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Preface The Sri Jagannath Center (SJC) was established in 1998 in India with the objective of teaching Vedic Astrology in the tradition of Maharishi Parasara, Jaimini and other sages of yore. Vedic Astrology will be taught by a panel of jyotish Guru’s in the traditional Jyotish parampara of Sri Ahyuta Dasa of Jagannath, Puri. The highest standards of integrity would be infused through the strict discipline of yogic Practices in the Vedic religion including training in Vedic remedial...

The Sri Jagannath Center (SJC) was established in 1998 in India with the objective of teaching Vedic Astrology in the tradition of Maharishi Parasara, Jaimini and other sages of yore. Vedic Astrology will be taught by a panel of jyotish Guru’s in the traditional Jyotish parampara of Sri Ahyuta Dasa of Jagannath, Puri. The highest standards of integrity would be infused through the strict discipline of yogic Practices in the Vedic religion including training in Vedic remedial measures. Meditation including dhyana (meditation techniques to cleanse the mind), dharana (concentration techniques to increase intelligence and use of intuition), pranayama (yogic breathing methods to increase life force) etc. are taught to ensure spiritual discipline while the classes on the Srimad Bhagavat Gita and Sanskrit ensures a balanced spiritual growth with the knowledge of Vedic Astrology. SJC continues in the ancient, time-honored “Guru-Sisya” tradition and is dedicated to the propagation of Vedic Learning including Astrology, Spirituality, Vedic Numerology, Vaastu Shastra, and Hinduism etc. SJC has been established in various parts of the world and has many study circles. A list of the Centers and Study Circles as well as web and e-list addresses is at appendix-01.

Vyankatesa Sharma Varga workshop

Sri Jagannath Center, in its effort to spread the sacred knowledge of ancient Jyotish principles in the traditional Guru-Sisya parampara, announced a workshop on Varga Chakras (Divisional Charts) to be conducted by SJC-EAST, under the guidance of Pandit Sanjay Rath Ji.

Pt. Sanjay Rath, the founder of Sri Jagannath Center, is a renowned traditional Vedic Astrologer hailing from Bira Balabhadrapur Sasan village of Puri in Orissa, India, and is internationally famous for his research work into the Jaimini system of Vedic Astrology. Known for his precise predictions and scientific approach, he has students around the world and leads probably the most influential of the Jyotish lists on the web. He is the author of several famous books on Jyotish, Crux of Vedic Astrology, Jaimini Maharishi’s Upddesa Sutras, Vedic Remedies in Astrology, Narayana Dasa and Vimsottari & Udu dasas and founder editor of the jyotish Digest, a popular monthly magazine.

About Vyankatesa Sharma

This first ever workshop on Divisional Charts is aptly named after Pt.

Vyankatesa Sharma, the illustrious author of the renowned Jyotish classic “Sarvarth Chintamani”, who hailed from Andhra Pradesh-the state where the workshop is being conducted. His monumental classic ‘Sarvartha Chintamani’ is the most detailed work ever on the use of divisions, divisional charts and a host of other factors and tools used in Vedic astrology. A fine translation of this work was attempted by the late Sri Jagannath Bhasin, who passed away before completing it and the present version is the effort of Sri S.S.Sareen and others who were somehow able to put together his notes and manuscript. This workshop is intended to kindle a fresh look at the divisional charts and other related aspects of Jyotish. A look at the Faculty and the topics to be discussed promise a power-packed sojourn of intense spirituality and in-depth learning-a humble yet befitting tribute to the master astrologer.




