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Secrets of Therapy (Sun Therapy, Reiki Therapy and Aroma Therapy) - Set of Three Volumes

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This set consists of the following 3 Books: 1. Sun Therapy (ISBN: 9788120726376) 2. Reiki Therapy (ISBN: 9788120726390) 3. Aroma Therapy (ISBN: 9788120726321)   Sun Therapy   About the Book The Sun is the source of life on earth. From the beginning of human civilization, the sun has been worshipped as the giver of life and power. This book offers valuable insights into the techniques and benefits of sun therapy that can help you lead a healthier and mor...

This set consists of the following 3 Books:
1. Sun Therapy (ISBN: 9788120726376)
2. Reiki Therapy (ISBN: 9788120726390)
3. Aroma Therapy (ISBN: 9788120726321)


Sun Therapy


About the Book

The Sun is the source of life on earth. From the beginning of human civilization, the sun has been worshipped as the giver of life and power.

This book offers valuable insights into the techniques and benefits of sun therapy that can help you lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.



Sunrays possess therapeutic powers that are beneficial to one’s health, both physical and mental. Growth and development of one’s body is dependent on sunlight which consists of energy and colour. Numerous experiments have been conducted to prove that the closer a therapeutic system is to nature, the more powerful and influential it is. Making obeisance to the Sun early in the morning help to purify and harmonise the functioning of the various organs in the body.




Introduction 5
Benefits of Sun Therapy 6
Healing with Colours 7
Colour-charged Medicines 10
Treatment of Diseases 21
Benefits of Surya Namaskar 39
Mantras 42
Surya Namaskar 48
Yoga and Body Postures 64


Reiki Therapy


About the Book

The power of reiki has caught the imagination of people all over the world today. The stressful and materialistic lifestyle of the present age has made more and more people turn to alternative therapies to relieve their tensions.

Reiki is a proven technique of spiritual healing that has transformed the lives of millions of people.

This book aims to acquaint the reader with the origin meaning and basic techniques of reiki. It offers valuable insights into the ways in which reiki can be used to heal and body and the mind



Reiki pronounced as Ray Key, is a natural system of hands in healing used since thousands of years. Reiki is a Japanese word comprising of two parts – Rei and Ki and these are Japanese Kangi characters.

Rei means universal spiritual wisdom or consciousness –the wisdom that comes directly from God or the Higher Self. It is not only God –conscious but is also all knowing. It understands each person completely, with the root cause of the person’s problems and difficulties, and knows how to heal him. Ki means the life fource, and this is referred to by the Chinese as the chi, by the Indians as prana and by the Hawaiians as Mana. Anything that is alive has a life force circulating and surrounding it, but the life force departs when it dies.

When the life force is high and free-flowing, one is less likely to get sick, and vice versa. It animates the body and is also the primary energy of our emotions, thoughts and spiritual life. Ki is present all around us and can be accumulated and guided by the mind.




Introduction 5
Origin of Reiki 8
Rediscovery of Reiki 11
Characteristics of Reiki Energy 16
Psychic Chakras in the Body 18
Aura 26
Causes of Diseases 30
Some Causes of Illness and Wanting It to Stay 38
Stages in Reiki Attunements 40
Karuna Reiki 43
How Does Reiki Heal? 46
Points of Healing 48
Attitude of Gratitude 51
Hand Positions in Reiki 52
Guidelines on How to Treat Ailments with Reiki 62
Who Can Benefit Most? 67
Unconventional Uses of Reiki 69
Recent Findings in Reiki 71
Learning Reiki by Choice Not by Chance 73
Reiki Power-Your Passport to Spirituality 80
Tips on Self-Healing 84
Questionnaire for Self - Cleansing 87
Reiki and Other Therapies 91


Aroma Therapy


About the Book

Many of the techniques of alternative healing that have become popular today trace their origin to ancient systems of knowledge. Their scientific basis and relevance in modern life are only now being recognized and appreciated by medical research.

Aroma therapy is a method of treatment that involves using essential oils to promote physical and emotional well being. It is an ancient discipline that has withstood the test of time.

This book captures the essence of aroma therapy and explains how certain oils can be effectively used to treat physical ailments. Aroma therapy is a safe and natural method to restore the balance of the body and promote good health.



The word aroma therapy means 'treatment using scents'. It refers to the use of essential oils in Holistic Healing to improve health and emotional well-being and in restoring balance to the body. Essential oils are aromatic essences extracted from plants, flowers, trees, fruit, bark, grasses and seeds. There are more than 150 types of oils that can be extracted. These oils have distinctive therapeutic, psychological and physiological properties that improve health and prevent illness. All essential oils have unique I healing and valuable antiseptic properties. Some oils are antiviral, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, antidepressant, stimulating, relaxing, expectorating, support digestion and have diuretic properties too.

Essential oils get absorbed into our body and exert an influence on it. The residue gets dispersed from the body naturally. They can also affect our mind and emotions. They enter the body in three ways: by inhalation, absorption and consumption.

From the chemist's point of view, essential oils are a mixture of organic compounds viz., ketones, terpenes, esters, alcohol, aldehyde and hundreds of other molecules which are extremely difficult to classify, as they are small and complex. The essential oils' molecules are small. They penetrate human skin easily and enter the blood stream directly and finally get flushed out through our elementary system.

A concentrate of essential oils is not greasy; it is more like water in texture and evaporates quickly. Some of them are light liquid insoluble in water and evaporate instantly when exposed to air. It would take 100 kg of lavender to yield 3 kg of lavender oil; one would need 8 million jasmine flowers to yield barely 1 kg of jasmine oil.

Some of these aroma oils are very expensive. They are extracted using maceration. The purification process called defleurage is employed, and in some cases fat is used instead of oil. Then this process, called enfleurage, is used for final purification.

Some of the common essential oils used in aroma therapy for their versatile application are:
• Clarysage (Salvia Scarea)
• Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Globulus)
• Geranium (Pelargonium Graveolens)
• Lavender (Lavendula Vera Officinals)
•. Lemon (Citrus Limonem)
• Peppermint (Mentha Piperita)
• Petitgrain (Citus Aurantium Leaves)
• Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinals)
• Tea-tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia)
• Ylang Ylang (Cananga Odorata)




Introduction 5
Origin of Aroma Therapy 7
How Does Aroma Oil Work? 9
How to Use Aroma Oils? 11
Essential Oils and Their Benefits 18
How to Select Aroma Oils? 41
The Best Essential Oils 43
Aroma Oils for Common Problems 55
Specific Features of Aroma Oils 63
Carrier Oils 70
Equipment Required for Mixing Oils 76
How to Select Essential Oils? 78
Caution to Be Exercised While  
Using Aroma Oils 79
Different Ways of Using Essential Oils 83
Careful Handling of the Essential Oils 85
How Aroma Oils Are Made? 88
Aroma Oil and Beauty Care 90
How to Use Aroma Oils? 95

Item Code: NAK417 Author: Vijaya Kumar, Chetan Chhugani and Sumeet Sharma Cover: Paperback Edition: 2010 Publisher: New Dawn Press Language: English Size: 7.0 inch X 5.0 inch Pages: 288 (92 B/W Illustrations) Other Details: Weight of the Book: 255 gms
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