Sagathavagga Samyutta: Division of Discourses with Verses

Sagathavagga Samyutta: Division of Discourses with Verses
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From the Jacket The present book contains the English translation of verses from Sagatha Vagga of Division of Discourses from the Samyutta Nikaya. Thr five groups contained in this volume are Devata Samyutta (Group of related discourses to various un-named devas), Devaputta Samyutta (Group of related discourse to King Pasenadi of Kosala), Mara Samyutta (Group of related discourses involving Mara), and Bhikkhuni Samyutta (Group of related discourses concerning bhikkunis). Foreword...
From the Jacket

The present book contains the English translation of verses from Sagatha Vagga of Division of Discourses from the Samyutta Nikaya. Thr five groups contained in this volume are Devata Samyutta (Group of related discourses to various un-named devas), Devaputta Samyutta (Group of related discourse to King Pasenadi of Kosala), Mara Samyutta (Group of related discourses involving Mara), and Bhikkhuni Samyutta (Group of related discourses concerning bhikkunis).


It is with great pleasure that we have been able to publish the translated version of THE SAGATHAVAGGA- SAMYUTT A translated by U Tin U. The editing of the work was completed in December 1990 by the Editorial Committee of the Myanmar Pitaka Association, now incorporated into the Department for the Promotion and Propagation of the Sasana and whose Editorial Committee is still carrying on its usual work since the 1st of June 1991 A delay of some years in publishing this book was necessitated by the undivided attention devoted by the Editorial Committee to the editing of the DHAMMASANGANI, the first of the seven Abhidhamma books which was published on the 3rd Julyl996. It is the first of our publications in English which covers the entire treatise (running into 821 pages), instead of piecemeal publications of the previous books. It may be mentioned here that the Editorial Committee had to shoulder the onerous task of seeing the edited manuscript through the press.

We sincerely hope that this book, though somewhat belated in coming out, will prove to be of benefit to readers in English, both at home and abroad just like all other Pitaka translations brought out by us.


