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Sar Bachan Prose

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Preface to the Second Edition Sar Bachan, as its name connotes, represents the quintessence of Radha Soami teachings, and was first rendered into English by late Sardar Sewa Singh, Sessions Judge, Punjab, with the assistance of Dr. J.P. Johnson, for the benefit of the Western and English speaking seekers and disciples, at the request of our Great Master, Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, of revered memory. The steady demand for the publication has called for a second edition and shows that it...
Preface to the Second Edition

Sar Bachan, as its name connotes, represents the quintessence of Radha Soami teachings, and was first rendered into English by late Sardar Sewa Singh, Sessions Judge, Punjab, with the assistance of Dr. J.P. Johnson, for the benefit of the Western and English speaking seekers and disciples, at the request of our Great Master, Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, of revered memory. The steady demand for the publication has called for a second edition and shows that it fulfills a real need.

How we wish that the Great Master who sponsored the translation and the two gentlemen who carried out this difficult task, were living today and could see this second edition also through the press! As things stand, this duty has been entrusted to me, unworthy as I am, by the present Master, Maharaj Charan Singh Ji. The occasion has been utilized to correct the typographical and grammatical errors that had remained uncorrected in the first edition, and also to revise the glossary. Slight changes have also been made here and there to make the translation conform more fully to the letter and spirit of the original.


I. Historical and Biographical

The writer has been asked by the beloved Master who sponsors this translation to write a few words in explanation, so that the reader may, in a measure, be prepared to grasp its contents.

At the same time it was thought expedient to give a short biographical sketch of the lives of the Masters who have been most vitally concerned in the development of the particular Satsang which gives this book to the English speaking world. As the work in other centers has had ample consideration in other publications, no attempt will be made here to give an account of them. This account is concerned only with the work in the Punjab and the three Masters who have figured in its development.

Param Sant Huzur Soami Ji Maharaj: As all students of this faith know, the Radha Soami teachings were first formulated and given to the world by Param Sant Huzur Soami Ji Maharaj whose real name was Seth Shiv Dayal Singh. He was born in Agra, United Provinces, India, at about 12:30 a.m., August 25, 1818. His family were of the Baijal Seth Kshatriya. His father's name was Seth Dilwali Singh. His mother's name was Mahamaya. From early childhood he began to expound deepest spiritual teachings. Many gathered to hear his words of wisdom. Later he put into writing the cardinal precepts of his message. His teachings were embodied in two volumes, the Sar Bachan in prose and the Sar Bachan in poetry. The prose work is the one herewith given to the world for the first time in English. Soami Ji gave out his teachings and began to hold public satsang in January, 1861, after he had spent seventeen years in meditation in a dark, back room.

The teachings of Soami Ji were not entirely new, having been given out by many earlier Saints, such as Kabir Sahib, Guru Nanak, Tulsi Sahib, and others. Nearly all ancient religious literature makes reference to the Sound Current, of course, under different names. The Vedas call it Nad; the Mohammedan saints call it Kalma, or Ism-e-Azam; the Bible calls it Word, in the first chapter of John, and the modern saints in India call it Shabd. But the unique service rendered to mankind by Soami .Ji was the simple and lucid manner in which he taught the practice of the Sound Current, and thus brought its inestimable benefits within the reach of all. In doing this Soami Ji made all ancient Yoga systems out of date and unnecessary. The system of Sound Current practice taught by Soami Ji brings to the devotee all the benefits ever accruing to the followers of the old systems, doing it safely and much more speedily, and then carries the student on to heights never dreamed of by the ancient Yogis. It begins its practice at the Tisra Tit, or third eye, a focus just back of the eyes, and from this point it goes upward. It thus begins at a point where most of the old systems ended, and then goes on up to regions infinitely higher. The first station attained by the devotee in this system brings to him super-consciousness and powers equal to any possessed by the ancient Yogis, or Mahatmas, who were not familiar with the path of the saints. When the final goal of the Radha Soami disciple has been reached, he is in the pure spirit realm, the first Grand Division of Creation, far beyond all the heavens familiar to most of the ancients. To point out the path to this sublime achievement was a part of the mission of the great Saint of Agra. It is said that during his life-time he initiated more than four thousand. He departed this life on the 15th day of June, 1878.

One of the most devoted disciples of Soami Ji was Huzur Baba Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj.

