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Hand Book of Padartha Vijnana (Essence of Verses)

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About the Author Dr. Manisha Dunghav has completed her B. A. M. S. from Mumbai University and M.D. from K.G.M.P’S Ayurved medical college, Mumbai University. She has completed her M.A. degree in Sanskrit Grammar from Mumbai University. At present she is working as Associate Professor in the Department of Basic Principles of Ayurved at Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Ayurved & Research institute, Navi Mumbai. She takes part in various social activities like conducting medical camp...
About the Author

Dr. Manisha Dunghav has completed her B. A. M. S. from Mumbai University and M.D. from K.G.M.P’S Ayurved medical college, Mumbai University. She has completed her M.A. degree in Sanskrit Grammar from Mumbai University.

At present she is working as Associate Professor in the Department of Basic Principles of Ayurved at Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Ayurved & Research institute, Navi Mumbai. She takes part in various social activities like conducting medical camps, health awareness programmes in various schools & colleges. She takes part in various national and international seminars. She has worked as examiner in M.U.H.S. University .Now she is working as a P. G. Teacher in above said Institute.

Her articles have been published in various Journals. Her academic excellence of sixteen years would be valuable for the students of Ayurveda through this book.


Ayurveda is not only a health science but philosophy as well. The word philosophy refers the study of fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence and meaning of life. And Ayurveda provides the same. Ayurveda propagates healing as well as curing an individual in a complete manner. The study of Ayurveda also involves a deeper thought process. The subjects like Padartha Vijnana are an illustration and means of understanding a topic to its core. Loka Purusha Samya Siddhanta forms the basis of this science. Padartha Vijnana is one such subject that has been explained by providing examples of various natural phenomenons. A successful Ayurvedic Vaidya should perceive and interpret these principles thoroughly.

Our ancient sages have described the knowledge of Ayurveda in the form of Samhita, written in Sutra form (verses) in Sanskrit language. The subject of ‘Padartha Vijnana’ is one of the fundamental subjects in the system of health education which is available in Sanskrit verses. Sanskrit Sutra has minimum words but it is unambiguous, synoptical and devoid of redundant words. But it is difficult for those who are not well versed with Sanskrit language to grasp the subject in its right perspective.

The thorough knowledge of these verses is very essential for the study of this subject. This is the need of the hour in the context of global resurgence of interest towards Ayurveda. This book ‘Hand Book of Padartha Vijnana-Essence of verses’ (English translation of slokas) covers the fundamental principles of Ayurveda based on C.C.I.M. curriculum and syllabus content. The author has made a sincere attempt to put across the various principles of this subject. This will definitely be useful to the students aspiring to learn the basics of Ayurveda. Each and every type of work that aims at illuminating the concepts of Ayurveda is a stepping stone in igniting the minds and defining Ayurveda as a potential health system.

I congratulate the author Dr. Manisha G. Dunghav who has accepted the difficult challenge to translate the verses to make the process of learning Ayurveda easier. The author is my friend and colleague during P.G. from the Department of Basic principles of Ayurveda. She is a dynamic academician with highly scientific vision about the subject. She is a popular and beloved teacher among the student community also.

I am confident that this book will serve as an authentic source for many students and teachers. I feel pleasure and privileged to write foreword for this unique book and pray Lord Dhanvantari for her happy, healthy and prosperous life.


It is my great privilege and pleasure to introduce the book ‘HANDBOOK OF PADARTHA VIJNANA’-Essence of Verses in which various Slokas are included with its English translation.

Actually Padartha vijnana is a subject of ancient ayurvedic philosophical background associated with the theories like Pramana, srusti utpatti and various vada on Karyakarana bhava, Panch mahabhuta.

This subject is taught to first professional BAMS students who had not having the background of Samskrta and verses. Keeping in view the needs of students and requirements of BAMS course, I undertaken the difficult task of translating the various Slokas from Darsana sastra and Ayurveda text.

Moreover, the art of translation is a skill which can be acquired only by regular practice and students are also advised to practice the same.

I take this opportunity to thank all the ancient and modem scholars of the Ayurveda field, from where, so many ideas and themes have been received and included to this work.

I hope students will like this book which can be helpful for preparation of the examination. Efforts embolden me to seek good response from the students.

This difficult task have not been completed without the sup- port of many people who helped and supported me directly and indirectly. I have tried my level best to present correct words and its meanings and to simplify the things. There might be some mistakes in the book as human brain has limits. I request the readers to avoid them. I invite suggetions from the readers which can be helpful to improve the utility of the book.

I am extremely thankful to Prof. Dr. Mahesh Kumar Vyas Sir, the noted Ayurvedic scholar for having agreed to write the foreword to this book is an added attraction to this book.

I am very thankful to Chaukhambha Sanskrit Sansthan for encouraging attitude regarding the publication of this book.


  Paper I  
1 Introduction of Padartha 3-6
  Definition of Padartha 3
  Types of Padartha 4-6
2 Introduction of Dravya 7-17
  Definition of Dravya 7
  Types of Dravya 7-9
  Karya Dravya 7-8
  Karana Dravya 8-17
3 Introduction of Guna (Quality) 18-32
  Definition of Guna 18
  Types of Guna 18-19
  Sartha Guna 18-20
  Gurvadi Guna 20-25
  Paradi Guna 25-30
  Atma Guna 31-32
4 Introduction of Karma (Action) 33-35
  Definition of Karma 33
  Types of Karma 33-35
5 Introduction of Samanya (Generality) 36-37
  Definition of Samanya 36
  Types of Samanya 36-37
6 Introduction of Visesa (Individuality) 38
  Definition of Visesa 38
  Types of Visesa 38
7 Introduction of Samavaya (Inseparation) 39
8 Introduction of Abhava (Non- Existence) 40-41
  Definition of Abhava 40
  Types of Abhava 40-41
  Paper II  
1 Introduction of Prama, Prameya, Pramata 45
2 Introduction of Pramana 46-48
  Definition of Pramana 46
  Types of Pramana 46-48
3 Introduction of Aptopdesa Pramana 49-50
  Laksana of Apta 49-50
4 Introduction of Sabda Pramana 51-52
  Laksana of Sabda Pramana 51
  Types of Sabda Pramana 51-52
5 Introduction of Pratyaksa Pramana 53-64
  Definition of Pratyaksa Pramana 53-55
  Indriyas and its types 54-60
  Types of Pratyaksa Pramana 60-64
6 Introduction of Anumana Pramana 65-75
  Definition of Anumana Pramana 65
  Types of Anumana Pramana 66-71
  Types of hetu 71-73
  Types of Ahetu 73-75
7 Introduction of Yukti Pramana 76-77
8 Introduction of Upamana Pramana 78-79
9 Introduction of other Pramanas 80-81
  Aitihya Pramana 80
  Samsaya Pramana 80
  Sambhava Pramana 80
  Anuplabdhi Pramana 81
10 Introduction of Karya-Karana Bhava 82-84
11 Introduction of Vividha Vada 85-88
  Satkaryavada 85-86
  Paramanuvada 86
  Ksanabhamguravada 86
  Svabhavoparamavada 87
  Parinamavada 87
  Vivartavada 87
  Asatkaryavada 88
12 Charts 89-96

Item Code: NAN221 Author: Dr. Manisha G. Dunghav Cover: Paperback Edition: 2016 Publisher: Chaukhambha Publications ISBN: 9789381608722 Language: Sanskrit Text With English Translation Size: 8.5 inch X 6.0 inch Pages: 112 Other Details: Weight of the Book: 135 gms
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