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The Samanya Vedanta Upanisads

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  CONTENTS .     Page   INTRODUCTIONS vii   ABBREVIATIONS xv   UPANISAD TRANSLATION   1 Aksyupanisad (72) 1 2 Adhyatmopanisad (73) 10 3 Annapurnopan...




1 Aksyupanisad (72) 1
2 Adhyatmopanisad (73) 10
3 Annapurnopanisad (70) 22
4 Atmopanisad (76) 70
5 Atmabodhopanisad (42) 76
6 Ekaksaropanisad (69) 79
7 Kausitaki Brahmana Upanisad(25) 82
8 Garbhopanisad (17) 113
9 Niralambopanisad (34) 117
10 Paingalopanisad (59) 123
11 Pranagnihotropanisad (94) 139
12 Mantrikopanisad (32) 145
13 Mahopanisad (61) 148
14 Muktikopanisad (108) 209
15 Mudgalopanisad (57) 220
16 Maitrayani Upanisad (24) 227
17 Vajrasucika Upanisad (36) 232
18 Sariraka Upanisad (62) 237
19 Sukarahasyopanisad (35) 243
20 Sarvasara Upanisad (33) 246
21 Savitri Upanisad (75) 248
22 Subalopanisad (30) 250
23 Suryopanisad (71) 265
24 Skandopanisad (51) 266


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