Huzur Baba Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj was born in July, 1839. His father's name was Sardar Jodh Singh, and his mother's name was Shrimati Daya Kaur. When he was only a child of seven years, he read Gurmukhi from Baba Khem Das, who was a Vedantist and a Mahatma. Through the influence of this good man, and by reading the sacred writings of the Sikh Gurus, Baba Jaimal Singh imbibed a great desire for spiritual practice. Even at that time he saw some spiritual light inside. While studying the sacred Granth Sahib, he discovered mention of the Five Melodies in man which were said to be constantly reverberating in him and might be heard, by proper training. He referred this matter to his good friend, Baba Khem Das; but the latter could throw no light on the subject. While still a boy, he travelled about seeking light on this problem from different Mahatmas. None could help him. Finally one sage who was a student of the Granth Sahib agreed with him that there were Five Melodies inside of man; but he had personal knowledge of only two, and could not help him as to the others. He consulted other spiritual teachers, but to no avail, finally returning home. He was now sixteen years old. When he reached Beas, in the Punjab, he met a group of sadhus who were going to Rishi Kesh. He went with them. At Rishi Kesh he attended the satsang of every Mahatma there, constantly in search of the One Truth. None ofthese could help him. He at last heard of a sadhu who lived in a distant jungle. He went to him. When told by this sadhu that it was dangerous to live in the jungle on account of the tigers and bears, he told the sadhu that if the wild animals did not harm him, there was no reason for another to be afraid. The sadhu was much pleased and told him to go to Agra where lived a perfect Mahatma who could instruct him in the Five Melodies. Baba Jaimal Singh then went to Agra, much delighted and hopeful of a final solution to his problem. He had some difficulty in finding the Mahatma; but finally he overheard two men who were bathing in the Yamuna river talking of the satsang of the great Mahatma, and after enquiring of them where this Mahatma lived, he found him. His long search thus ended. Soami Ji, after a few discourses (satsang), initiated him; and from that time on, the spiritual practice was his chief concern. He made rapid progress. One day Soami Ji asked Baba Jaimal Singh if the path of Guru Nanak was the right one. He answered: "The path is all right; but although I want to go up, my soul finds obstacles." Soami Ji replied: "You have already done the practice; the obstruction is only superficial." Baba Ji asked: "What is the proof that I have already done the practice?" Soami Ji replied: "If you want proof then sit down for Bhajan and close your eyes." Then Soami Ji drew up his soul and took it as high as Daswan Dwar; and Swarup (the Master's radiant form) was with it all the way. Then he brought it back. Baha Ji said: "By your kindness you have taken me through all the stages of Maya. Now the higher stages are easier to cross. Now tell me what holy place I shall go to for doing the practice?" Soami Ji smiled and said: "If you lead the life of a recluse, you will depend on others for your sustenance, and that will affect your Bhajan. Better earn your livelihood yourself." Baba Ji said: "I am a farmer by caste, and if I work as a farmer, I shall have to marry and that I have no inclination to do." Soami Ji replied: "Get enlisted in the army." So, he was enlisted in the 24th Sikh Regiment on the 14th July, 1856. It is said of him that on many occasions he was found to have been sitting for spiritual practice the whole night while in strenuous service, and even after returning to Beas, he spent long hours of the day and night in such practice. Sometimes when he was here on furlough, he would live on stale bread which he soaked in water and ate, returning at once to his practice. Whenever he would get any time, he would spend it in the satsang of Soami Ji Maharaj and his Darshan. In October, 1877, when Baba Ji came on leave, Soami Ji Maharaj said to him:

"This is our last meeting. Now I shall go away to Param Dham (Eternal Home), after completing my life's pilgrimage. I have made you my beloved and my own rup (self or form)." Bhai Chanda Singh then requested that satsang be started in the Punjab. Soami Ji Maharaj replied: "This request has been accepted by Akal Purush, and this task has been allotted to Jaimal Singh."Then Soami Ji Maharaj gave his own turban to Baba Ji as Pars had and ordered him to go and preach N am in the Punjab.


  Preface iii
  Introduction v
I Historical and Biographical v
II Doctrinal and Explanatory xii



  Abstract of the Teachings of Huzur Radha Soami Sahib 1


  Some of the Saying of Huzur Radha Soami Sahib Reduced to Writing for the benefit of Satsangis 51
  Note from Sardar Sewa Singh 148
  glossary of Oriental Words and Phrases 153
  Address for Information and Books 185
  Books on This Science 191


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