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Tantra: The Yoga of Love (A Personal Guide to the Traditions, Philosophy and Practice of Tantra)

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About the Book In this book, Ramesh Bjonnes explains how everything you do can become a sacred experience. With decades of personal practice and study behind him, Bjonnes reveals how Tantra can lead us to experience ananda, or inner ecstasy, in everyday life. Even today’s neuroscience supports the Tantric concept that we humans are ‘hardwirlissed for bliss’. Many mistakenly believe that Tantra is simply the ‘yoga of sex’. It is p more accurate to describe...
About the Book

In this book, Ramesh Bjonnes explains how everything you do can become a sacred experience. With decades of personal practice and study behind him, Bjonnes reveals how Tantra can lead us to experience ananda, or inner ecstasy, in everyday life. Even today’s neuroscience supports the Tantric concept that we humans are ‘hardwirlissed for bliss’.

Many mistakenly believe that Tantra is simply the ‘yoga of sex’. It is p more accurate to describe this ancient spiritual tradition, however, as the yoga of everything’. Because, to Tantra, everything is sacred everything is divine. In this book, you will be introduced to some of Tantra’s most essential teaching- its sacred meditation practice; its practical philosophy; its enigmatic teachers.

Most importantly, you will learn about the Importance of the universal law of attraction, manifested in all of us through the power of kundalini shakti. If you learn to harness this transformative force, you will gracefully open up to receive more love and sacredness in your life. For Tantra is, at heart, a path of love.

About th Author

Ramesh Bjonnes is a writer, yogi and workshop leader. Currently residing in the United States, he lived in India and Nepal in the 1980s learning directly form an enigmatic master of Tantra. He has practiced yoga and meditation for over 30 years and lectured on Tantra, yoga and meditation in many countries. The co-founder of the Prama Institute, a holistic retreat center, he is also the Director of the prama Wellness and Ayurveda are used to lives and practices in an eco-village in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, USA.


Huston Smith, popular scholar and author on religion, term a yoga as ‘the limits of consciousness’. Today the world over, there is a resurgence of interest in this time-tested human practice. Indeed, according to a market study by yoga Journal in 2005, around 16.5 million people practiced yoga regularly in the United States alone, and an additional 25 million wanted to try the practice within the next year. Millions more Americans perform some kind of Eastern meditation- Buddhist, Zen or Hindu.

This growing interest in Eastern wisdom represents a hunger for a spirituality with soul. While most people familiarwith yoga know it was developed by Indian sages in ancient times, few are aware of its spiritual roots in the wisdom tradition of tantra. In this book, you will veture into the dynamic and enchanting world of this yogic path. You will learn how this holistic practice and wisdom philosophy can be a guide in cultivating yogic awareness, sacredness and love in everyday life.

Posture yoga is practice for its profound ability to enhance physical well-being, but the essential purpose of this practice is much more than achieving optimum health and fitness. In fact, yogic exercise also have a spiritual benefit: By increasing our flexibility, improving our posture and circulation, and especially by balancing our hormone secretion, they help us become more relaxed and peaceful. Combined with meditation, yoga exercise help us better realize our full human potential. The signifies the path of spiritual expansion and liberation that ultimately leads to the state of yoga, to spiritual union with our inner self. To be in harmony with our inner self, even in the midst of the chaos of daily life, is the real goal of tantra.

Towards an Integral Yoga Movement Even in the trendiest and most body- centred yoga studios in the world, people are now incorporating many aspects of this holistics and integral lifestyle. Hatha Yoga, the most popular form of physical yoga, is based on thousands of years of yogic experiments, and was further refined and written down in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika text by tantric yogis during the Middles Ages. And Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion- the singing of devotional bhajans and kirtans- is another popular form of tantra that crystallized during the time of the great sage Krishna (circa 1500 BC), but the roots of this spiritual tradition go even further back into antiquity. This form of ecstatic, trance-induced spirituality has been widely practiced in India for thousands of years. Kirtan and bhajan concerts have become a familiar attraction at thousands of yoga studios and retreat centres, even in the West, thanks to musicians such as Grammy-nominated kirtan singer Jai Uttal and Popular chant-master Krishna Das.

There is a new movement among yoga practitioners today, a movement away from just focusing on yoga as a set of physical exercises towards a practice that integrates body, mind and spirit. Many of these contemporary experiments in holistic spirituality.

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