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Masters of Hindustani Classical Music Pandit Purushottam Walawalkar (Set of 2 DVDs, with Color Booklet Inside)

Masters of Hindustani Classical Music Pandit Purushottam Walawalkar (Set of 2 DVDs, with Color Booklet Inside)
Pandit Purushottam Walawalkar
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts
146 Min. 388 Sec. Approx
Item Code: IZA060
Price: $50.00
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From The DVD
Artist: Pandit Purushottam Walawalkar
Format: DVD
Duration: 146 Min. 388 Sec. Approx


About The DVD

Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts presents “Masters of Hindustani Classical Music”, a series of recordings reverberating the subcontinent’s unbroken lineages in music. The repertoire of Hindustani classical music has been enriched by the contribution of various gharanas or schools of music for centuries. This ambitious project has been envisaged as a befitting tribute to the glorious masters of Hindustani classical music with a view to establishing periodicity, musical acumen and strengths of gharanas in an all-inclusive approach.

Under the aegis of this research project, a series of recordings were undertaken to map out the rich repertoire of Hindustani classical music. The recordings establish India’s perennial traditions of music that have lived on through the efforts of artists, scholars, scions of gharanas, as also dedicated disciples of legendary gurus. This legacy has also been constantly enriched by contemporary influences, the crosscurrents of newer genres and performance styles, as Hindustani classical music is an evergreen art form founded on the bedrock of traditions. It constantly blossoms into refreshing formats that carry a whiff of the past even as it responds to newer stimuli. Fully aware of the need to respect the rich continuum in Hindustani classical music, an overarching concern therefore is to propagate these ceaseless traditions to a wider public as also to create a platform of engagement with an audience already receptive of its appeal.

The objective of this series is to document and preserve the traditional heritage of vocal or instrumental styles represented by senior exponents of the gharana, and those who have received their talim directly from their gharana guru. This selectivity has made the series unique and distinguishes the project as a precious addition to the treasury of Hindustani classical music. In this way, the core merits of the gharana legacy have been presented through its authentic living source in which the musicians themselves have generously shared their inheritance.

The present DVD of master musician Pandit Purushottam Walawalkar is being released on the occasion of his 91st birthday. Pandit Walawalkar speaks in Marathi-and this has been translated into English by his long time disciple Shri Sudhir Paranjape. Pandit Walawalkar talks extensively on various aspects about the harmonium; how it came to India, how it caught the popular imagination, the style of playing the instrument, the style of accompanying vocalists belonging to different gharanas, how the finger movements vary in different genres is different, qualities of good accompaniment, the difference of playing thumri, and the art of playing solo.

To give the project a roundedness, personal memorabilia, available with IGNCA (photographs, recordings of live mehfils etc) have been generously shared by the artist. In addition, an uncompromising excellence of recording is ensured through appropriate digital carriers and archiving the performances for posterity.




  DVD 1 4:45
Chapter 1: Introduction by Shri Sudhir Paranjape 3:49
Chapter 2: On his childhood and initiation into music 5:59
Chapter 3: On the history of harmonium, his gurus and their styles of playing 2:29
Chapter 4: Harmonium as a solo instrument 6:55
Chapter 5: The rendering of thumri-dadra on harmonium 12:43
Chapter 6: Training the hand for harmonium and demonstration of a few ornamentation principles: 8:47
Chapter 7: The use of bellows in harmonium  
  DVD 2  
Chapter 8: Riyaz and accompanying artists from different gharanas 3:04
Chapter 9: Do's and Don’t's of harmonium accompaniment 4:14
Chapter 10: Performance by Pandit Prurushottam Walawalkar Raga Nat Malhar -Tala: Addha Raga Bihag -Tala: Teentaal 10:19
Chapter 11: Archival Photographs of Pandit Purushottam Walawalkar 5:24
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