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Sakti Number (Kalyana Kalpataru)

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Editorial There are various devotional cults like those of Visnu, Siva, Sakti, Surya, Ganesa etc. A devotee of Visnu seeks to establish that his Ista (chosen ideal) Visnu is the Supreme Being and that Siva, Sakti are only His emanations. He marshals many arguments based on Puranas and Mantra Sastra for this, finally to clinch his argument he quotes the authority of a non-sectarian philosopher like Sankaracarya, who accepted the superiority of Visnu and Siva. Similarly votaries of Sakti ar...

There are various devotional cults like those of Visnu, Siva, Sakti, Surya, Ganesa etc. A devotee of Visnu seeks to establish that his Ista (chosen ideal) Visnu is the Supreme Being and that Siva, Sakti are only His emanations. He marshals many arguments based on Puranas and Mantra Sastra for this, finally to clinch his argument he quotes the authority of a non-sectarian philosopher like Sankaracarya, who accepted the superiority of Visnu and Siva. Similarly votaries of Sakti argue that Sakti is the Supreme Being. They put forward many arguments to establish the supremacy of Sakti as God. There is extensive literature to establish this.

The purpose of bringing out this issue Sakti Number as special issue of Kalyana-Kalpataru is that devotees of Sakti be aware of various aspects of Sakti and Saktipithas and thus develop an ardent faith in Her. And further that the Supreme Being is one and only one (non-dual). Multiplicity is the projections of the Sakti (Power) of the non-dual reality. Sakti and its possessor or Saktiman are inseparably one (non-dual) just as fire and its burning power are one. Yet they are different also, as the burning power of the fire can be distinguished from the fire. In this conception of relationship, the non-duality of the Supreme Being is secured in spite of His projection as the many through His Sakti. Also the projection of the Sakti as the Supreme Being is not affected in any manner. It is the inconceivable uniqueness of that Supreme Being. He can be the many through His Sakti but yet He remains unchanged and unaffected in the least.

It may be argued that in Devi Bhagavata, Sakti is eulogised as the Supreme Being. It is true. These scriptures are meant for the votaries of Sakti who have to obtain salvation through their ardent faith in Sakti. So their faith in Sakti is to be strengthened and made unswerving. In other words the one redeeming power whom Vaisnavas worship as Visnu, Saivas as Siva and Saktas as Sakti is really one Supreme Being only. All the praises bestowed on Sakti or Siva or Visnu downgrading others are really direct praises of one Supreme Being. That Supreme Being may be called as Visnu, Siva or Sakti, Ganesa or Surya. The Vedanta philosophy maintains that the one Supreme Being approaches a votary in whatever form the votary conceives Him, and every one of these forms can be called the Supreme Being Himself. For those who can appreciate this liberal position every sectarian theology is alike. But many people cannot accept this liberal view. So they raise the slogan that there is no other Supreme Being other than that they worship. They look down upon all religionists other than theirs as worshipping a false God. Such exclusiveness is needed to strengthen faith at a certain stage of man's spiritual development but if he is not acquainted with the broad Vedanta view, there is a grave danger of faith degenerating into fantacism. A faith, even though exclusive, is valid and healthy only to the extent it recognises the propriety and validity of another man's right to have his own faith.

Sri Ramakrsna, a votary of Sakti says that "a daughter-in- law in a household loves all the persons belonging to it and serves them equitably. But her attitude of love towards her husband has got its own speciality and exclusiveness." This should be the distinction in the attitude of one towards one's own faith and the faith of others.

Healthy tolerance of all faiths is necessary. If this view is accepted then all acrimony amongst various sectarian cults can come to an end. Therefore the objective of this issue is to see that the acrimony among various sectarian cults comes to an end.

This issue contains such articles in the praise of Sakti as to strengthen the faith of her votaries. It also includes other such articles as to develop in us a wider view so that we may have respect for the faith of others.

I express my gratitude to the Supreme God for inspiring us and making us undertake this assignment. We are grateful to our learned contributors but for whose valuable articles this special issue of Kalyana-Kalpataru would not be what it is.

I thank the editorial staff for their painstaking effort and cooperation for bringing out this issue.

