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Shiva Svarodaya (Text in Sanskrit and Roman along with English)

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Preface This little book Sivasvarodya, herein presented for the first time, with an English Translation together with Roman version of the Sanskrit text, is an ancient Sanskrit Text of great importance and the only one extant which elucidates the Science of Predicting auspicious and inauspicious results based on the flow the breathing through one or the other nostril. It was initially revealed by Lord Siva to His Divine Consort Parvati with specific instructions to keep it a closely guard...


This little book Sivasvarodya, herein presented for the first time, with an English Translation together with Roman version of the Sanskrit text, is an ancient Sanskrit Text of great importance and the only one extant which elucidates the Science of Predicting auspicious and inauspicious results based on the flow the breathing through one or the other nostril. It was initially revealed by Lord Siva to His Divine Consort Parvati with specific instructions to keep it a closely guarded secret, revealed only to those who deserved. And in keeping with this spirit the science really remained so guarded a secret as to become almost extinct today. However, its importance and utility would atonce become evident to anyone as soon as he starts actions specified in it. Often the results start showing even within a week of its adoption. If one considers all the aspects of the Science, such as, the breathing nostril, reigning element, the planetary combinations and the signs of the zodiac, he can make scrupulously precise predictions about the success or failure in any walk of life and for any purpose, both for one's own self and for others.

Although practice of this science is now becoming extinct, yet stray persons of older generation still observe some of the conditions laid down by the science, although without, knowing precisely either about this book or its major details, mainly because of the secrecy maintained about it. The taboo is still not lifted from its free revelation, but I have taken courage to place it with an English translation, together with Roman version of the Sanskrit text, before a wider circle of Readers, quite in defiance of the Tradition, simply to enable scientists to design research and validate or nullify its generalizations. Personally, however, I can say with my own experience that many of its precepts, if Practised with faith, do give positive results even within a few days of its adoption.

As is the case with most of the Sanskrit works, this Text also is at places either obscure or very difficult. Therefore, a mere translation of it might not have been sufficient. Hence I have made my translation explanatory rather than literal. Besides, a comprehensive Introduction has been given in the beginning, which contains a detailed summary of the Science with an explanation of all the Technical Terms used in it. Going through this Introduction before reading the Text or its translation, would considerably help is understanding the work in general and some of its obscurer passages in paticular.

If read with faith and dedication, I have firm belief that the work would prove beneficial in making the life prosperous and also help in the avoidance of many unforeseen adversities.


Kinds of Vayu vii, Relation of Respiration with Age viii. Svara and its Rise; Duration of respiration in one nostril' Name of the Svaras viii. Method of knowing the Svara; Method of changing the Svara from, one nostril to another ix. Principle of flow of the Svara (breathing ) from the left and right nostrils; Importance of the knowledge and control of the Svaras x. Panca-Tattvas (Five Elements); Nature of the Elements and the method of knowing their rise: (a) The Earth Element xi. Method of Concentration; (b) The Water Element; Method of Concentration; (d) The Air Element; Method of Concentration xiii. (e) The Akasa Element; Method of concentration; Method of knowing the Rise and Reign of the Elements xiv. (i) Place of the Svara in the Nostril; (ii) Shape of the Svara; (iii) Colour of the Element xv; (iv) Taste of the Element; (v) Length of the Svaras; (vi) Place of the Element in the body; Duration of the Reign of Elements xvii. I. Work Fructification xix. II. Fertilization: Producing a son xx. (b) Producing a Daughter; (c) Offsprings to a sterile woman xxi. III. Rise in Fortune; IV. Extinguishing Fire xxii. (b) Change in time: auspicious results xxiv. Inauspicious Results; Forecas of death; other forecasts regarding Death xxv. VI. Divination of Diseases and their aversion: (i) Fever xxvi; (ii) Headache; (iii) Indigestion; (iv) Other pains xxvii. (v) Asthama; VII. Certain other Useful Treatments: (i) Fatigue; (ii) Prolongation of Youth (iii) Method of securing long life xxviii. VIII Women and the Science of Svarodaya xxix. IX. Answers to Questions: (i) Questions regarding the good or bad results of certain works xxx. (ii) Questions about recovery from illness xxxi. (iii) Questions regarding pregnancy and the birth of a Son or a Daughter: (iii) Questions regarding the welfare of someone who is away from his home xxxii. (iv) Questions regarding one who has gone on the War-front xxxiii. Salutation. 1
Parvati's question to Siva regarding True Knowledge, Concentration and Origin of Universe. 1
Siva's reply to Parvati 2
Siva's description of the Nature of the Elements 2
Importance of the Science of Svarodaya 3
Who deserves to know this Science 3
Characteristics of Sisyas (Disciples) 4
Science of Svaras 5
Siva's description of the Nadis of the body, their movement and directions 8
Ida, Pingala and Susumna Nadis and their places of the body 9
Number of various Winds (Vayus) of the body 11
The flow of the Nadis and its knowledge 12
The duration of the reign of various Elements and the method of knowing them 13
The auspicious and inauspicious nature of the Nadis 14
The duration of flow of the Svaras and their effects 15
The reign of Sun, Moon and the signs of the Zodiac in the Svaras and their effects 16
The auspicious and inauspicious periods of the Svaras 22
The Svaras and Journey 23
The results of Svaras at the time of rising from bed in the morning 24
Effects pf the flow of Ida 26
Effects of the flow of Pingala 29
Effects of the flow of Susumna 31
The effects of irregularity in the flow of Svaras 31
Detrimental results of the flow of Susumna 32
Worship of the Isvara and Yogic practices prescribed during the flow of Susumna 33
Parvati's question to Siva to reveal that which is redeemer of all 34
Elements make all creation possible 34
Eightfold science of Elements revealed 36
Procedure for knowing and identifying the Elements 36
Places of residence of Elements in the body 38
Taste and length of various Elements 39
Auspicious and inauspicious things to be done and not to be done during the flow of various Elements 39
Colour of Elements 40
Origin of elements in the Svaras and their effects 44
Predictions on the basis of various Elements in conjunction with various planetarv combinations 45
Parts of the body and Elements which constitute them 46
Qualities of Elements 50
Lunar mansions and their connection with Elements 50
Bijas of various Elements 51
Science of Svarodaysa and the knowledge of past, present and future 52
Prana the best friend of men 55
Relationship of Vayus (Winds) and Prana 55
Length of Prana and effects of controlling its length 56
Left and right Svaras and their effects on everyday life 57
Elements and the effects of their flow during various days of the fortnight 59
Ways of obtaining victory in war or success 60
How can one fight Death ? 68
Vasikarana or the science of captivating others 69
On Fertilization and Pregnancy and the nature of the sex of the child to be born 72
On prediction for the whole year 77
On the prediction of diseases 80
On predictions regarding age and death 84
Importance of this Science of Svarodaya and its Knower 102

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