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Manifesting Inherent Perfection (Education for Complete Self Development)

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About The Book ‘The ideal of all education, all training, ‘said Swami Vivekananda, ‘should be this man-making. But , instead of that, we are always trying to polish up the outside. What use in polishing up the outside when there is no inside? The end and aim of all training is to make the man grow. This book attempts to discuss this ‘inside’ of education which is man-making. A collection of 52writings on various aspects of education in its widest sense’...
About The Book

‘The ideal of all education, all training, ‘said Swami Vivekananda, ‘should be this man-making. But , instead of that, we are always trying to polish up the outside. What use in polishing up the outside when there is no inside? The end and aim of all training is to make the man grow. This book attempts to discuss this ‘inside’ of education which is man-making. A collection of 52writings on various aspects of education in its widest sense’ this book presents the Indian worldview of divinity of man and unity of existence. Compiled from the archives of The Vedanta Kesari, these writings deal with various aspects of education, particularlythe key ideas of Yoga and Vedanta which are of great value to all educationists and students.

‘As long as I live, so long do I learn,’ said Sri Ramakrishna. This handy volume on education draws our attention of this fact through articles, stories and personal accounts of monks, teachers, students, scholars, and commoners.


Publisher’s Note

This is not a book on formal education per se. Nor is it an academic treatise on education; it is a collection of writings by eminent contributors on various aspects of 'education' in its broadest and widest sense—especially with reference to Indian world-view and the teachings of Swami Vivekananda.

Education is a continuing process, beginning with our birth and unending till we reach the highest goal of life which is Self-knowledge. Rightly did Sri Ramakrishna say, 'As long as I live, so long do I learn. Hence, learning or education is not just a formal period but a journey in discovering new vistas of our personality, the ambience we live in and the lessons we learn. In its comprehensive meaning, education includes not only acquisition of facts and figures or learning skills and techniques but also becoming a better human being. It is good to have a sharp intellect but it is surely far more important to have a feeling heart in order to be really educated. A combination of both is the best. Indeed, until we imbibe and practice human values such as unselfishness, purity, self-control, compassion and a spirit of service, our education remains incomplete.

Swami Vivekananda said (CW, 1.412): 'It is one of the evils of your Western civilisation that you are after intellectual education alone, and take no care of the heart. It only makes men ten times more selfish, and that will be your destruction.' Real education is that which helps a man build his character based on unselfishness and love. This alone makes education complete.

The following pages give a birds eye-view of education as a means of complete self-development. Divided into three sections, the book is an anthology on education, character-building and allied subjects from the pages of the Vedanta Kesari, the cultural and spiritual monthly of the Ramakrishna Order since 1914. The source is mentioned the end of the article. Different facets of education are taken up for discussion by eminent thinkers and writers. Sanskrit verses with English meaning, taken from various issues of the Vedanta Kesari, from its India's Timeless Wisdom column and other sources, along with suitable pictures, have been thoughtfully added in between various articles.

Swami Atmashraddhananda, the compiler and editor of this volume, is the present editor of the Vedanta Kesari. The purpose of the publication is two-fold-to commemorate the Centenary of the Vedanta Kesari and to bring together what many thinkers who contributed to the magazine have shared with its readers on various aspects of holistic education. We are hopeful that the book will help the students and teachers to understand and put into practice the higher values of life which alone makes education meaningful.

It will go a long way in meeting all the goals of those who are involved in what is called 'parallel education' which tries to fill in the lacuna in the current educational system.




  Publisher's Note iii
SectionOne Ideals of A Holistic Education  
1 Modern Education: An Indian Perspective 1
2 Holistic Education 18
3 How to Sublimate Our Tendencies 23
4 Education-True and False 34
5 Education for Development of Human Personality 45
6 Education for Character 55
7 Education for Character and Moral and Spiritual Values 87
8 Indian Culture: Its Heights And Lights 95
9 Education, Spirituality and We 110
10 Education and the Yoga Way of Life 114
11 Education for International Peace and Understanding 128
12 Role of Yoga: In Indian Educational System 138
13 Right Education for the 21'1 Century 156
14 The Sword and the Needle: Thoughts on How Education Equips One to Live Life 175
15 The Art of Listening 186
16 'Hear, Ye Children of Immortality!' 201
17 Vedanta And Human Personality 211
SectionTwo Facets of Human Values And Youth Development  
18 Service and Spirituality-A Young Person's Perspective 223
19 Youth and Ambitions 238
20 Patanjali Yoga and Scientific Value System 243
21 The Scientific Basis of Habit: Spirituality in the Light of Neuroplasticity 262
22 Why Celibacy?-A Hindu Perspective 275
23 Facets of Character-building 287
24 Family Values in Hinduism: Their Role in Promoting Peace and Happiness 297
25 Enlightened Citizenship: A Modern Indian Understanding 311
26 Karma Yoga-the Path of Blissful Action 322
27 Viveka and Vairagya-Essential Qualities for Success in Life 329
28 Success and Gratitude 339
29 The Hindu Ethos-and Their Democratic and Environmental Concerns 347
30 Impersonality Development 359
31 Life Beyond Numbers 364
32 Ten Commandments for Teachers 375
33 Speaking to God: An Understanding of the Practice of Prayer 380
34 Cultivating Fearlessness 388
35 'As Long As I Live, 396
SectionThree Some Anecdotes And Illustrative Examples  
36 Seva Yoga and Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi 408
37 True Education Liberates: Lessons from Sri Ramakrishna's Upbringing 427
38 Extraordinary Mental Abilities of Swami Vivekananda: A Scientific Explanation 441
39 Spiritual Homage to Abraham Lincoln 451
40 Turning Loss into Gain 468
41 My Experience with the Compassionate Mother 484
42 Upamanyu-the Great Guru-bhakta 491
43 Free Dialogue-the Heart of Education 499
44 The Blessings of Prison 513
45 When God Himself was a Student 520
46 Aaruni, the Committed Student 525
47 When Shraddha 'Enters' Life 532
48 Ashtavakra, the Young Knower of Brahman 539
49 Enduring Autism Through Vedanta 550
50 Obedience and Freedom 558
51 The Practice of Quiet Time 577
  Recommended Books on Education and Youth Development 583

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