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The Kalyana-Kalpataru: Woman Number (An Old and Rare Book)

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CONTENTS   1. Motherhood-Ananta Sri Vibhushita Sri Jagadguru Sri Shankaracharya Sri Jayendra Sarasvatiji Maharaj of Sri Kanchi Kama Koti Pitham   2 2. Injunctions for Widows       -Late Sri Jayadayal Goyandka 4 3. A Request to Matr-Sakti (Women)       -Swami Ram...


1. Motherhood-Ananta Sri Vibhushita Sri Jagadguru
Sri Shankaracharya Sri Jayendra Sarasvatiji Maharaj
of Sri Kanchi Kama Koti Pitham
2. Injunctions for Widows    
  -Late Sri Jayadayal Goyandka 4
3. A Request to Matr-Sakti (Women)    
  -Swami Ramsukhdas 8
4. Child-Control-Late Sri Hanumanprasad Poddar   12
5. Woman through Ages-S. K. Trivedi   14
6. Rsikas of Rgveda-Dr. Shashi Tiwari   23
7. Indian Women in Vedic Age-Dr. Smt. Saroj Raizada   29
8. Indian Women in Vedic Age-Miss Surashree Rana   34
9. Women and the Study of the Vedas-B. M. N. Murthy   42
10. Indian Women in Vedic Age    
  -Pratul Chandra Chaudhuri 47
11. Sarasvati-Rama Chandra Mishra   53
12. Woman Number (Poem)-Sadhvi Sri Kamlesh Kumari   58
13. Sita Devi-A Model for Indian Womanhood    
  -D. Shankar Narayan 59
14. Pativratya Dharma-the Sacred Dharma of Women    
  -R. Narasimhan 63
15. Husband-Wife Relationship in the Ramacaritamanasa    
  -Dr. Budhsen Chaturvedi 66
16. Woman in Sri Ramacaritamanasa-Chandan Lal Dhody   71
17. Mahabharata-the Result of Draupadi's Insult    
  -Basanta Kumar Dash 74
18. Gandhari and Kunti   78
19. Women's Education in India till the Mahabharata Age    
  -Prativa Devi 84
20. Draupadi-the Gargi of Mahabharata-R. C. M. Tripathi   90
21. Sakti Worship: Evolution of the Concept of Camunda
in the Puranas-Dr. Ratna Sharma
22. Durga-the Supreme Female Reality    
  -Prof. D. Vaidyanathan 103
23. Panca Kanya   108
24. The Analysis of Laksmi Tattva-P. Ramachandrachar   113
25. Durga-the Supreme Female Reality (Poem)    
  -Kalyana Chowdhury 120
26. The Position of Female Deities in Madhva Sampradaya    
  -R. Sridharan 121
27. The Vows Observed by a Hindu Lady   126
28. The Divine Mother-Swami Sivananda   133
29. The Concept of Womanhood in Padmacarita    
  -Surendra Kumar Garg 136
30. Sakti-The Divine Mother-Srikrishna Das   144
31. The Importance of Pativrata in Puranas   148
32. Mahavidyas-Goddesses of Tantra    
  -Dr. Uma Raman Jha 154

33. Na Stri Svatantryamarhati (A Feminine View)    
  -Mrs. Uma Ranganathan 159
34. Women in the Smrti Books   162
35. Na Stri Svatantryamarhati-C. S. Mahadevan   170
36. A Tribute to our Mothers (Poem)-S. P. Kamath   172
37. Female Education in our Sacred Literature    
  -Dr. Ramkrishna Saraf 173
38. Female Education-Swami Vivekananda    
  -Dr. Amulya Mohapatra 178
39. Women's Education-Prof. K. L. Bhalla   182
40. Women as Promoters of Spirituality    
  -Swami Rama Tirtha 185
41. Atrocities towards Womenfolk in Modern Times    
  -Dr. B. P. Verma 'Kamal' 190
42. Brautal Atrocities on Women-Shastri Chandrashekhar   195
43. Liberty to Women-Lt. Col. R. K. Langar   198
44. Women and Affectionate Relations-Dileep Bhatia   203
45. Bharatiya Women and Fine Arts-N. Rajagopalan   206
46. Bride Burning (Poem)-Dr. R. D. Srivastava   212
47. Woman on Indian Coins-Dr. Smt. Shyamla Gupta   213
48. Sati: The Vindication of the Hindu Woman    
  -Keshavram N. Iengar 217
49. Female Education-Swami Vivekananda's Views    
  -Swarnabha Bhattacharyya 226
50. The Dowry System and Killing-K. C. Patnaik   232
51. Status of Women in India-Dr. Smt. Seema Dixit   239
52. Women in Hindu Culture-R. P. Gupta   243
53. Frailty, thy Name is Woman-Dr. P. P. Sharma   248
54. The Hindu Ideal of Successful Marriage    
  -Swami Jyotirmayananda 254
55. The Concept of Marriage in Spiritual Evolution    
  -Dr. P. S. Venkateswaran 259
56. Happy Married Life-R. N. Lakhotia   265
57. Motherhood (Poem)-R. S. Sengar   271
58. The Indian Ideal of Womanhood    
  -Dr. G. R. Vijayakumar 272
59. Unsuitability of Women for Freedom    
  -Late Sri Jayadayal Goyandka 278
60. An Idealist View of Indian Women-J. R. Kamath   280
61. A Living God-D. S. Bajpai   298
62. Paean for the Indomitable Divine    
  -Dr. V. V. B. Rama Rao 302
63. The Pitiable Plight of Women in Modern Age    
  -Romika Batra 305
64. Mother-the Best Preceptor-A. N. Soorma   311
65. Zamirana (Story)   316
66. Sufferings of Womenfolk-Bhaskar B. Baliga   323
67. The Son and the Great Mother (Poem)    
  -Balram Kumar Mani Tripathi 332
68. Matrimonial Disputes and Family Courts--Poosha   333
69. Women's Life-Bishnupada Misra   343
70. Hindu View of Marriage-Om Prakash Dubey   347
71. Yatha Vrajagopikanam-Raihana Tyabji   351
72. Analysis of the Status of Women in the Interactions
of Tradition and Modernity-Mridula Jha Bideh and
B. D. Jha Bideh
73. Mother-An Adorable Deity    
  -Prof. Purna Chandra Ojha 362
74. Vedic-    
(A) Sri Sukta   368
(B) Atharvasirsa   369
75. Puranic-    
Praises Offered by Gods   370
76. Classical-    
(A) Devyaparadhaksamapanam   372
(B) Sarasvati Stotram   374
77. Editorial   375

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