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Akbar and Birbal (10 Animated Short Stories) (DVD)

Akbar and Birbal (10 Animated Short Stories) (DVD)
Super Audio (Madras) Pvt. Ltd.(2007)
60 Minutes
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About the DVD

“Akbar and Birbal”, these very names bring to mind the great Mughal Emperor and his witty, loyal and just courtier Raja Birbal. Birbal’s keen sense of justice, loyalty, selfishness and service made him an indispensable part of the Mughal Court. He was Emperor’s best friend and advisor and had a very special place in Akbar’s heart by the Virtue of his wit. With his keen sense of humour he entertained the king and his subjects. This DVD contains 10 classic stories :

Mahesh Das – Young Birbal
This is a story unveils Mahesh Das first meeting with the great emperor Akbar and how he impressed him with his wit leading to his appointment as jester the very same day!

God’s own People
In this story Birbal proves love is God. He explains that there is just one Supreme Being. God is one but is referred to by several names.

Birbal and the Begum
In this story Birbal outwits the plan plotted against him by the other courtiers.

Flawless Judgment
Birbal with his keen sense of Judgment was called upon by the Emperor Akbar for difficult cases.

The Mango tree
In Akbar’s court there were many courtiers who envied Birbal’s closeness with Akbar. They plotted many plans to get rid of Birbal. This is one such a kind where Birbal outwitted their plans.

Birbal’s Journey to Heaven
Birbal not only was known for his wit and loyalty but for Justice. This story narrates how he served justice for the general public.

The Wise Answer
Akbar always tested Birbal and made many attempts to outwit him, but in the end Birbal always came up on top.

The Sweet Reply
Birbal with his intelligence will always tackle any kind of situation. The situation narrated in this story reveals the sharp intelligent of Birbal.

Witty Birbal
Birbal always amused Akbar with his wit. Amidst heavy work and tension everyone who interacts with Birbal will feel ease and happy because of his wit.

The Corrupt Official
Birbal who was not only a witty, loyal person but was also very good in administration. He always proved his point through an interesting incident which not only is comical but also a lesson.

Language: English
Sub Titles: English
Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo
Regions: NTSC All Regions 4:3

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