1 Oghatarana Sutta
Discourse on Crossing the Flood. .. 3
2 Nimokkha Sutta
Discourse on Freedom From Defilements. .. 5
3 Upaniya Sutta 7
Discourse on the Coming of Death. .. 7
4 Accenti Sutta
Discourse on the Passing of Time. .. 8
5 Katichinda Sutta
Discourse on Things to be Cut off. .. 9
6 Jagara Sutta
Discourse on wakeful Factors. .. 11
7 Appatividita Sutta
Discourse on Lack of Insight. .. 12
8 Susamuttha Sutta.
Discourse on Forgetfulness of Ariya Tmths. .. 13
9 Manakama Sutta
Discourse on Being Conceited. .. 13
10 Aranna Sutta
Discourse on Forest-—Dwelling.. .. 14
1 Nandana Sutta 6
Nandana Park Discourse. .. 19
2 Nandati Sutta
Discourse on Taking Delight. .. 20
3 Natthiputtasama Sutta
Discourse on No Love Like Love for One's Child... 21
4 Khattiya Sutta
Discourse on the King as the Noblest Among Men... 21
5 Sanamana Sutta
Discourse on Forest Noises... 232
6 Niddatandi Sutta
Discourse on Sleepiness und Sloth... 24
7 Dukkara Sutta
Discourse on the Difficulty of Fulfilment. .. 24
8 Hiri Sutta.
Discourse on Sense of Shame". 26
9 Kutika Sutta
Discourse on the Simile of the Hut. . 26
10 Samiddhi Sutta
Discourse Concerning Bhikkhu Samiddhi .... 28
1 Satti Sutta
Discourse Containing the Simile of a Sprea-thrust 39
2 Phusati Sutta
Discourse on Coming into Contact 40
3 Jata Sutta
Discourse on the Entanglement of Craving 40
4 Manonivarana Sutta
Discourse on Restraining the Mind 42
5 Arahanta Sutta
Discourse on the Arahat 43
6 Pajjota Sutta
Discourse on Radiance 44
7 Sara Sutta
Discourse on the Expanse of Water 45
8Mahaddhana Sutta
Discourse Concerning Persons of Great wealth 46
9 Catucakka Sutta
Discourse on the Four Postures 47
10 Enijangha Sutta
Discourse Beginning with the Words ‘Enijangham 48
1 Sabbhi Sutta
Discourse Concerning the Virtuous, 51
2 Macchari Sutta
Discourse on-Stinginess. .. 54
3 Sadhu Sutta
Discourse Containing Praise of Charity, Morality and Comprehension of Nibbana. 58
4 Na Santi Sutta
Discourse on Non-existence of permanent Sense-objects. . . 63
5 Ujjhanasani Sutta
Discourse concerning the Cens0riou_s Devas. .. 65
6 Saddha Sutta
Discourse on Faith. .. 68
7 Samaya Sutta
Dhamma Assembly Discourse. . . 70
8 Sakalika Sutta:
Splinter of Rock Discourse. .. 72
9 Pathama Pajjunnadhitu Sutta
The first Drscourse Containing the utterance of the Raingod's Daughter. .. 76
10 Dutiya Pajjunnadhitu Sutta
The Second Discourse Containing the Utterance of the Raingod's Daughter. .. 77
1 Aditta Sutra
Discourse on Salvaging From the Fire. .. 81
2 Kimdada Sutta
Discourse on What to Give. .. 83
3 Anna Sutta
Discourse on Offering of Food. .. 84
4 Ekamula Sutta
Discourse on That which Has One Root Cause. .. 85
5 Anoma Sutta
Discourse on the Possessor of Numerous Worthy Epithets. .. 85
6 Acchara Sutta
Discourse Concerning the Celestial Park. .. 86
7 Vanaropa Sutta
Discourse on the Merit Gained in planting Groves. .. 87
8 Jetavana Sutta
Discourse Concerning the Jetavana. monastery. .. 88
9 Macchari Sutta
Discourse on Stinginess. .. 89
10 Ghatikara Sutta
Discourse to Ghatikara. .. 91
1 Jara Sutta
Discourse on Old Age. .. 97
2 Ajarasa Sutta
Discourse on Non-deterioration. .. 97
3 Mitta Sum
Discourse on Friends. .. 98
4 Vatthu Sutta
Discourse on Mainstay 99
5 Pathama jana Sutta
First Discourse on Cause of Rebirth. .. 99
6 Dutiya jana Sutta
Second Discourse on Cause of Rebirth. .. 100
7 Tatiya Jana Sutta
Third Discourse on Cause of Rebirth. .. 100
8 Uppatha- Sutta
Discourse Concerning that which is Not the Way. .. 101
9 Dutiya Sutta
Discourse on Companion. .. 101
10 Kavi Sutta
Discourse on the Poet. .. 102
1 Nama Sutta
Discourse on Nomenclature 105
2Citta Sutta
Discourse on Mind 105
3 Tanha Sutta
Discourse on Craving 106
4 Samyojana Sutta
Discourse on Fetters 106
5 Bandhana Sutta
Discourse on Bonds 107
6 Abbhahata Sutta
Discourse on the what Afflicts the World 107
7 Uddita Sutta
Discourse on Being Ensnared 108
8 Pihita Sutta
Discourse on Being Shut Off 108
9 Iccha Sutta
Discourse on Desire109
10 Loka Sutta
Discourse on the World 110
1 Chetva Sutta
Discourse on what to Cut Off. .. 113
2 Ratha Sutta
Chariot Discourse. .. 113
3 Vitta Sutta
Discourse on Precious Possession. .. 114
4 Vutthi Sutta
Rain Discourse. .. 115
5 Bhita Sutta
Discourse Concerning Fear. .. 117
6 Najirati Sutta
Discourse on what Does not Decay. . . 118
7 Issariya Sutta
Discourse on Governance 119
8 Kama Sutta
Discourse on what should be Done. .. 120
9 Patheyya Sutta
Discourse Concerning Provisions,. 120
10 Pajjota Sutta
Discourse on Light. .. 121
11 Arana Sutta
Discourse Concerning the Undefiled... 122
1 Pathama Kassapa Sutta
First Kassapa Discourse 127
2 Dutiya Kassapa Sutta
Second Kassapa Discourse 129
