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Solving Children's Day-to-Day Problems

Solving Children's Day-to-Day Problems
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About the Book A child is shaped according to the parents’ style and belief. Parents’ confidence in handling their children in a constructive way can create a turning point in each family. The book will help parents develop new insights into a child’s holistic development and the practical solutions will be very powerful in shaping the parents’ parenting style in a positive way which, in turn, would create a better childhood for their children. It would also he...
About the Book

A child is shaped according to the parents’ style and belief. Parents’ confidence in handling their children in a constructive way can create a turning point in each family.

The book will help parents develop new insights into a child’s holistic development and the practical solutions will be very powerful in shaping the parents’ parenting style in a positive way which, in turn, would create a better childhood for their children. It would also help those parents who have doubts about their children’s potential.

“A simple guide for parents to handle children’s day-to-day problems. The tips and techniques are very practical.”


About the Author

With a background in psychology, and a Gold Medalist, Ms Nivedita has a rich experience in working with children in various schools of India and with both slum and urban children.

She is lined with DD-1 and FM Rainbow India as a guest expert where she shares her expertise in developing child’s personality. Her shows are extremely valued and appreciated in both urban and rural areas. She is also a motivational trainer for various corporate sectors and has written a number of articles for leading newspapers.

Also she has conducted various workshops for parents and children on “Effective Parenting”, “Handling Board Exams”, “Stress Management in Family”, “Enhancing Emotional Bond in Family”, etc.



18th March, 2008, I was busy with my regular counselling work. Suddenly, I received a call from a gentleman. I told him about my work which I was doing for kids and the training which I give to their parents. To my surprise, he responded, “Hey, why don’t you write a book on the problems which children and their parents usually face so that you are able to serve numerous kids as well as their parents?”

Though the idea was good, it vanished from my mind within a few days due to my regular work schedule. Moreover, I had always felt that book writing was the job of those people who had good command over language.

One week later, I again received a call from the same gentleman. “What about your book?” he asked. “Yes sir, I am thinking and I shall start it when I get time”, I replied. He instantly motivated me that book writing is nothing if I had flow of thoughts. ‘Is it so simple?’ I kept pondering. ‘If so, then why not, I do have flow of thoughts’, I said to myself. And yes, I do wish to help kids, as many as possible.

But somehow the good idea disappeared soon.

I again got a call from the same gentleman, who said, “See, I feel you must start writing now. I shall help you. I am going to mail you the steps about writing a book. I think many parents are waiting to have relevant tips from you to take care of their children. When you have the skill, why don’t you transfer you skills to the society?”

This time, he was firm. And thus, my journey started.

I wish that my journey the society never ends. The way parents give me positive feedback having practised the tips and techniques which I mention in my workshops, I wish this books proves to be a turning point for numerous kids and their parents and bring about a real change in their family life. A parent simply needs to believe that he/she can do wonders to his/her child’s personality and life.

I feel a separate book can be written about those people who are the backbone of this book. But, I would try to make the story short and crisp. As mentioned earlier, this book could never have been written without the support of Mr. Shammi Sukh; who himself is a well-known author. His constant monitoring instilled serious discipline within me.

Going back to my childhood, I remember my parents, My Amaresh Sharma and Mrs. Arati Sharma who always said, “This girl will do something for society.” At that time, society used to be a big word for me, but I felt that they were talking about something which I need to do when I grow up. I think those statements got into my sub-conscious and this book might be a result of that positive parenting. I would like to thank them for giving me the love and support which I needed in good and bad times of my life.

My sister, Develeena, who is also a parent, keeps on asking about some or the other problem she faces with her son. Those questions stimulated my thoughts in various ways. I thank her for appreciating me in whatever I do and making me her guide of ‘parenting skills’.

My experience in parenting has come from handling my wonderful son-Hemang. Honestly speaking, he s my role-model. My sincere thanks to Hemang for giving me various moments of joy!

The cases presented in the book and the tips given are on the basis of the trust of several parents who had confidence in mu skill, come with problems, practised the tips and given me confidence in return with their positive results. I thank all those parents for making me an expert in the field of parenting. I am confidence of helping various other parents in the form of this book.



This foreword could have been written by some famous or prominent personality. But I am neither famous nor a prominent personality. A question might be arising in your mind, i.e. how can it be that a book’s foreword is being written by a common person. Yes! Because this book is for every common person.

I am sure that Nivedita’s tips and suggestions can not only help kids but even change their lives as Well, as it has happened in the case of my own daughter. She was a slow learner form the very beginning and had a troubled childhood. As she started growing up, her interest in studies declined further. As a matter of fact, she never passed any class without getting compartments after 6th standard and ultimately failed in 11th standard. It was then when I met Ms. Nevidita. Though initially I felt that it would be of no help even than I thought of giving it a try by giving hr some counselling.

And, it was that very day and time which changed the whole life of my daughter. The change is unimaginable. I had thought of marrying her off after her passing class 12th, and you would be astonished to know that at present she is pursuing her graduation in information and Communication in France from Soubourn University, Paris. You would be surprised to know that my daughter, Komal, who used to run away from studies during her childhood, now aspires to become an author. Today I am a happy, confident and a proud mother.

I wish I could have met Nivedita when my daughter was a small child so that she would not have lost her precious childhood. I could have been a better parent to her.

I recommend each and every parent to take full advantage from this book to give a better world to their children. This book will prove to be a real turning point for every family who follows the tips and techniques mentioned therein.

I thank Nivedita, who is now my dearest friend, who has helped me with her techniques and I wish her all the best in her mission to give children a better life by creating a turning point by empowering parents with better and practical parenting skills.

Yesterday, It was my turn of turning into a happy and proud parent. Today, it may be yours.




1 I hate my books:  
  Impact of T.V. addiction on reading and learning 11
2 I am a duffer:  
  Faculty learning-teaching method and constant scolding 16
3 I can never be fast  
  Slow-working style 22
4 Just five minutes mamma:  
  Procrastination habit 29
5 I am getting bored:  
  Not having interest in anything 35
6 I don't want to go to school:  
  Dealing with school phobia 39
7 I am so hungry:  
  How physical hunger is related to emotional hunger 43
8 I am so sacred:  
  Fear 49
9 Why can't I control myself?:  
  Attention Deficit-Hyperactive Disorder 55
10 I will not leave you:  
  Aggression 63
11 Where have you kept my shoes?:  
  Rude and irritating behaviour 69
12 Can't you just give me a remote control car?:  
  Demanding nature 75
13 I need a personal mobile:  
  Materialistic cliging 81
14 Mamma, Papa, you only love my brother:  
  Sibling rivalry 85
15 Why should I say sorry?:  
  Not taking responsibility for mistakes 90
16 Why am I so anxious?:  
  Stage fear 97
17 I cannot sleep:  
  Sleeping problem 102
18 I Don't want to go out to play:  
  Shift of house 106
19 I will not listen to you:  
  Discipline vs. Punishment 111
20 I don't want to eat:  
  Eating disorder 117
21 What do you know other than beating me?:  
  Impact of physical punsihment 121
22 I hate to lose:  
  Fear of failure 127
23 I can never forgive my mamma:  
  Sexual abuse 133
24 I will study only when you give me a robot:  
  Conditions for every action 138
25 I want to burn my hair!:  
  Bullying amongst children 143

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