Humanity Number: Kalyana-Kalpataru) (An Old and Rare Book)

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Foreword Humanity-a rare commodity, particularly in this age- unmarketable! We cannot go to the market and as per the saying "pay your money and take your choice," pay the money and take the humanity in exchange. What a state of helplessness. Everybody feels the sorrowful social conditions but everybody is helpless. Humanity, a step between brutality and Divinity. If it is true that the wheel of evolution goes uninterrupted then humanity is just only one step below the Divinity...

Humanity-a rare commodity, particularly in this age- unmarketable! We cannot go to the market and as per the saying "pay your money and take your choice," pay the money and take the humanity in exchange. What a state of helplessness. Everybody feels the sorrowful social conditions but everybody is helpless.

Humanity, a step between brutality and Divinity. If it is true that the wheel of evolution goes uninterrupted then humanity is just only one step below the Divinity. It is almost the perfect produce of the Mother Nature and this is why man is boastfully supposed to be the crown of creation. Philosophically as well as scientifically every particle of the universe is standing in waiting for its turn for perfection and reaching the supramental destination. One cannot imagine what a long journey of evolution wedded with his sourceful efforts the man has undertaken before reaching where he stands now. In the circular motion of the Samsaracakra the man must be prepared for a big vertical leap on the path of divinity.

As Dr. Aurobindo dreamed about the future of humanity, the next step must be-human-suprahuman-Divine. In the advent of persons like Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi he visualised the progress of humanity towards its destination. He was optimistic though he could have been right as well-God knows.

On the contrary, to the expectations of the Rsi Aurobindo the situation-social, economic, political, moral, religious and cultural looks somewhat gloomy. The seem to be dashing headlong towards the steep moral degradation to a bottomless depth. In every walk of life only darkness, dejection and gloom without a ray of hope is here, there and everywhere. Anyway humanity has never succumbed to the brutality and monstrosity and has been fighting hard to keep its existence intact and raise its head high. Even now it has not made a surrender to the audacity of the time however unfavourable and hard it may be. That is the only hope which we can entertain in our hearts.

Brutality, dishonesty, atrocity, terroristic activities, political hooliganism, adulterated marketing, production and sale of spurious drugs, corruption in medical practices, religious corruption and so on and so forth-all above malpractices are rampant in the society quite unbridled. Criminalisation of politics has reached such a sinister point that the Election Commission of India under the orders of Supreme Court had to decide to stop the political men with a criminal record from infiltrating the parliament through front or back doors. The doctors who are supposed to be saviours of human life, do not hesitate to steal the vital organs of the patients and sell it in the medical market at exorbitant prices. Exploitation-exploitation-exploitation-everywhere and in every walk of life.The important documents and files with all their sensitivity are sold in international market. Wrong type of contracts and agreements are made for petty commissions. Such is the present condition. Nobody feels safe and secure. People are facing two-sided terror-terror from antisocial elements as Kashmir or north-east part of the country are experiencing on the other hand equally grave is the police terror. We think that it won't be wrong if we say that police are organising themselves as a source of terror to the masses.

Much before Aurobindo, Vivekananda also visualised potential divinity in man and he sincerely believed it. Not only the Swami but almost all dreamers of the world came to more or less the same conclusion. Very early even before the dawn of human civilization the Vedic seers declared human beings as ' But alas! the gap between the sweet dream and the gross reality could not be removed so far and humanity could not advance even a single step on the path of divinisation. Divinisation may be a good ideal but the stark reality is that we are far behind even from being proper humans.

Kalyana-Kalpataru feels that before reaching a divine state, what the society is urgently in need of, is humanisation of human beings. At present the state of affairs is horrible. In the jungle of biped creatures we will find real human beings only to be counted on our finger tips.

Media could play its role efficiently in arousing public opinion in favour of humanity and against hooliganism. But alas! media itself has become a chronic patient of jaundice in the shape of Yellow-journalism. They have got their allegiance to narrow- minded politicians, political parties and the big shots in the industry and business. Gone are the days when the country had full faith in the educative and informative columns of the Press. Media is perhaps the biggest power which can make the governments kneel down before it. If media corrects itself and plays its impartial role in the interest of the society, I think within a short period of coming ten years the face of the society will be entirely changed and this change will be decidedly for the betterment of mankind at the global scale.

What seems to be still more important from the Indian point of view is Indianisation of India. The Indianism and Indian culture particularly the Hindu culture is fast losing the ground. There cannot be any two opinions in regard of the Hindu Aranyaka culture that was far more civilized and divinised too. They were real human beings living in the forest and busy in refining and remodelling of highly progressive and sublime individuality. It is the real panacea of all social evils in the world.

So, Kalyana-Kalpataru decided to bring out its Humanity Number with the idea to highlight the humane qualities still not dead even though in dormant copditions and awaken them. I am fully aware of my limitations. Yet if this number makes any impact on the minds of the readers, the credit goes to the Almighty who made me an instrument for His games. I am nobody to do anything-just a puppet in the Omnipotent hands. In the end I extend my hearty gratitude to our learned contributors and writers whose articles are included in the number and lastly to our generous readers for whose sake this effort has been made. I hope the readers will receive it with the usual zeal and cordiality and inspire others to read it.



