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FOREWORD A proper selection of foods is crucial, as food nourishes the whole body. Food also controls and regulates energy forces: Tridoshas (Humors). There is an old saying that a sound mind is only in a sound body. Food influences healing process and contributes to growth and development. Food is alwdys based on energy forces (Tridosha theory) and is the best way to insure health and keep the body free from diseases. The methods and materials used in cooking are very important for life. T...

A proper selection of foods is crucial, as food nourishes the whole body. Food also controls and regulates energy forces: Tridoshas (Humors). There is an old saying that a sound mind is only in a sound body.

Food influences healing process and contributes to growth and development. Food is alwdys based on energy forces (Tridosha theory) and is the best way to insure health and keep the body free from diseases. The methods and materials used in cooking are very important for life. The old method of cooking does not include roasting and grilling.

The selection of fresh ingredients is important in cooking as they contain all nutrients, vitamins, substitutes, and fibers. The oil which builds and maintains the body and prevents any deterioration.

Modern food and processing methods like preservation, artificial coloring, and additives destroy food values which are badly needed for body. Maximum grains, spices, local seasonings and herbs, vegetables, oils, and butter promote health.

Cooking is a very simple but serious activity and fun for everyone. It is counted as art which depends upon people's mind and time spent with interest which involves taste for health and exploring a variety of methods that may change the recipes, but it is personal joy and further achievements. A family which is fed cooked food is always happy and healthy. It is better to have fresh vegetables, grains and other green spices. Cooking may include boiling and frying also.

The season reflects cooking to choose fresh ingredients depending upon what is available at the particular time. Cooking may vary from taste and desire. It does not mean to lose the food values. Heating must be regulated for specific dishes. It is internationally known that good cooking always gives pleasure to maintain health. People always follow the nature and health but they need food and according to time with 5 elements in food carrying values. It is always believed that people live longer if they follow the natural laws.

In order to maintain proper cooking one must be taught by the parents. Cooking is not very hard. It needs determination and sacrifice to cook. The modern pots lose steam which we need for cooking. The old pots are very important for cooking because of long use.

According to Ayurvedic Medicine, diet must be healthy to promote physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being. An appropriate diet brings good social relationship and healthy lifestyle. Cooking is for people to learn and communicate in respect to health. There are 3 types of foods

1) Satvic: which is not purified and expensive

2) Rajasic: middle-class range of food

3) Tamasic: a kind of food one may carry to satisfy mind and body.

Ayurvedic Medicine always emphasizes on food for health and healing purposes. Modern concept of life does not bother for anything because people use chemicals, colouring, and artificial upgrading. It is quite hard to believe the cost and living.

This book is for everyone who loves nature and its laws. In fact food is for health, the nature is for adjustment. People can have fun but not at the cost of health. Because human history which is very old, scientists and technologists chose food to play with, so that they better role in the health and society.

Food and cooking need special scientists and technologists who are trained to do the job in right way. People must be careful about the food industry, storage places and where they shop around. People should not gamble in food which is the prime thing.

We figured out that the Western World (especially North Americans) have constipation and diarrhea, which indicates mental and physical troubles.

Cooked food is always helpful to achieve good health, because the process works for everything.


Human beings are the top creation of God. They need to eat, drink, sleep, and produce babies. Usually they have some knowledge of religious bindings and other important work which other living beings can't do, and that's the reason human beings are superior. Besides that, they have conscious mind to work.

Age makes the differences like child, young, adult, and old.

All major revolutions took place in the nineteenth century and human values went very high at the cost of health. These things happened because of the preservative methods, scientific and technological advancement, added chemicals, artificial upgrading and wars.

If people see minutely they will find out that food values went down and diseases increased. Normally food and cooking were affected in most of the countries, but by large in North America.

This book will protect the people from all problems and diseases if they bear some responsibilities of work.

People need to search for the right foods, cook them daily and eat fresh for a healthy life. They should not store them for future. They must not to go door to door, not even to the doctors. The thing is done consciously on the name of good health and life.

More than five thousand years ago, Ayurvedic Medicine told the same thing to promote good health and life. Food and cooking were the most important of life. Cooking is needed for healing.

Ayurvedic Medicine depends upon Nature by all means and advice for balance of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. Ancient sages of India lived in the mountains, practiced Yoga and meditation to meet all elements at different degrees to balance physical and mental health.

Ayurvedic Medicine is very popular now and emphasizes more on people's diet and cooking, lifestyle, relationship with the environment, and social structure. Science and technology have no reason to play any game with health. Food and cooking help more to provide better health and keep the diseases away.

Human beings have to search for food and cook. Only elephant can live longer than human beings and never eats meat, nor needs any cooking. Human beings are unique because they use mind and body's power.

This book of modern foods and cooking guides the people to create more interest and love for health and life instead of anything else.

"Modern Cookbook" will attract all kinds of people who are interested in good health and better life. Most of all it is written based on medical knowledge (information) about foods and cooking.

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