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Folk Tradition of Ram Katha In North-East India (DVD)

Folk Tradition of Ram Katha In North-East India (DVD)
Sunil Uchitra
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Art, New Delhi
30:00 Minutes
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About the CD

There are different culture specific renditions of Ramakatha in the northeast, where the character of Rama stands out as virtuous, righteous and noble. Irrespective of cultural and racial differences, Rama’s story has been accepted by many cultures in the Northeast, which rewrote the story adapting it to their particular social and cultural milieu. In the Brahmaputra valley, Ramakatha appeared in various forms as presented by Shankardev and the Madhav Kondoli of medival Kamrupa Besides narrations and discourses on the Ramayana, it has also been translated into kirtans, popularly known as pala gaan. These kirtaniyas are found in Vishnupriya Manipuri communities of Barak Valley and Tripura. In the villages of Tripura, the oral tradition of the Ramayana is a simple unsophisticated form of folk poetry, popularly known as Rama Panchali, which is sung and narrated. The Tai Khamptis of Arunachal Pradesh have a Ramayana lore called the Ramamang, inspired by the Naga versions of South East Asia. The Karbis have a oral tradition of the Ramayana, known as the Chabin Alun. The Khena Leh Ramate Leh Ramate is the Mizo version. Besides, there are important tradition of the Ramayana, known as the Chabin Alun. The Khena Leh Ramate is the Mizo version Besides, there are important translations of the Ramayana in Khasi, Jaintia and Garo languages in Meghalaya. Our film is a journey that captures the Ramayana as performed in different ways in different parts of the North East. What we see are the glimpses of a once rich oral tradition of story telling. This film is a shorter version of the original 90 minutes film.

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