  Prayer to Guru  
  List of Tables  
  List of Charts  
1 Divisional Charts 1
1.1 Varga Charts 1
1.2 Harmonics in D-Charts 3
1.3 Varga Schemes 4
1.4 General Principles 9
1.5 Higher divional charts 11
2 Divisional Dignities 15
2.1 Divisional Chart Groupings 15
2.2 Good placements for a Planet 16
2.3 Illustrations 19
2.4 Which Group to Use? 21
2.5 Use of Vaiseshikamas 22
2.6 Points for Research 29
3 Hora Chakra 30
3.1 Meaning of Hora 30
3.2 Hora: Prognostication 30
3.3 Hora: Half a day 31
3.4 Hora: Fruits of Karma 31
3.5 Hora: Half of the Zodiac 32
3.6 Hora: Half of a sign (Hour) 38
3.7 Hora (Time rulership) 39
3.8 Hora (space rulership) 44
3.9 Hora Guna 49
4 Arudha in Divisional Charts 54
4.1 Definitions of Arudha 54
4.2 Finding the Arudha of houses 55
4.3 Planetary significators of houses 57
4.4 Arudha of the Planets 58
4.5 Approaching the Arudha 60
4.6 Illustrations 63
5 Vimsamsa (D-20 Chart) 66
5.1 Spiritual elevation 66
5.2 Varga Scheme: Five Cycles of harmonics 68
5.3 Vimsamsa and spiritual matters 68
5.4 Vimsamsa: Further Considerations 70
5.5 Other possible approaches 71
5.6 Illustrations 72
5.7 Narayana Dasa of D-20 chart 74
5.8 Notable features of the chart 76
5.9 Navamsa Chart 76
5.10 The Vimsamsa chart 77
5.11 Final notes regarding dasa periods 78
5.12 Canonization of Padre pio 79
5.13 Padre Pio's death 79
6 Transits from Divisional Moon and Lagna 81
6.1 Divisional Moon 81
6.2 Standard Transit Results 82
6.3 Illustrations 86
6.4 Use of Natal Divisional Lagna 89
6.5 Conclusions 90
7 Drekkana (Decnate) 92
7.1 The Varga (Divisional) Charts 93
7.2 Drekkana (Decnate) Charts 94
7.3 Important Note on Drekktana reckoning 95
7.4 Identification: Presiding Deities and Rishis 97
7.5 Role in identifying Diseases 98
7.6 Influence on body parts 99
7.7 Navsmsa as part of Drekkana 101
7.8 Kaulukas (5) as part of Drekkana 101
7.9 Dwadasamsa as 1/4 part of Drekkana 104
7.10 Timing & Nature of Death 104
7.11 Swaroop (Nomenclature) of Drekkanas 106
7.12 Rasi Tulya Drekkana 108
7.13 Khar and Mrityu Drekkana 109
7.14 Effects according to nature 109
7.15 Other uses in Predicrive Astrology 110
7.16 Assessment of Drekkana Chart 110
7.17 Co-born from Drekkana 111
7.18 Drekkana in Mundane Astrology 113
7.19 Nature of Thieves 114
7.20 Illustrations 115
8 Suryamsa(D-12 Chart) 121
8.1 Introduction 121
8.2 Parents and Grandparents 121
8.3 Karakas for Relatives 122
8.4 Houses in Dwadasamsa 123
8.5 Arudha and Argala 124
8.6 Divisional Lordship 124
8.7 Illustrations 125
9 Shastyamsa 133
9.1 Introduction 133
9.2 The Shastyamsa 134
9.3 Using Shastyamsa 140
9.4 Shastyamsa in Rasi Chart 140
9.5 Shastyamsa Sign 144
9.6 Shastyamsa Chart 148
9.7 Independent study of Shastyamsa 156
9.8 Case Studies 157
10 Special Lagna in D-Charts 164
10.1 Introduction 164
10.2 Special Pattens with HL & GL 167
10.3 Other special patterns 167
10.4 HL & GL in D-Charts 168
10.5 Illustrations 169
11 Siddhamsa 177
11.1 Introduction 177
11.2 Erection of Siddhamsa Chart 178
11.3 Important Houses and Karakas 179
11.4 Overall Strength of Siddhamsa Chart 183
11.5 The Sun and Moon in Siddhamsa 184
11.6 Arudha in Siddhamsa 192
11.7 Yogas in Siddhamsa 192
11.8 Argala in D-24 Charts 193
11.9 Illustrations 193
12 Navamsa 200
12.1 Introduction 200
12.2 Calcuations 201
12.3 Navamsa concepts 204
12.4 Navamsa and Drekkana 208
12.5 Bhavas in Navamsa 209
12.6 Illustrations 212
12.7 Atmakaraka in Navamsa 213
12.8 Karakamsa & desires 214
12.9 Ista Devata (Moksha) 214
13 Shodasamsa-The Fortune of Luxuries 217
13.1 Introduction 217
13.2 Shodasamsa technical notes 217
13.3 Illustrations 219
14 Saptamsa-the birth of Children 222
14.1 Saptamsa defined 222
14.2 Reckoning of saptamsa 222
14.3 Deities connected with creation 223
14.4 Understanding the saptamsa 223
14.5 Illustrations 226
15 Foreign education from Siddhamsa 233
15.1 Introduction 233
15.2 Divisional Consideration 234
15.3 House Consideration 234
15.4 Karaka Considertation 236
15.5 Foreign Residence 238
15.6 Case Studies 239
16 Turyamsa 250
16.1 Introduction 250
16.2 Description and Calculation 250
16.3 Bhavas in Turyamsa 251
16.4 Planets and Karakas 252
16.5 Example Charts 253
17 Kaulaka (shastamsa) 258
17.1 Introduction 258
17.2 Brief History 259
17.3 Kaulaka (shastamsa) 261
17.4 Assessment of Evils, 264
17.5 Malefic Planets in a Kaulaka 270
17.6 Kaulaka and Dwadasamsa 270
17.7 Asaessment of Kaulaka (shastamsa) chart 272
17.8 Judgment of Shastamsa chart 274
17.9 Ayur Paryaya Dasa 279
17.10 Antar and Pratyantar Dasa 282
17.11 Strength of signs 284
17.12 Commencement of Ayur Paryaya Dasa 285
17.13 Conclusion 288
18 Trimsamsa 301
18.1 Introduction 301
18.2 Trimsamsa and Tatwa 301
18.3 Important considerations in delineation 304
18.4 Use of Naisargika Dasa 305
18.5 Remedies based on D-30 chart 305
18.6 Illustrations 306


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