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Magic Mantras to a Pain-Free Youthful Back

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About the Book Most people damage their backs simply because they do not know the basic rules of back care. Of them, nearly three in ten suffer back pain severe enough to call for treatment, and get their backs pummelled, pulled, heated and drugged. If that weren’t bad enough, there‘s more. One in five people suffers back pain of such severity that he or she is forced to take time off work.   The best way out against back problems, therefore, is to take prev...

About the Book

Most people damage their backs simply because they do not know the basic rules of back care. Of them, nearly three in ten suffer back pain severe enough to call for treatment, and get their backs pummelled, pulled, heated and drugged. If that weren’t bad enough, there‘s more. One in five people suffers back pain of such severity that he or she is forced to take time off work.


The best way out against back problems, therefore, is to take preventive therefore, is to take preventive action. Step into a good back routine, and you could well buy insurance to a pain-free back.

If you have missed the bus, and find yourself laid up with a bad back, still there is no quarter for despair.

There are several workable treatments to help you triumph.

MAGIC MANTRAS TO A PAIN FREE YOUTHFUL BACK is the one-stop answer to all your question about back problems. A comprehensive boo, it discusses all major causes of back pain and offers simple advice on how to tackle them.


About the Author

DR. A P SINGH (MBBS, D Orth, DNB, DAE) Eminent orthopaedic surgeon and a leading expert on spinal disorders and back pain.This work is born out of his three decade long experience and expertise as a doctor treating patients with backache. Dr. Singh is currently the MD, Uma Sanjeevani Hospitals, DLF City and Sector55, Gurgoan. In the pas the has worked at the Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi; St Louis Hospital, Paris; Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston; and SUNY Medical Center, Syracuse, New York.

DR YATISH AGARWAL (MBBS, MD, DSc) Renowned physician, writer and columnist. His popular books, articles, columns, and radio and TV programmes have spread the message of good health and sensible living to millions of people. Many of his works are available in a number of languages. Bestowed with several national awards, Dr. Agarwal works and teaches at New Delhi’s SafdarjungHospital and V M Medical College. He has also been a national Consultant to the WHO, and a Fellow at the National Cancer Center Hospital, Tokyo, and Institute of Population and Social Research, Mahidol Universitry, Thailan.



Mother Nature’s gift of the two-legged erect stance, while putting Homo sapiens at an advantage over the rest of the animal kingdom, has also given them a back that is vulnerable to considerable stresses and strains and, consequently, back pain.

The modern push-button age has further conspired with the elements of Nature. If man’s intellect and ingenuity have allowed him to produce gadgets to make life easier for him, it has also robbed him of the many joys of life. The modern – day man is besotted with a lifestyle that gives him little opportunity to service the muscles, ligaments, joints and bones of his back. Deprived of natural exercise, put through constant rushes of adrenaline-sparked stress, burdened by protruding belly and having a longer life span, more and more people have a begun to complain of bad backs.

People with back problems add up to the largest single group of patients visiting any orthopaedic clinic. Yet, the art and science of treating the back requires a conscientious doctor, who is a good listener and has the patience to dig into the etiological factors in each patient, and come up with a plan that allow his patients to triumph over their back problems.

Within the pages of this book, you’ll find practical advice on how to identify and treat your back problems before they become difficult to manage or hinder the quality of your life. You’ll also learn about lifestyle changes that may reduce your risk of developing constant aches and pains in the back.

The book contains a complete section on healing prescriptions. Taking a holistic approach, it educates about good posture, instructs in exercise and yogic posture to strengthen the back, offers homecare remedies in the case of acute back pain, and discusses a wide range of treatment options: medications, surgical treatments and alternative therapies.

The book should prove to be a boon for the common reader. At the same time, it should also interest physicians, who will benefit by acquiring the idiom to communicate more effectively with the patients and their families and also by refreshing their practical knowledge base.



Back pain is one of the most common health problems in the world. The numbers might vary among different studies, yet 70-90 per cent of people endure back pain at some period of their lives. Thus, if you have back pain, you’re not alone. It is the prime case of disability, and may strike just at the time you are about to peak in life or reap its rewards.

The biggest culprit in the bad back epidemic is modern-day living. From being a creator of machines, man his increasingly become a prey to mechanization-Diminishing opportunities for physical activity and stressful deadlines lead to a backbreaking lifestyle, literally. Robbed of exercise, the spinal muscles go weak; the ligaments that hold the bones and joints in symphony waste away; the joints lose their flexibility; and the vertebral bones suffer wear and tear. So if you tip the scales on the wrong side by playing against the biomechanics of your back and not following the basic rules of back care, you have only yourself to blame. For once the changes become permanent, a bad back can shatter your life’s dream.

If you have already started on the road to a bad back, and though the clock cannot be turned back, damage control can and should be done. This easy –to-understand book provides reliable information for developing a sturdier back. Within these pages you’ll find the “ounce of prevention that is worth more than a pound of cure” and yes, also the strategies for effecting a cure.

The book gives you a detailed roadmap of back pain management signposted with the fundamentals: back protection, exercise, yogic posture (asana), pain control, diet and, perhaps most importantly, how best to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

The section on treatment options discusses a wide range of medications, the latest surgical treatments and also alternative therapies.

A thorough understanding of your problem and the treatment options and, more importantly, the will to put this knowledge to use in daily living will empower you to address and overcome back pain. It would also make for effective communication with your doctor.

Look for a doctor who has the time and empathy to understand your problem, so that or she can offer lasting relief. The doctor should be capable and diligent in providing a comprehensive diagnosis, accurate answers and effective treatment.

We hope this book will be able to answer the very many, varied and individualistic quires of the sufferers of back problems. However if there is something more you would like to know, write to us. We would be happy to write back to you. In any case, look u the next edition of the book for further additions.

We wish you the very best for a robust back and a healthier life.




  Foreword 6-7
  Preface 8-9
  Publisher’s Note 10
Part 1 The Wonderful Human Back  
Chapter 1 The Amazing Back Machine 18 - 27
Chapter 2 The Incredibly Simple Dynamics 28 - 33
Part 2 Common Back Problem  
Chapter 3 The -ll of backache 36 - 39
Chapter 4 Why Backache is so Common 40 - 45
Chapter 5 Common Forms of Backache 46 - 55
Part 3 Fitness Mantras  
Chapter 6 Simple Steps - Good Health 58 - 73
Chapter 7 Sutras - Protect Your Back 74 - 83
Part 4 Remedies& Cure  
Chapter 8 Managing Acute Back Pain 86 - 95
Chapter 9 Down The Recovery lane 96 - 99
Chapter 10 Winning Against Chronic Backache 100 - 111
Chapter 11 Pills, Gels and Creams 112 - 119
Chapter 12 Surgeries for Bad Backs 120 - 125
Chapter 13 Alternative Therapies 126 - 139
Part 5 Less Common Causes of Backache  
Chapter 14 All about Spinal Break and Slippage 142 - 145
Chapter 15 Painful Small of the Back 146 - 149
Chapter Brittle Bones and Bad Backs 150 - 153
Chapter 17 Tuberculosis of the Backbone 154 - 157
Chapter 18 The Bamboo Spine 158 - 161
Chapter 19 The Muscular Back Pain 162 - 165
Chapter 20 Backaches of a Different 166 - 167
  Glossary 168 - 171
  Backache: Comman types, Cause and Treatment 172 - 175
  Acknowledgements 176


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