Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies (Mantras, Yantras, Gems, Lal Kitab, Colour Therapy, Rudraksh,Vastushastra)

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About the Author Dr Shanker Adawal, the author, is a management professional. He has over the last thirty three years worked with various prestigious corporates in India and abroad. His experience of working with L&T, Xerox, Tata, Nortel and with a leading energy major of the country, alongwith a Jyotishacharya from Varanasi gives him the perfect blend of intellect and logic. The son of a bureaucrat father and an educationist mother, he is a graduate in Economics (Hons), Masters in Bu...
About the Author

Dr Shanker Adawal, the author, is a management professional. He has over the last thirty three years worked with various prestigious corporates in India and abroad. His experience of working with L&T, Xerox, Tata, Nortel and with a leading energy major of the country, alongwith a Jyotishacharya from Varanasi gives him the perfect blend of intellect and logic. The son of a bureaucrat father and an educationist mother, he is a graduate in Economics (Hons), Masters in Business Economics from Delhi University, PhD in Economics and complementing his skills with software and other leadership programs from Singapore and other countries.

His passion has been astrology, a passion that fell his way in childhood, a zeal that he picked from his father. As a child he often saw his father, a bureaucrat and an astrologer, getting admiration from many eminent astrologers, which inspired him. He used to spend long hours participating in intellectual debates that his father used to have with his friends and fellow astrologers. With thousands of books in his library, free consultations through magazines, television, portals and newspapers around the globe, he continues his Journey on his passion. He has been felicitated and awarded for his contribution in this field. He also has keen interest in Human Rights. He can be contacted at

The notion that astrologers can unfold lives and reveal what waits at the next bend is a thought that comes to all and populist claims have inspired the author to come up with a series of books that will discuss the various aspects in astrology, putting together the research and findings by various groups and the experience gained during his journey. The purpose of the encyclopedia is an attempt to put a clear understanding of the process of astrology, taking into account the first basic principles and dealing with different topics. The encyclopedia which would consist of over eighteen books, is intended to be brought out over a period of two years. These would cover the basics in astrology and then go on to the predictive techniques, the nadi astrology, tajik, yogas, nakshatras, rectification of birth time, vargas, dashas, mundane prashna, muhurta, remedy and other aspects of interest. The advantage of this would be that both students and those who want to pursue research can progress the understanding of this science in a systematic manner. Also the complete set will be of great value to those in India and abroad who want to understand various levels and will give them the flexibility of dwelling into the complexities in a coherent manner. With the growing interest to learn this science in various countries, the readers there will find this series of books very useful.

In this book he has dwelt with the various remedies ranging from yoga, mantra, pooja, colour therapy and other methods. This is a comprehensive book where the remedies have been related to various planets and their effect. The author has tried to compile the various remedies that are available in the public domain and that have been learnt from experience so that it could be beneficial to both the common man and those interested in the science of astrology.



There are large number of books available in the public domain which talks about various remedial methods that could be followed.

Also there are groups of people who talk about the benefits of yoga, mantra, yantra and allied topics, each of which has a scientific logic as is the case with the manuscripts left behind by the Rishis.

As we all are aware, there are planets which by their interaction, govern our destiny. My belief, developed during the study of this science, is that destiny depends on four major things in equal proportion. These are; our previous karma, the place where we are staying, the people with whom we interact and our own efforts. These are the four parameters and within each comes the important of a large gamut of activities. There is a complex equation that is a matter of study and research which, like any other science, gets deciphered and known.

I therefore believe that chart at the time of birth, coupled with the year’s horoscope and the time at which the query is being asked, have to be co-related and a vector from them gives the correct analysis of the query.

Similarly, as each planet is associated with a colour and the colours are in turn related to vibrations — a complex phenomenon by itself; the various mantras, colour therapy and other remedies have relevance.

In this book I have tried to compile the remedies that can be used including Yoga, Mantra, Yantra, Astro yantra, yagna and pooja, fast, gems, charms and spells, alongwith colour therapy, rudraksh, vaastu shastra remedies, lal kitab and other self help suggestions. I am sure the readers would find it handy and extremely useful.

I would like to thank Shri Saurabh Sagar, the publisher, who motivates me for writing, Renu, my wife who has been a very positive motivator and reminded me to pursue astrology and write as this is my passion and my stress buster. Without the love and understanding of my daughter, Vrinda, it would not have been possible for me to get to this stage of this and the earlier books.

My special thanks to my mother Dr Krishna whose blessings have made me to strive and move ahead in life.

This book is dedicated to my father Late Shri Kailash Chandra, who taught me this science as a child and who himself was greatly devoted to this subject in those days when there were no computers.

I would like to end this with the thought of Vrindavan and Banke Bihari whose blessings have been with me and I always look upon him in all my endeavours.




I. Preface xi
1 Introduction 1
2 Yoga 26
3 Mantras Gayatri Mantra, Mantras for Planets, Mantras for Nakshatras, Saguna Mantras 33
4 Yantras 135
5 Astrological Yantras Yantras for Planets, Zodiac Yantras, Numerical Yantra for different purposes, Beesa Yantra 175
6 Yagna and Pooja 212
7 Austerities and Fasts 220
8 Gems Power of Gems — Introduction, Power of Gems — Introduction II, Gems Treasure — Gems Treasure - Gems and Radiations, Red Coral-Utility, Navaratna Ring, Precious Stones — General, Gem — Therapy and Planets, Pathogenic Effects of Planets in different signs, Gems v/s Diseases, Mental-illness v/s Gems, Menstrual Troubles & Cancer v/s Gems, Brain Disorders and Gems, Hypertension and Gems, Minor Common Ailments and Gems, Heartache and Gems, Stomach Disorder, Eye Troubles, Diabetes, Utility of Gemstones — Summary (East/West), Use of Gemstone (West), Healing Stones — West 234
9 Charms and spells 303
10 Remedies According to Lal Kitab Sun: Effects and Remedies, Moon: Effects and Remedies, Mars: Effects and Remedies, Mercury: Effects and Remedies, Jupiter: Effects and Remedies, Venus: Effects and Remedies, Saturn: Effects and Remedies, Rahu: Effects and Remedies, Ketu: Effects and Remedies, Miscellaneous Remedies 318
11 Colour Therapy Numbers and Disease, Know your Lucky Colours, The Affinity of Colours and Numbers, The Role of Colour:- In Gem Therapy 408
12 The Rudraksh 448
13 Vastushastra and Feng Shui Defects and Corrections, Vastu and Sacred Vegetation 481
14 Self-help Suggestions 507
15 Notable Herbs in Human Welfare Medicinal Herbs, Herbs of Common Utility, Poisonous Herbs 534
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