Our effort would be amply rewarded if this issue of Kalyana-Kalpataru can help develop readers' true devotion to Sakti.




1 Salutations to Sakti 9
2 Editorial 10
3 Eight Stanzas to Bhavani 13
4 Para Sakti and Brahma is One and the Same 15
5 Different Aspects of Parasakti 19
6 The Power of the Mantras and Its Worship 21
7 The Tattva of Sakti and Her Worship 24
8 Devi 26
9 The Secret of Sakti Worship 32
10 Narada's Glorification of Radha 43
11 A Request to Matr-Sakti (Women) 48
12 Hymn to Mother Ganga 52
13 Identity of Sakti and Saktiman 54
14 Healing by Mantra-Sakti 57
15 The Worship of the Divine Mother 61
16 Tripura Upanisad 66
17 Sakti in Upanisads 73
18 Divine Mother in Upanisads 75
19 Sakti in the Kena Upanisad 79
20 Hymn to Annapurna 87
21 Saktam 92
22 Worship of the Divine Mother 100
23 Durga-Puja 104
24 The Conception of Sri Durga 109
25 Thou Mother: The Supreme 121
26 Science, Sakti and Sanctity 122
27 Odes to the Mother Divine 138
28 Sakti 149
29 Stray Thoughts on the Path 153
30 Coneption of Sakti 154
31 Hymn to the Divine Mother for Forgiveness of Transgressions 161
32 Sakti as Mother 166
33 Adoration of the Divine Mother 177
34 Sri Vidya 181
35 Kali- the Mother 184
36 Five Divine Saktis in Gita 185
37 Sakti -the Power of Universe 187
38 Durga is the Supreme Mother 199
39 Sakti Worship: Evolution of the Concept of Camunda in the Puranas 204
40 Sakti of Prayer 211
41 Sakti of Faith 213
42 Sakti of Silence 215
43 Durga-the Supreme Female Reality 216
44 Mahavidyas-Goddesses of Tantra 221
45 Transmission of Spiritual Power 226
46 The Cosmic form of Devi 237
47 Introduction for Sakti Worship 239
48 Atma-Sakti and Chanting Divine Name 242
49 Sakti Tattva 244
50 Grace of Goddess 251
51 Gayatri-Upasana 254
52 Gayatri Mantra-the Power of Powers 261
53 Gayatri-the Mother Divine 266
54 Gaytri Worship 275
55 Durga-the Supreme Female Reality 280
56 Sakti-the Divine Mother 282
57 Mahasakti alone is Mother 286
58 Sakti-the Mother of Universe 288
59 Power and Glory of Ma Durga 290
60 Laksmi Tattva 295
61 Sri Mahalaksmi 302
62 Saraswati-the Goddess and River Celestial 306
63 Essence of Mahasaraswati 313
64 Sakti as Woman: Chaste Ideals 316
65 Sita as Sakti 321
66 Prayers of Devi 323
67 Mother Sita-Chastity Personified 325
68 Sakti and Valour of Bhagawati Sita 329
69 To Sri Radha 332
70 Radha- the Ineffable Mystery 334
71 The Position of Female Deities in Madhva Sampradaya 341
72 Madalasa-the Divine Sakti of Motherhood 346
73 Mother Cow as Sakti 351
74 Sakti as Mother 351
75 Sakti Concept in Durga Saptasati and Sri Vidya 356
76 Saundarya Lahari: Beauty Supreme 363
77 Sakti Tattva 370
78 Importance of Durga Saptasati 374
79 Sakti in Yogavasistha 378
80 Goddess Sakti, My Mother 382
81 Mystery of Buddhasakti 383
82 Table of 51 Saktipithas 387
83 A Few Sakta Sadhakas-  
1 Sri Ramakrsna Paramahamsa 390
2 Vamaksepa- A Great Sakti -Sadhaka of Bengal 394
3 Bhakta Candidasa 400
84 A Few Satis-  
1 Sati Damayanti 403
2 Sati Sandili 404
3 Sati Anasuya 405
4 Sati Savitri 406
85 Devi Uma Fastened the Door 407
86 An Interesting Fable : Devi Annapurna 409
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