Bazm – E – Meer (Audio CD)

Bazm – E – Meer (Audio CD)
RoopkumarSonali Rathod
Times Music (2003)
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Bazm – E – Meer

Bazm – E – Meer is an album that brings together a selection of Meer’s Ghazals juxtaposed with some of his couplets and pieces from Zike – e – Meer, his Autobiography. The effort is to provide the listeners with a glimpse into the persona of Meer Taqi Meer, a grandmaster of Urdu poetry. The preludes also underline few facets of his concerns and the mindset, which manifest in his poetry and enhance the savoring of his matchless verse.

Meer Taqi Meer

Meer Muhammad Taqi, who chose for his takhallus the name he used poetry and was born in Agra, lived much of his adult life in Delhi and in the forts of Dig and Kumher, and died in Lucknow where he had moved late in his life. Meer’s lasting fame rests on his Urdu poetry, in particular the ghazals. His Urdu ghazals are noted for an immediately recognizable voice, almost luminous in its intensity, an intriguing mix of self – mockery and self – assertion, a beguiling simplicity of expression that soon reveals its layered quality, and an economy and preciseness of language that reflects Meer’s dazzlingly confident use of the different registers of a vernacular which he and his peers enthusiastically transformed into a powerful literary language. His Urdu Masnavis, though conceived on a much smaller scale than the more famous examples of the genre, are still very attractive due to their uncluttered narration. Some of the genre, are still very attractive due to their uncluttered narration. Some of them are personal and topical while others are in the fictional mode. Meer also wrote elegies, satires, and quatrains and a great deal of verse in several other genres. In each, he excels most other poets of his time. After the tragic loss of his daughter then son and then wife, he withdrew from every type of public life, including mushairas, and lived like a recluse. In the month of Rabi’ II, he came down with colic that had long afflicted him and also with a severe pain of the joints. This continued for some time. The royal physicians, who had long known him took counsels among themselves and decided to give him a purgative to relieve him. But the purge, in its severity, was like a messenger of death and Meer succumbed to it in a couple of days. About four hundred people joined his funeral procession.


Ghazal – The most popular genre of poetry in Urdu. A ghazal consists of a number of discrete couplets, usually not less than five, which share a common metre [bahr] an rhyme – scheme. The rhyme – scheme usually consists of two elements: a final fixed rhyme [radif] consisting of a word or phrase, and a penultimate rhyme [qafiya], which consist of words sharing a common final syllable. The combination qafiya and radif describes the zamin of the ghazal. Some scholars, however, include the ghazal and particular metre too, in the definition of its zamin. In the context of a mushairah, a different word, tarah, is used; it refers to a chosen combination of a bahr and a zamin which all participants must employ in their ghazals for the occasion. The serial rhyme pattern of a ghazal is – aa, ba, ca, da, ea, etc. The firs t couple of a ghazal is refereed to as its matlaa and as such it must rhyme in both lines. The last couplet of ghazal, called its maqtaa and earlier always contained the poet and takhalllus, but that is not so common now.

Salim Arif

A well – known theatre personality, Salim Arif, has made a mark on Indian stage with his literature, based shows like, Kharaashein and Ghalibnaama. His portfolio of work also includes being the director of television serials such as Daaman and Rishtey. He has also worked on the famous historical epic serial Chanakya as well as Mirza Ghalib, Chandrakanta and Bharat Ek Khoj. He has also been associated with movies such as Maachis, Hu – Tu – Tu and Fiza. In Bazm – e – Meer he has put together this tribute to Meer, with a selection of Meers poetry and pieces from the great poets autobiography, Zikr – e – Meer, rendering them in a way that brings out his persona alive.

Roopkumar and Sonali Rathod

Undoubtedly one of the most loved singing couples; Roopkumar and Sonali Rathod have become a symbol of young love. Attractive and immensely talented, they have managed to create an audience across wide range of vocals including the classical tappa and the light ghazal, bhajan or geet/film songs. No wonder then, their voices have been heard in various movies, television serials and music albums. Together they have created flawless melodies with their sonorous voice and have been nominated for and awarded some of the most prestigious awards in the music industry.

1. Hati Apni
2. Idhar Se Abr
3. Patta Patta
4. Mom Samjhe The
5. Ishq Mein
6. Gham Raha
7. Faqeerana Aaye

Concept & track introduction by Salim Arif
Keyboard & Rhythm – Hitesh Sonik
Programmed by Bass Guitar – Dominic Fernandes
Violin – Deepak Pandit
Flute & Recorder – Ronu Majumdar
Sarod – Zarin Daruwala
Rubab – Jayanti Gosher
Sitar – Sunil Das & Niladri Kumar
Shehnai – Madhu Dhumal
Swarlin – Rajendra Singh
Chorus – Minakshi & Shubha
Music Arranged by – Deepak Pandit
Recorded & Mixed by – Hasan Shaikh
Associate – Brendon Cooper
Recorded at – Trio Digital Studios- Mumbai
Mastered by – Ashish Manchanda at Flying carpet Productions, Mumbai.

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