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Maha Mrityunjay Mantra (Audio CD)

Maha Mrityunjay Mantra (Audio CD)
Pandit Jasraj
Virgin Record India Pvt. Ltd. (2008)
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From the CD
Singer : Pandit Jasraj
Vibraphone : Dnyanesh Deo
Harmonium : Mukund Petkar
Tabla : Kedar Pandit
Pakhava: Prakash Sejwal
Side Rhy : Sankar Joshi, Rajendra, Doorkar, Pratap Rath, Kedar More
Sitar : Umashankar Shukla
Flute : Sandeep Kulkarni
Veena : Narayan Mani
Sarod : Zarin Daruwala
Cataglogue No: 5099952201929
Format: Audio CD

About the CD

Chanting the Maha Mrityunjay Mantra assures the bhakta that Lord Shiva will always keep him under his protective umbrella. It is recited to help us cheat death in the physical world and liberate us from the cycle of life and death. It is a widely held belief that the Maha mritunjay Mantra takes us to the ultimate salvation which is Nirvana or Mokshya. We pray Lord Shiva to gift as with the Amrit (Nectar) ensuring we live a disease free life and achieve mokshya from rebirth.

About the Artiste

“The Golden voice which has mesmerized listeners throughout the world for decades and taken them into a trance making them experience the presence of the Almighty time and again……”

“Panditji’s music shows the vision of the Almighty in his entire splendor…”

Perfect diction, clarity in sur and extreme tunefulness, command in all aspects of laya, choice of composition and interplay of the notes with the words to evoke the desired mood and feeling are other highlights of this Rajraj Pandit Jasraj’s music. This sensitivity together with the pure classical approach has given his signing a lyrical quality, which is the quintessence of the Mewati style of singing.

Not content with the tried and the tested, Pandit Jasraj has not only created over a hundred bandishes but has also traversed the uncharted path of singing Sanskrit verses in pure Hindustani classical style. They have veritably created a major spiritual revolution in classical music. Today, he sings ancient Sanskrit composition with great ease. His inimitable devotional quality of singing together with the sanctity of the Sanskrit verses creates a highly charged atmosphere of the divine. He is a Nayak in the true sense of the word.


Dhyayennityam Mahesham
2Shiv Gayatri
Om Tatpurushay Vidmahe
3Maha Mrityunjay Mantra
Backed By Flute Aalap
4Shiv Dhun
Om Namaha Shivay
1)Jai Shankar Shivashankar
2)Jay Shiv Omkaara
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Sunil, UAE
Thank you so much, I'm honoured and grateful to receive such a beautiful piece of art of Lakshmi. Please congratulate the artist for his incredible artwork. Looking forward to receiving her on Haida Gwaii, Canada. I live on an island, surrounded by water, and feel Lakshmi's present all around me.
Kiki, Canada
Nice package, same as in Picture very clean written and understandable, I just want to say Thank you Exotic India Jai Hind.
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I received my order today. When I opened the FedEx packet, I did not expect to find such a perfectly wrapped package. The book has arrived in pristine condition and I am very impressed by your excellent customer service. It was my pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to many more transactions with your company. Again, many thanks for your fantastic customer service! Keep up the good work.
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I received the package today... Wonderfully wrapped and packaged (beautiful statue)! Please thank all involved for everything they do! I deeply appreciate everyone's efforts!
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I have always been delighted with your excellent service and variety of items.
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