come into existence; it allows for its sustenance and maintenance and eventually results in its destruction. According to the Vishnu Purona: Devatiryangmanushyaadou punnaamaa bhagawaan harih; Streenaamnee shreeshcha vijneya...
About the Book

The basis of the entire creation is Mother Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. They have been called Shiva-Shakti, Purusha-Prakriti, Brahma-Maya and other names. by different philosophies and traditions. The interplay of these dual energies causes creation to come into existence; it allows for its sustenance and maintenance and eventually results in its destruction. According to the Vishnu Purona:

Devatiryangmanushyaadou punnaamaa bhagawaan harih;
Streenaamnee shreeshcha vijneyaa naanayorvidyate param.
Sri Hari is the male element in God. animals. plants. human beings and other living beings and the female element is Sri Lakshmi; beyond them nothing exists.

As envisioned by Swami Satyananda Saraswati, the tradition of Lakshmi-Narayana Mahayajna was inaugurated at Sannyasa Peeth in 20 I I. for the peace and universal upliftment of all. Lakshmi-Naroyana Stotro Mala is being offered as the auspicious prasad of this yajna.


Lord arayana has been worshipped on India's sacred soil since the beginning of creation. He is both formless and with form, and yet not definable as either. He is the Truth, the Supreme, the Absolute, the Eternal Brahman and the Universal Soul. During the Great Deluge when all of creation, including all the god and goddesses, is consumed by the flood, Lord arayana alone lies resting undisturbed in that vast body of water on Sheshanaga, the ten-hooded serpent that is his reclining throne. It is through him that once again the many universes are created, supported and finally destroyed:

Yaccha kimchijjagatsarvam drishyate shruyatethavaa; Antarbahishcha tatsarvam vyaapya Naaraayanah sthitah. All that is seen and heard in Creation, within or without, The cosmic force Narayana lies dormant in it all. Lord Narayana is omnipresent and it is the quality of omnipresence that lends him the name Vishnu: Vishati iti Vishmuh. - "That which is all pervasive is Vishnu." Despite being formless, on hearing the call of his devotees he instantly manifests and within seconds dispels their troubles. For this he is called Hari: Harati iti harih - "He who conquers is Hari." In his divine form, Lord Vishnu is the embodiment of auspiciousness and benevolence, and most famous for his beautiful, bewitching gaze which captivates devotees. Once having laid eyes upon him, they keep yearning for more. The worship of Lord Vishnu bestows not only fulfilment of worldly desires, but also the ultimate liberation and deliverance from the cycle of birth and death. In reality, the worship of any god or goddess is the worship of Lord Vishnu, for:

Akaaashaat patitam toyam yathaa gacchati saagaram; Sarvadeva namaskarah keshavam prati gacchati. Just as water falling from the sky flows towards the ocean, So too, all prayers offered to any god, flow towards Keshava. Lord arayana's consort, Ma Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, good fortune and beauty. Wealth, in all its splendour, not just the material wealth of gold, riches and bank balance, but every kind of excellence, greatness, happiness, perfection, grandeur and prosperity belong to her. To create spiritual awakening in sincere devotees and aspirants, she nurtures the necessary divine qualities in them. She is that supreme power who, by her association with Lord Vishnu, brings about the generation, organization and eventually dissolution of creation. Enraptured by her, Lord Vishnu enacts his many extraordinary lilas of bondage and liberation.

In Swami Satyananda Saraswati's words, "All goddesses are important, but I consider Lakshmi the first among equals because she is the ruling deity of the current age, Kali Yuga. Fulfilment and prosperity are achieved only through her. When your life overflows with abundance and prosperity, know them as expressions of Goddess Lakshmi. However, her divine blessings should be used for the good of others. When you think of others and not of yourself, it pleases Goddess Lakshmi immensely. When you think only of yourself, she leaves you and goes away.

As long as I serve God, I can have Ma Lakshmi's darshan every day, and that is why I do not need to ask anybody for money or donations. I have a deal with her. She says, 'If you live with sincerity then I will fulfil your every wish, but if you do not do so, then I will leave you and go away. I will give you a kaupeen, a blanket and a lantern because those , are your basic needs. The second you ask for self-indulging luxuries, I will cancel the blank cheque that I have issued you.' So far, Ma Lakshmi has passed all my bills."