1. Foreword vii
2. Kaliya Subdued 9
3. Maryada Purusottama Sri Rama - The Humanity Personified - Brahmalina Sri Jayadayal Goyandka 10
4. Human Life Made Meaningful - Swami Ramsukhdas 21
5. Human Welfare and the Means to Achieve - Nityalilalina Sri Hanumanprasad Poddar 25
6. Human Destiny - P. Govindarajan 29
7. Humanity - A Universal Ideology - K.S. Narayanan 36
8. Universal Declaration of Human Rights 38
9. Rama - The Humanised Divinity - P.R. Kannan 42
10. Human Values in Srimad Ramayana - R. Kannan 49
11. Humanity is Divinity - Gobinda Chandra Panigrahi 56
12. Humility Incarnate - K.V. Krishnamachari 57
13. Lilas of Lord Krsna - The Divinised Humanity - T.K. Rangaswamy 61
14. Concept of Humanity - N.S. Pandya 71
15. The Concept of Humanity in Hindu Religion - Sailesh Brahmachari 76
16. Renaissance Humanism and the Upanisads - Dr. Prativa Devi 79
17. Humanity in Vedas and Upanisads - K. Keshavan 86
18. Filial Piety and Sravana 91
19. Contribution of Manusmrti towards the Manking - Prof. Dr. Sadashiva Praharaja 92
20. Relevance of Spirituality for Humanity - Brahmacharini Rukmini Ramamurthy 97
21. Humanistic Approaches in Gita and Quran - Dr. Debabrata Das 102
22. Humanity and Law - S. Muthuswamy 110
23. Humanity in its Spiritual Aspect - Keshoram Aggarwal 114
24. Vegetarianism - An Essential Feature of Humanity 119
25. Droplets of Humanity - Dr. Mukunda Pati Tripathi 'Ratnamaliya' 121
26. Sewa or Service - A.P. Anand 129
27. The Ideal of Sewa 134
28. Sivi 137
29. Humanity Incarnate - Swami Shivananda 138
30. You Say So Much ...How Much do You do??? - Dr. Saurabh Varshneya 141
31. Death of Humanity! - H.J. Swami 144
32. Humanity in Killing Girls - Somanath Jena 146
33. Humanity - Prof. Dr. R.D. Srivastava 149
34. Religious Fanaticism - V.N. Sharma 150
35. Humanity and Religion - Om Prakash Dubey 156
36. Humanity and Religion - Pandurang N. More 161
37. Humanity and Religion - Dr. Anil Kumar Vajpayee 163
38. Humanity and Secularism - Sri Dandapani Panda 171
39. Humanity and Society - M.G. Sharma 175
40. Humanity and Spirituality - H.D. Kainthla 178
41. Humanity and Spirituality - T.R. Gopalakrishnan 186
42. Humanity - Its Issues and Perspectives - Dr. Ms. Pratima P. Joshi 190
43. Human and Humane - Dr. Krishnachandra Shukla 196
44. Humanity - Traditional Vision - Swami Padmanabhananda 198
45. Some Thoughts on Humanity - Prof. S.R. Gangopadhyay 202
46. Humanity is the Way of Life - Jitendra Nath Guru 209
47. Humanization of Man - Shastri Chandrashekhar 212
48. Stray Seances - Garg S.K. 215
49. The Basic Principles of Humanity 218
50. The Humanism in Ramana Maharsi's Life - P.S. Ramanathan 219
51. Swami Vivekananda - A Humanist Extraordinairae - R.P. Dwivedi 224
52. Humanistic Content in Swami Vivekananda's Religious Perspective - Dr. P.P. Sharma 233
53. Swami Vivekananda - His Concern for Humanity - Prof. K.L. Bhalla 238
54. The Birth of Mahatma - Dr. O.P. Sharma 242
55. Philosophy of Karma - Mrs. Kamla Mehrotra 252
56. Visistadvaita Vedanta Thinks of Humanity in Practical Terms - Vishwacharya Brahmarshi Sri Ramachandracharya Swami Maharaja of Tirupati 256
57. Jain Philosophy is Practical and Universal - Lt. Col. R.K. Langar 263
58. Humanity: Lust its Biggest Enemy - D.S. Bajpat 267
59. Anger Makes Us Inhuman - R.N. Lakhotia 270
60. Dadhici 279
61. Humanity and Nuclear Energy - Rama Chandra Mishra 280
62. Religion and Terrorism - K. Navin Chander 283
63. The Hideous Face of Modern Terrorism - R.S. Agarawal 290
64. Humanity, Religion and Terrorism - P. Bhavanisankar Rao 295
65. The Nature Weeps - K.D. Sanwal 300
66. Humanism in Education - R.P. Dwivedi 303
67. The Humanistic Tradition in Indian Education - V. Bhaskaracharyulu 312
68. Guru - The Panacea for the Renaissance of Civilization - Dr. Prakash R. Joshi 316
69. Ancient Indian Heritage to the Rescue of Modern Man - Ramswaroop Chaudhary 322
70. Sacrifice Superb - Dr. Ramakrishna Saraf 325
71. Love No More - Shree Bhaisab 331
72. Love: Human and Divine - Dr. M. Hafiz Syed 335
73. Treat Humanity as the End - A.K. Banerjee 339
74. Police and Humanity - R.C.M. Tripathi 346
75. Contribution of Freedom Movement in India - N. Rajagopalan 352
76. To the Little Animals - Tara Chand Pandia 356
77. Ekanatha 359
78. Humanity of St. Ekanatha - Shreedhar Singh Dayalpuri 360
79. A Story (Humanity Lies in Meeting the Need of a Needy Being) - C.N. Srinivasa Rao 363
80. Sita - Dr. V. Meenakshi 365
81. Gandhari 368
82. Draupadi - A Paragon of Humanity 370
83. Draupadi - A Humane Soul 372
84. Mother Teresa - Paramod Kumar Tripathi 374
85. Prayer -   
  (A) Vedic 377
  (B) Puranic 380
86. Vandhe Mahapurush Te Charanaaravindram 381
87. Subhasamsa - Rabindra Nath Guru 382
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