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About the Book Hare Krishna! In adoration of Sri Jagannath, the classic, world-famous chariot festival, the N amkalerani tradition, the significance of the Mahaprasad, the hectic daily rituals and Arlabalaxmivratt are unique and wonderful. Why and how, you ask? The learned Brahmins and Vedic philosophers established Him as the source of all happiness and cause of liberation. Many argue this ancient culture and tradition has immense potential to bind the whole world. It is the ultimate devoti...
About the Book

Hare Krishna!

In adoration of Sri Jagannath, the classic, world-famous chariot festival, the N amkalerani tradition, the significance of the Mahaprasad, the hectic daily rituals and Arlabalaxmivratt are unique and wonderful. Why and how, you ask? The learned Brahmins and Vedic philosophers established Him as the source of all happiness and cause of liberation. Many argue this ancient culture and tradition has immense potential to bind the whole world. It is the ultimate devotional stream for the unstable and straying humankind of the present world. But who consecrated this most pious, most sacred parambrabma in this king of pilgrim centers? Why is Purnshatamkshetm most endeared to Mahavishnu? Why is the Lord as well as the place called pa/who/am here? Where was He before this? Who was brought alive by this great tradition? How did it happen and from when have it being going on? Niladrisha answers these questions, and ends all the skepticism associated with it. It will push the reader into a world of devotional thoughts.

About the Author

A devotee of difference!

Since childhood, Sri Rohit Kumar Panigrahi's ensued love and deep devotion for his lovely Lord. It encouraged him to pen down the hidden aspects of this enigmatic cult. Though the author was born in a remote village in Dhenkanal district of Odisha - 200 km away from the permanent abode of Sri Jagannath, Srikshetra Puri - his transcendental feeling of experience and inclusiveness prompted him to narrate this gigantic culture. N iladlisba, the Supreme receiver of devotional thoughts, is the first ever book by Sri Panigrahi, an ardent devotee and profound lover of Sri Jagannath.

Sri Panigrahi has established Lord Shrikrishna as a guiding force for his simple living that sails to a spiritual world, where Bankabihari Balakrishna, the Lord of the universe exists. I am sure this unique presentation, Niladrisba, succinctly reflects the vivid depiction of the Jagannath cult will be widely appreciated by devotees and scholars.


Deva Deva Jagannath, NillamadhabaSundera Laxmipate Harekrishna Sarbarupa Dharaprabhu Mama Papa Binasham ca Kuru Deva Namastute Aparadha Khyamaswa twam twadbhaktim ca Pradehi me" At the outset, let me express my gratitude towards the extremely secret, sacred and most mysterious Sri Sri MahaprabhuNillamadhaba without whose mercy this destitute could not have mustered enough courage to write these few words about Him. I show my heartfelt and respectful obeisance for them who have extended their undaunted hands behind my venture. This is a narrative of way back in 1995, in an awesome moment when my transfer took place from my home land to this place of Manuguru of Telangana. Even if I had an internal tryst to keep my teeny weeny mind at the lotus feet of SriJagannath the unfavorable current of environment and perhaps the wish of BhagwanNillamadhaba had not allowed to do so. Subsequently the tacit concurrence of Lord Jagannath, capable of reading each beat of my heart and everything of my life Bajja married me on April .71-11 1996 and I was trapped in the net of materialistic life. Even if I loots opportune to visit Puri (PurushotamKshetra) frequently it was unique and different at that particular time; visiting Puri first along with my wife. Darshan of the attractive and blossom eyed itigannath was special. Watching the devotees on the grand road while milking with her was really something else. I was looked at the spare vooden logs over which I was sitting and waiting for a transcendental to marry her before a couple of months. I was thanking profusely those logs from the bottom of my heart. With His grace we both had a congruous thinking. As if both the hearts were agglomerated that time on the grand road. The appeals of her heart were exactly matching with mine. While walking we were keenly observing the rounded eyes of Kalia saanta and it seemed more attractive on that day. The immortal bhajans of Kalia saanta which were played in my government quarters even before my marriage were ringing continuously in my ears and were unforgettably pleasant. I couldn't think it would be possible to overcome this draconian long worldly life without a statue of Lord Jagannath in my house to whom I had already assumed as my rescue boat since my childhood. I could not restrict myself. I suddenly burst into saying, "Bajja? What about having some statues of Jagannath? To keep them in our house?" Bajja acceded with a big and firm yes to my words. She was extremely delighted too. Now I understood the motive why that most compassionate god had attached her name with my life. It happened due to His will only. Without her perhaps all my affection, love, devotion and allegiance and attachment could not have been exposed.

Obviously all the roads for smoothness opened up automatically. Oh! What was that feeling of self-containment on that day? Alas! What was that experience? If I will not reveal a little from that, perhaps it will remain incomplete. I had nothing expect those shelves and cup boards of my quarters. With us, we had brought two cartons full of books and two briefcases of clothes. With utmost care but not with difficulty we had those wooden statues of Jagannath, Ballabhadra and Subhadra along with us. Things like an auspicious day, time or auspicious moment was out of the perview of our knowledge. I was unknown to the order of worship or Puja. I remember of offering an incense stick keeping a photo of the Lord in my shelf only after the commencement of my service life on the instruction of my elder brother. The order and sequence of worshipping was out of my knowledge. But on that day I felt as if that greatest controller of the Universe was showing paths, sitting over our eye lids Sarba mangalaJagannath. All is well in the name of Lord Jagannath_ According to Babaji Chaitanya Charana Dash-Eat the cake from anywhere the sweetness remains the same. I kept saying this to my wife. However she indicated of knowing something about the order of worship from her grandmother who they lovingly called as Natha Aai. We spread the newspapers over the shelves of the cupboard and placed the statues. We were offering three-four incense sticks that too on the holes of a seven lever lock in the absence of incense-stick thurible. The only witness or perfect explanation of that wonderful excitement, affection, devotion, and unequal mental exhilaration within me on that day that I was repeatedly calling my wife and showing that divine appearance of Lord in our home.

The God's will is supreme. One gets whatever he wishes, in due course of time.

In fact in a few days, one of our friends, bought three wooden statues and requested us to suggest for their installation in his house. Suddenly some among us suggested installing the statues on the auspicious day of Rath yatra. However some started saying let us have a Rath mahautsava or festival as well so that all of our families can also enjoy.

On everyone's consent, the arrangement for a Rath Mahautsava started in a spacious staircase of that friend on 14th July 1999, on Ashadha Sukla Dwithya.

But when everybody was busy in the arrangement on that day, suddenly some of my friends rushed into my drawing room, sat over any sofa and requested me to perform the Puja of lord Jagannath in the Mahautsava. I astonished, could not think anything for a while. My body started shivering. I started pouring infinite number of thanks and gratitude to Mahaprabhu Jagannath. I thought, "Oh Lord! Are Du really kind to me? Or this Ajamilla had got the opportunity to serve you? I have heard from others read from books-your kindness is sweet as well as your pretention. Or is it a well thought plan of yours to insult me? In spite of tremendous interest to perform the Puja, recalling my ineligibility started saying to my friends, "Where is our community priest? Starting from the Ganesh Puja, Saraswati puja and all the Homman (sacrificial fire) and normal Puja of our community are performed by him only. Don’t you know that I am unknown even to the basics of the Puja?"

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