3 Magha Sutta
Discourse to Magha 130
4 Magadha Sutta
Discourse to Magadha 131
5 Damali Sutta
Discourse to Damali131
6 Kamada Sutta
Discourse to Kamada 132
7 Pancalacanda Sutta
Discourse to Pancalacanda 135
8 Tayana Sutta
Discourse Concerning Tayana 136
9 Candima Sutta
Discourse Concerning Candima138
10 Suriya Sutta
Discourse Concerning Suriya 139
1 Candimasa Sutta
Discourse Concerning Candimasa. .. 143
2 Vendu Sutta
Discourse to Vendu. .. 143
3 Dighalatthi Sutra
Dighalatthi Sutta. . . 144
4 Nandana Sutra
Discourse to Nandana. .. 145
5 Candana Sutta
Discourse Concerning Candana. .. 146
6 Vasudatta Sutta
Discourse to Vasudatta. .. 147
7 Subrahma Sutta
Discourse to Subrahma. .. 148
8 Kakudha Sutra
Discourse to kakudha. .. 150
9 Uttara Sutta
Discourse to Uttara. .. 151
10 Anathapindika Sutta
Discourse Concerning Anathapindika. .. 152
1 Siva Sutta
Discourse to Siva 157
2 Khema Sutta
The Khema Discourse 158
3 Seri Sutta
Discourse Concerning Seri 159
4 Ghatikara Sutta
Discourse to Ghatikara 163
5 Jantu Sutta
The Jantu Discourse 166
6 Rohitassa Sutta
Discourse to Rohitassa 167
7 Nanda Sutta
Discourse to Nanda169
8 Nandivisala Sutta
Discourse to Nandivisala 170
9 Susima Sutta
Discourse to Susima 171
10 Nanatitthiyasavaka Sutta
Discourse to Followers of Various Other Faiths 175
1 Dahara Sutta
Discourse on Young Things (That Are Not to Be Despised). .. 181
2 Purisa Sutta
Discourse on Man. .. 184
3 Jaramarana Sutra
Discourse on Ageing and Death .. 184
4 Piya Sutra
Discourse on Being Dear to Oneself 186
5 Attarakkhita Sutta
Discourse on Protecting oneself. .. 187
6 Appaka Sutta
Discourse on Fewness. .. 189
7 Addakarana Sutta
Discourse on Holding Court as a Judge. .. 190
8 Mallika Sutta
Discourse Concerning Mallika 191
9 Yanna Sutta
Discourse on Sacrificial Offerings. .. 192
10Bandhana Sutta
Discourse on Bonds. .. 195
1 Sattajatila Sutta
Discourse on the Seven Ascetics 199
2 Pancaraja Sutta
Discourse to the Five Kings 202
3 Donapaka Sutta
Discourse on Very Heavy meal 205
4 Pathama Sangama Sutta
Discourse on the First Battle 207
5 Dutiya Sangama Sutta
Discourse on the Second Battle 209
6 Mallika Sutta
Mallika Discourse 211
7 Appamada Sutta
Discourse on Constent Mindfulness 212
8 Kalyanamitta Sutta
Discourse on Having Good Friends 213
9 Pathama Aputtaka Sutta
First Discourse on a Childless Man 217
10 Dutiya Aputtaka Sutta
Second Discourse on a Childless Man 220
1 Puggala Sutta
Discourse on Types of Persons. .. 225
2 Ayyika Sutta
Discourse Concerning Grandmother… 230
3 Loka Sutta
Discourse on the World. .. 231
4 Issatta Sutta
Discourse with Skill in Archery as an Example232
5 Pabbatupama Sutta
Discourse with a Mountain Simile 235
1 Tapokamma Sutta
Discourse on Austere practice 241
2 Hatthirajavanna Sutta
The king-Elephant’s Appearance Discourse… 242
3 Subha Sutta
Discourse Connected with Brilliant Colours 243
4 Pathama Marapasa Sutta
First Discourse on Mara’s Snare 244
5 Dutiya Marapasa Sutta
Second Discourse on Mara’s Snare 245
6 Sappa Sutta
The Serpent Discourse 246
7 Sapati Sutta
Discourse on One who Sleeps 247
8 Nandati Sutta
Discourse on Taking Delight 248
9 Pathama Ayu Sutta
First Discourse on life 249
10 Dutiya Ayu Sutta
Second Discourse on life 250
1 Pasana Sutta
The Rocks Discourse. .. 253
2 Kinnusiha Sutta
in Discourse Concerning Bold Proclamation., 253
3 Sakalika Sutta
Discourse Relating to Rock Splinter. .. 254
4 Patirupa Sutta
Discourse on Appropriateness. 256
5 Manasa Sutta
Discourse on the Share of Sensuality 257
6 Patta Sutta
The Alms-bowl Discourse258
7 Chaphassayatana Sutta
The Six Sense-Bases Discourse 259
8 Pinda Sutta
The Alms-food Discourse 261
9 Kassaka Sutta
The “Cultivator” Discourse… 262
10 Rajja Sutta
Discourse on Kingship 265
1 Sambahula Sutta
Discourse to Many Bhikkhus… 269
2 Smiddhi Sutta
The Samiddhi Discourse 271
3 Godhika Sutta
Godhika Discourse… 273
4 Sattavassanubandha Sutta
Discourse Concerning Following Closely for Seven Years 278
5 Maradhitu Sutta
Discourse Concerning Mara’s Daughters 281
1 Alavika Sutta
Discourse Concerning the Bhikkhuni Alavika 289
2 Soma Sutta
Discourse Concerning Bhikkhuni Somi. .. 290
3 Kisagotami Sutta
Discourse Concerning Bhikkhuni kisagotami 292
4 Vijaya Sutta
Discourse Concerning Bhikkhuni Vijaya 293
5 Uppalavanna Sutta
Discourse Concerning Bhikkhuni Uppalavanna. . . 294
6 Cala Sutta
Discourse Concerning Bhikkhuni Cala 295
7 Upacala Sutta
Discourse Concerning Bhikkhuni Upacala 296
8 Sisupacala Sutta
Discourse Concerning Bhikkhuni Sisupacala 298
9 Sela Sutta
Discourse Concerning Bhikhuni Sela 300
10 Vajira Sutta
Discourse Concerning Bhikkhuni Vajira 301
Index 303
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