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Mirror of Self-Realization (Svanubhava Adarsh):- A Rare Book

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Back of the Book The Kalpatharu research academy Bangalore is an institution running with the benign blessings of his holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Sri Bharathi Theertha Mahaswamiji under the auspicious of Dakshinamnaya Sri Sringeri Sharada established in 1981. Kalpatharu Research Academy has stride across the horizon of Indological Research and publications with giant steps and today stands as an institution known for its unique quality of research work. Kalpatharu resear...
Back of the Book

The Kalpatharu research academy Bangalore is an institution running with the benign blessings of his holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Sri Bharathi Theertha Mahaswamiji under the auspicious of Dakshinamnaya Sri Sringeri Sharada established in 1981. Kalpatharu Research Academy has stride across the horizon of Indological Research and publications with giant steps and today stands as an institution known for its unique quality of research work.

Kalpatharu research academy is dedicated to the cause of preservation of ancient heritage of India it has encouraged research in the fields of Agama, Veda, Tantra, Jyoutisha, Mantra Sastra, Vaastu, Yoga, Silpa, and ayurveda etc.

Among its prestigious publications (numbering more than hundred till now) are six Volas of Pratima Kosha. Twelve volas of Agama Kosha, Three Volas of the art & Architecture of Indian temples Vastu Silpa Kosha in three Volas, Devata Rupa mala in four Volas and several Koshas like Ganesha Kosha, Lalita Kosha and Navagraha Kosha Oshadhi Kosha, Salagarama Kosha Gita Kosha, Hanumat Kosha, Vanaspathi Kosha etc.

The Academy has plans of undertaking intensive research in the field of Veda and Vedanga, and intends publishing bharatiya Sanskrit Sarvasva Kosha an encyclopedic work in several volumes dealing with all aspects of Indian tradition & Culture. It seeks to promote education culture and Science Art and learning in all its branches. The approach will be broad based and multi disciplinary.

An extensive comprehensive and specialist reference library has been built up to assist the research workers in the indological disciplines. A valuable collection of palm leaf manuscripts relating to Veda, Vedanta, Vedanga and allied subjects has already been made the collection work is continuing.

Dakshinamnaya Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetham has been running a Guru Kula type of institution on traditional lines to impart Vedic Education at Several places. Some of these institutions are over 100 years old. It is the intention of Kalpatharu research academy to take an active part in continuing this age old tradition and act as the research & publication wing for these institutions.

Our ambition is to develop as a national center for higher learning in Veda. Vedanga and Shastras and facilitate the propagation of unique Sanskrit and Vedic texts in the national and international arena.


About the Author

Vidyalankara Sastra Chudamani Sangita Kalaratna Prof. Saligrama Krishna Ramachandra Rao is a well known scholar who combines traditional learning with modern research well versed in Sanskrit Pali Ardhmagadhi and several modern Indian languages and acquainted with Tibetan and some European languages he has written extensively on Vedanta Buddhism, Jainism, Indian Culture Art and Literature.

In his Professional career however he was a Prof. of Psychology. He has headed the Department of clinical Psychology in the National institute of Mental Health and Neurosceince’s Bangalore and the Department of Indian Culture in the Collision College study Center of the University of the Pacific (U.S.A) at present he is the Senior Associate of National Institute of Management Bangalore and member of the Governing Council of TTD (SVCL Research Centre) Tirupati.

He has been member of Karnataka State Lalitha Kala Academy and Sangita Nritya Academy he has served on the Agama Board (Govt. of Karnatka). He is president of Silpa Kala Pratishtana. The Govt. of Karnataka has honored him with the 1986 Rajyotsava Award. He has received awards from lalita Kala Academi and Sangita Nritya Academi. He is the recipient of the Veda Sanman for the year 2000 by the Govt. of India (H.R.D Ministry).

Kendriya Samskrita Vidya Peetha Tirupati (deemed university) has awarded him honoris causa degree Vachaspati (2003). He is the recipient of the prestigious Veda ratna award (2004) from Sri Gangeswarananda Foundation.

Among his numerous English publications are three volumes of Encyclopaedia of India Medicine (Popular Prakashan Mumbai) Tibetan Tantrik Tradition and Tibetan Meditation (Arnold Heinemann Delhi) Consciousness in Advaita and a series of Six books on Indian Temples (IBH Prakashana Bangalore) and Origins of Indian thought (Bangalore University) Kalpathary Research Academy has published his Pratima Kosha in six volumes. Agama Kosha in Twelve Volumes art and architecture of Indian temples in three volumes he was awarded D. Litt Honoraris causa by the Karnatak University (2005).

He is at present engaged in the 30 volumes project Rgveda Darsana (Fifteen volumes of which have appeared).

He is also a musicologist a sculptor and painter and has held some one man shows.



This is the 110th publication of Kalpatharu Research Academy Bangalore during its twenty four years of existence. The publications of the academy have been received with great interest and enthusiasm by the scholarly world as well as by the students of indology. They are hailed as significant contributions to the studies of Indian culture in general and of religion and philosophy in particular.

Here is an ancient work entitled Svanubhavadarsa a mirror of Advaitic self realization. It is also a rare work not published in recent times. Prof. Dr. S.K. Ramachandra Rao has not only edited the work but has given an English translation. We are grateful to him for his service to the academy.

We are indebted to his holiness Jagadguru of Sringeri His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Bharathi Tirtha Mahaswamiji who is our chief patron for his munificent blessings on the academy as the chief patron and also indebted to Sri V.R. Gowrishankar the administrator of Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetham of Sringeri and the Chairman of Kalpatharu research academy for his continued interest in the academy’s activities.

we also acknowledge the generous financial assistance from the ministry of Human resources Developmetn Department of Education Govt. Of India New Delhi And Dept. of Education Govt. of Karnataka Bangalore.

The academy also thanks the officers of the Omkar offset printers for their excellent production of this book.



This is an important but little known work on Advaita Sadhana. The author of this work in Sanskrit is Madhavasrama disciple of Narayanasrama who is described in the colophon as a monk of highest order (Srimat Paramahamsa Parivrajakacharya). The author himself has composed a gloss (Tika) on his poetic work of 130 verses. It has not been possible to ascertain age in which this work was prepared. It is obviously post sankara and the presentation indicates the currency of the Advaita arguments known as mulavidya in the middle ages. The author has attained self realization and here is a document of his experiences.

I am indebted to Sri Daivajna K.N. Somayaji Director of Kalpatharu Research Academy for giving me the opportunity for editing this excellent poem dealing with advaitc realization. I am also grateful to present pontiff of sri Sringeri Sharada Peetham Sri Sri Sri Bharathi Theertha Mahaswamiji the chief patron of the academy and to the administrator of the Peetham Sri V.R. Gowrishankar the Chairman of the Academy.

I am beholden to my friends Sri Venkatesh Babu and Sri Nagendra of Omkar Offset Printers for their uniform courtesy and Co operation the volume was under print.


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Item Code: NAC852 Author: S.K. Ramchandra Rao Cover: Hardcover Edition: 2005 Publisher: Kalpatharu Research Academy, Bengaluru Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation Size: 9.5 Inch X 7.0 Inch Pages: 214 Other Details: Weight of the Book: 568 gms
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