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Kathak (Indian Classical Dance Art) (Set of 9 DVDs): A Most Comprehensive Resource

Kathak (Indian Classical Dance Art) (Set of 9 DVDs): A Most Comprehensive Resource
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About the DVD

1. Kathak Part 1 Introduction to Nritto Padhant and Tatkar
2. Kathak Part 2 Introduction to Nritto Hasta Sanchalan 1
3. Kathak Part 3 Introduction to Nritto Hasta Sanchalan 2
4. Kathak Part 4 Tihai
5. Kathak Part 5 Tatkar
6. Kathak Part 6 Aamad

1. Kathak Part 7 Tukda
2. Kathak Part 8 Toda
3. Kathak Part 9 Paran
4. Kathak Part 10 Thaat
5. Kathak Part 11 Shloka
6. Kathak Part 12 Gat Bhava

1. Kathak Part 13 Gat Bhava 2
2. Kathak Part 14 Beyond Lessons on the Stage
3. Kathak Part 15 Foundation Course
4. Kathak Part 16 Foundation Course
5. Kathak Part 17 Foundation Course
6. Kathak Part 18 Foundation Course

1. Kathak part 19 Aamad
2. Kathak Part 20 That in teen taal
3. Kathak Part 21 Tatkar in teen taal hasta sanchalan and padhant
4. Kathak part 22 teen taal 3 simple tukdas
5. Kathak Part 23 Teen taal 2 simple tukdas
6. Kathak Part 24 teen taal 3 chakradar todas

1. Kathak Part 25 Parans and Chakradar paran
2. Kathak Part 26 Introduction to Rupak Taal
3. Kathak Part 27 Taal Rupak Small Tukdas
4. Kathak Part 28 2 Simple paranas and 1 Chkaradar toda
5. Kathak Part 29 taal rupak chanda and lori
6. Kathak Part 30 Sloka for asngyukta hasta 1
7. Kathak Part 31 sloka for asanygukta hasta 2

1. Kathak Part 32 introduction to Sidhi gat
2. Kathak Part 33 Matki and murli gat
3. Kathak part 34 bhajan I (Vhyavabhinaya of any one bhajan)
4. Kathak Part 35 Bhajan II
5. Kathak Part 36 Bhajan III
6. Kathak part 37 viniyoga of asangyukta hastas Mudras I

1. Kathak part 38 viniyoga of asangyukta hastas Mudras II
2. Kathak part 39 viniyoga of asangyukta hastas Mudras III
3. Kathak part 40 viniyoga of asangyukta hastas Mudras IV
4. Kathak part 41 Usages of Sangyuktas hastas mudras
5. Kathak Part 42 sloka for Devata and Dashavatara Hasta
6. Kathak Part 43 Slokas for jati Bandhava Hastas

1. Kathak part 44 Introduction
2. Kathak Part 45 Natya Nritta and Nritya
3. Kathak Part 46 Number of Rasas and Bhavas Part I
4. Kathak Part 47 Number of Rasas and Bhavas Part 2
5. Kathak Part 48 Dharmis and vrittis
6. Kathak Part 49 angik and bachik abhinaya

1. Kathak Part 50 Ahariya abhinaya
2. Katha Part 51 classification of Nayaka Nayika
3. Kathak Part 52 nayaka lakashanas and nayika alamkaras
4. Kathak part 53 a detailed study of gharanas of kathak dance
5. Kathak part 54 rasleela and its relation to kathak



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