Sannyasa Peeth, Munger.

Our rishis and munis, great sages and ancestors built such a mighty cultural heritage that we follow it even to this day. It is on the strength of that culture that our tradition and civilization is alive today. However, in this modern age of material enchantment, human beings are losing touch with themselves and this ancient way of life. In 2009, before entering into mahasamadhi, Swami Satyananda Saraswati gave his successor, Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, a mandate: the creation of Sannyasa Peeth, with the objective of keeping alive the Indian culture and tradition as an integral part of society. According to Swami Satyananda's instructions, it will be a centre dedicated to teaching and upholding the higher ideals of sannyasa, so that people learn how to build and live a life based on this culture and tradition.

To introduce the ideals of sannyasa lifestyle in a practical form so that all individuals can experience the true meaning of culture is the next chapter in the journey of Swami Niranjanananda's life. To accomplish this goal, Sannyasa Peeth has been established in the historic town of Munger, on the banks of the holy Ganga, at Paduka Darshan.


Intrduction x
Lakshmi Stotra 1
Sri-Suktam 2
Lakshmi narayana- Storam 3
Mahalaksmya Mantro dhyanam cha 4
Narayanakrtam Laksmistotram 5
Indrakrtam Laksmistotram 6
Devakrtam Lakshmistotram 8
Agastyakrta mahalaksmistutih 9
Mahalaksmyastakam 10
Sri Stotram 11
Kanakadhara Stotram 13
Dhanalaksmi Stotram 16
Srilaksmi Stotram 17
Sri rukmini Astakam 18
Ganga Dasahara Stotram 19
Laksmi Kavacham 21
LaksmyaMantro Dhyanam Cha 22
Kamalatmika Stutih 22
Mahalaksmi Kavacham 23
Sri Kamala Astottara Satanama Storam 24
Sri Laksmi Sahasrama Stotram 25
Sri Laksmi Sahasranamavalih 32
Srilaksminarayana ji ki Arati 48
Srilaksmi ji ki Arati 49
Sri Ganga Arati 50
Narayana Stora  
Purusapsuktam 51
Narayana Suktam 53
Visnu suktam 54
Narayanopanisat 55
Srivisnoh Pratahsmaranam 56
Sivakrta Srivisnustutih 57
Naradakrta Srivisnustutih 59
Durvasakrtam Kamalakantasotram 62
Dhruvakrta Bhagavatstutih 63
Prahaldakrta Sri visnustutih 65
Sri-visnumahimnah Stotram 67
Papaprasamanam Visnustotram 71
Visnustavarajah 73
Narayana hrdaya stotram 76
Srinarayana Stadasakam 78
Harimide stotram 78
Satpadi Stotram 81
Srijagannathastakam 86
Madhusudana Stotram 87
Achyutastakam 88
visnu astakam 89
Sankatanasanam Visnustotram 90
Satyanarayanastakam 91
Dasavatarastakam 92
Sri-Dasavatara Storam 93
Laksminrsimha Storam 94
Sriramapatyastakam 97
Sriharistotram 98
Sriharisaranastakam 99
Dinabandhu-astakam 100
Saligramasila-Storam 101
Mangalagitam 104
Narayana-Kavacham 105
Visnu-Panjara-Storam 111
Jaganmangala-Kavacham 112
Mrtyu-Jaya Stotram 112
Sri Pandurangastakam 113
Visnoh Sodasanama Stotram 114
Visnoh Ekadasanama Stutih 114
Visnoh Astavimsatinama Stotram 115
Venkatesa Dvadasanama Stotram 115
visnu satanama stotram 116
Srinarayanastottara Satanama stotram 117
Satyanarayana Stutih 119
Srivisnorastottara Satanama Stotram 120
Sri narayanastottara Satanamavalih 121
Sri Visnu Sahasranama Stotram 122
Sri Visnu Sahasranamavalih 123
Sri Visnu Sahasranamavalih 129
arati 144

Item Code: NAP347 Cover: Paperback Edition: 2013 Publisher: Yoga Publications Trust ISBN: 9789381620816 Language: English Size: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch Pages: 158 (35 Color Illustrations) Other Details: Weight of the Book: 210 gms
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