Hazrat Sultanul Arafin Haq Bahu Rematullah (Abida) (Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)

Hazrat Sultanul Arafin Haq Bahu Rematullah (Abida) (Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
Begum Abida Parveen
Times Music (2004)
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Upon being asked what is being a Sufi? Bayazid said Giving up comforts and trying to carry out efforts. That is the practice of the Sufi. The Sufis are an ancient spiritual freemasonry whose origins have never been traced or dated nor do they themselves take much interest in such researches being content to point out the occurrence of their own way of thought in different regions and periods. Nor are the Sufis a sect being bound by no religious dogma however tenuous and using no regular place of religious instruments. They even dislike being given inclusive name which might force them into doctrinal conformity.

The essence of Sufism is the teacher the Teaching and the taught (disciple). The Teaching operates as an integral albeit hidden force in life hence so does Sufism and it is ultimately and always under direction of the teacher of the Age & Hazrat Sultanul Bahu is one of the most renowned Sufi saints of the later Mughal period in the history of Indo Pakistan Subcontinent. He is better known by the name of sultanul Arifin in the Sufi circles which means the Sultan of Agnostics. Born in Qalai Shorkat-a-settlement at the bank of River Chenab a mystic light shone upon his face since childhood that compelled even the hindus to utter Kalima Tayyiba.

Most of his education remained informal till the end. His mother taught him the essential Sufi exercise of Dhikr (Invocation of Allah and his names). He needed no more guidance. He was initiated to walk the path of Sufis intuitively. His spiritual experiences and vision enriched his mind and spirit with so much knowledge that he far excelled his contemporary Sufi master and Sufi poets in Sufism. He Punjabi poetry contains spiritual fervor and passionate expression of the exalted state of divine love. All his life Hazrat Sultan Bahu Kept traveling to the far-flung places to the seekers of truth most of his books were probably written during such journeys. He never made a permanent Khaneqah (house) during his lifetime. Sometimes he fell into ecstasy and passed his days and nights in the state of absorption. Even today he is remembered as the greatest teacher and propagator of Faqiri which is the guiding star in his teachings.

Abida has paid homage to the poetry of Hazrat Sulatanul
Arafin Haw Bahu Rematullah in her soulful and powerful
Voice. Her voice heightens the glory of these very beautiful Sufi verses and transports the listener to the spiritual domains, letting these Dohas melt and settle into their mind. Her flawless renditions echo the depth of knowledge and wisdom of Sufism. Each composition has been chosen and interpreted by her in an attempt to share the meaning and beauty of these wise words with the listener.

1Ae Tann Mera
2Andar Hu Te Baahar Hu
3Ho Ji Maula
Singer: Begum Abida Parveen
Harmonium & Bulbul Tarang: Pradeep Pandit
Tabla: Ravindra Rajbhat, Rajesh Rajbhat, Nazir Khan,
Bass Guitar: Dominic fernandes
Dholak: Karam Hussain

Music arrangements by : Bhavdeep Jaipurwale
Recorded at: Western Outdoor studio
Recording Engineer: Daman Sood/Avinash Oak
additional Recording & Mixing at: Swarlata Studio, Mumbai
Recording engineer; Chinmay Harshe

Mandolin: Nasir Ahmad
Santoor: Ulhas Bapat
Keyboard: Sanjay Jaipurwale
Sarangi: Dilshad Khan
Flute: Rakesh Chaurasia
Percussions: Rajesh Rajbhat, Deepak Borkar

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