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Lexicography of Ramanujacharya (Founder of Visisthavaitam)

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About the Book This is first Lexicographic Book in the History of Lexicography in Lexicographical form for a Greatest Revolutionist thinker cum philosopher in the Middle of 9th century A.D. After very long discussion with great scholars, the word Lexicography has been coined for this book and named the title ‘Lexicography of Ramanujacharya’. The book covers the entire life history of Ramanujacharya, a founder of Visisthadvaitham, and his 74 simhasanas [disciples] in elabor...
About the Book

This is first Lexicographic Book in the History of Lexicography in Lexicographical form for a Greatest Revolutionist thinker cum philosopher in the Middle of 9th century A.D. After very long discussion with great scholars, the word Lexicography has been coined for this book and named the title ‘Lexicography of Ramanujacharya’.

The book covers the entire life history of Ramanujacharya, a founder of Visisthadvaitham, and his 74 simhasanas [disciples] in elaborate manner of their contribution to physical, religious, temple, literary and philosophical works.

The main body of the work consists of alphabetically arranged entries listed under the most common form of the74 Ramanujagicl characters. The book covers nearly 50 per cent about Ramauujacharya’s life history, works and philosophy while the balances cover his simhasanas and their works.

The book discuss more about Alavandar, Yadavaprakash, Thirukachi Nambi, Thirukottiyur Nambi, Periya Nambi, Thirumalai Alvan, Periy-vacchan Pillai, Nadura Ammal, P.B.Annan, Kidambai Nachiyar, Pillai Lokacharya Manavala Mamunigal and Vedanta desikan.

The book also covers number of new information, where the author had done justification to ensure the title Lexicography for this book. The book consists of two Pedigrees covering all Ramaujacharya’s guru with 74 simhasanas and author’s pedigree of followers.

The authors able to trace out the signature of Ramanujacharya in Tamil version, and stating that ramanuja-charya ancestor [Vadama-Brahmin] were migrated from Kashmir to south India. The book also consists of information such as Ramanujacharya’s lliterary works written by others [Yathiraja sapthashati by Vedantha Desikar’s Yathira vimshathi of Manaval Mamunigal and Ramanuja noorthan-dathi by Amudhanar.

The book is solid consideration of information and is recommended for Libraries, public reraders, and research scholars who were interested in Ramanujacharya’s life history and philosophy.

About the Author

T.Rengarajan [b. 02.06.1962: Srivilliputtur-Tamil Nadu ------------] commitment to the cause of legal education and his dedication in the propagation of Hinduism, place him on a high pedestal among the contemporary Hindu religious writers.

His book had been received wider positive reception from different publishers in India and other foreign countries. He has written nearly 65 books of which 32 were published by different publishers in India. He is the first author to bring down the book Dictionary of Hindu Temples - 3 Volumes is based on agamas and Encyclopedia on Srimad Bhagavatam, first book on this title. Hinduism and Scientific Quest is based purely on Science and Hinduism. The author is first personality to bring down Quiz book on Hinduism.

Compulsive writer, his elucidation of complexities of Hinduism, his commentaries on points of Hindu religious characters and his unambiguous presentation are of high value by the publishers.

He was awarded Fellowship from the United Writers Association, Chennai. He was awarded the Life Time Achievement Award [2004] for his contribution to Hinduism and other Indian religions. He received Best Religious Writers from Friendship Forum of India, Delhi. His name is under recommendation for different awards based on religious subjects, and was awarded Hony. Doctorate from International Education Centre, USA, for his work on "Comparative Studies of Hinduism and other Indian Religions"in the year 1997. In the WHOs Who published by the Saktiya Academy Digest, Indian Writer his name is under recommendation for Padmashri Award, 2013~14 for his works on Religious Writer.

He was actively participated in social work, member of few social organizations; secretary in the Public Grievance Redressing Society, Madurai. He also submitted number of Legal Bills to the Government of India, and it has been implemented by the Government of India.


The book Lexicography of Ramanujacharyta, based on the life history of Ramanukacharya and his simhasanas, Ramanujacharya is one and only religious personality to give importance to life of human being, though he is an avatar of Laksmana in Treta Yuga and Krisna in Dwapar :Yuga during the era of Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism and Mohammedanism were in full force to spread their religion and philosophy in India. Though, he was an incarnation of two great Hindu religious gods, he appeared in the world as Human being with its own human value. He was able to cspitalize human values and its culture in the world, though he was born in very small village, [Sriperambudur - Tamil Nadu, which lead to the assassination of Late Rajiv Gandhi, the prime minister of India, facilitating the village to have some bright hue, to have political and public circle]. Ramanujacharya lead simple life, where his human value potentiality without any religious and philosophical discrimination in the beginning of 9th century B.C. to spread human valued religion named as Vishistadvaitam.

This is the first Lexicography of Ramanujacharya in Indian book publishing history, covering the entire life saga of Ramanujacharya commencing from 917 B.C. to 1137 B.C. covering 120 completely two Tamil cycle of era. He is a true follower of Thirukkchinambi, Alavandar, Yadavpakseh, Uyyakondar and Yamunacharya.

The book tries to cover all his literary works Ramanujacharya and his simhasanas with meaningful explanation. The book cover entire life history of his simhasanas, their works, of which the following important roles in Tirukachinambi, Tirukostiyur Nambi, Pillai Lokacharya, Periya Vacchan Pillai, Vadakku Tiruveedi Pillai, Nachiyar, Nappinai, Tirumalai Alvan, Manavala Mamunigal, Vedanta Desikan and others. He has nearly 74 Simhasanas of which three were female members. Though his simhasanas belong to different caste, true followers of Ramanujacharya’s philosophy emulate in philosophical manner and human value adopting system.

Acharya was able to cover the entire Vaisnavism temples, where Alvars have sung the greatness of Vaisnava gods and goddesses in the temple, as it stated in the (Nalayirya Divya Prabandham-4,000 songs-Tamil) which was Nathamunigal. Later on, Ramanujacharya who had visited all the 106 temples and coined the word Divya Desam, which was found in a holy place in the middle of all Vaisnava temple and followers. He lived for more number of years of his lilfe at Srirangam and Melukote. His contribution for the development of Vaisnava sampradayam is was more which facilitated him lay the foundation stone for Visistadvaitam.

I thank the publisher for his honest attempt to publish the script in the lexicographical form. It is purely a guide for any religious reader and writer to develop the Vaisnava knowledge in depth.

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