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Studies on The Siksas and the Pratisakhyas

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From the Jacket With a view to give a clear idea of the practical performance of the Vedic Sacrificial rituals as well as of the recitation Mandala Contents     Pravastikam i-vi   || Athatha Shabdhjigayasa || Pr. S.A.R.P.V Chaturvedi Swami 1-14 1 Siksa (or Phonetics) as Vedanga and its import to Pratisakhyas Linguist...
From the Jacket

With a view to give a clear idea of the practical performance of the Vedic Sacrificial rituals as well as of the recitation Mandala



  Pravastikam i-vi
  || Athatha Shabdhjigayasa ||
Pr. S.A.R.P.V Chaturvedi Swami
1 Siksa (or Phonetics) as Vedanga and its import to Pratisakhyas Linguistics and language teaching R.N. Aralikatti 1-12
2 Phonetic Observation in the Kausiki Siksa Nabnarayan Bandyopadhyaya 13-22
3 Anusvara in the Siksa texts Bhagyashree Bhagwat 23-30
4 Authoritativeness of Auxillary Sciences an observation Shirpad Bhat 31-36
5 Siksa and Pratisakhya Vedanga an aid to Analytical phonetic study of vedic Recension B.B. Chaubey 37-54
6 Some Reflections on Svarastakasikas B.K. Dalai 55-64
7 Sampradayaprabodhini Siksa Sindhu S. Dange 65-78
8 Parasari Siksa Ranjana Date 79-82
9 Katyayani Siksa Indu Desi-pande 83-90
10 Kesavi Siksa and Padyamka Kesavi Siksa Maitreyee Desh-pande 91-96
11 Sodasasloki Siksa Parineeta Desh-pande 97-110
12 Vedic Accents and the Siksa Texts T.N. Dharmadhikari 111-124
13 The Concept of Dvitva According to the Pratisakhyas Mughda Gadgil 125-138
14 The Problem of Upasarga in Taittriya Pratisakhya Prajakta R. Gohad 139-146
15 Kramasandhana Siksa Manjusha Gokhale 147-152
16 Computer Aided Research in Sanskrit Phonetics with special reference to Samyoga and avasana Leena Hunnargkar M.A. Kullkarni 153-180
17 The Concept of Pragrhya in the Taittriya Pratisakhya and in the Astadhyayi Namrata B. Jagtap 181-186
18 Atharvavediya Manduki Siksa Ujjwala Jha 187-200
19 Svarabhaktisanaparisista Siksa Anagha Joshi 201-208
20 An Introductory Note on the Galadksiksa Prasad P. Joshi 209-214
21 Svarita; Textual Observations and the Oral tradition Shallaja Katre 215-224
22 Vasisthi Siksa an introduction Mandakini Kinjawadekar 225-228
23 The Word Sthana in Yajnavalkyasiksa Madhavi Kolhatkar 229-234
24 Panchkarme Vyutammimamsa Samihan Kolhatkar 235-238
25 Naradiya Siksa Vinaya Kshirsagar 239-246
26 Pratisakhya Commentators Survey and Contribution Nirmala Kulkarni 247-284
27 Prachin Achayoki Sukhshamshika Uchaarankal aur Vivritkal Sudhakar De. Kulkarni 285-288
28 Amoghandandini and Lagvamoghananadini Siksas Gauri Mahulikar 289-298
29 Madhyanandinsahitayamagatanam Vyajnanusabharoshmashamdwanam Mudranam Vichara Ravinder Mulley 299-304
30 Manahsvarasiksa A treatise on Sanskrit Phonetics madhavi R. Narsalay 305-314
31 Some Special Textual and Ritual Methods for Preserving the skill of Rgveidc Recitation in Kerala C.M. Neekandhan 327-348
32 Some Special Textual and Ritual Methods for Preserving the Skill of Rgvedic recitation in Kerala C.M. Neelkandhan 327-348
33 The Sanskrit Phonology from the point of view of the Agama and Mantrasastra M.D. Pandit 349-382
34 The Contribution of the (Rgveda Pratisakhya in Recording Some Phonetic Pecullarities of the Vedic oral Tradition Bhagyalata Pataskar 383-398
35 Uccaranadosa Instances of Mispronunciation Bhagyalata Pataskar 399-412
36 Syllabic Liquids in Sanskrit Hukam Chand Patyal 413-424
37 Jaiminiyasaam Recilation according to Kerala Tradition K.A. Ravindran 425-444
38 A Note on the Text of Mandavi Siksa P.C. Sahoo 445-454
39 Samasapalaksanam Jayashree Sathe 455-466
40 Yamas in Rgveda Pratisakhya Sunanda Y. Shastri 467-476
41 Early Studies in the field of Pratisakhya and Siksas G.U. Thite 477-482
42 Siksarakasa Jayanti Tripathy 483-494
43 Contributors 495-502

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