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Raga From Music Today - Bismillah Khan (Shehnai) (Audio CD)

Raga From Music Today - Bismillah Khan (Shehnai) (Audio CD)
Bismillah Khan
Music Today(2007)
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From the CD

Music and Nature are a recurring theme in the ragas of the Hindustani or North Indian system of music. Just as ragas follow a time cycle, their swaras reflecting the changing luminosities of day and night, so too there are ragas evocative of the seasons: two in particular, spring and the monsoons, both of which strike deep emotive chords within us.

In this album, shehnai maestro Bismillah Khan renders music of these seasons. Side A features Hamir Bhar, a combination of two ragas with prominence given to the latter, Bahar, while Hamir adds an element of virtuosity. A night raga of the Kalyan family, this beautiful blend evokes the mood of spring. On Side B, the Mishra Mel Ki Malhar is a free improvisation, allowing for independent interpretation and exploration. Strands of different ragas have been woven into his composition to form a rich and tuneful tapestry. Kajri, a folk form of the rainy season, has found its way into the light classical repertoire, though in a more sophisticated manner. In this rendition, so typical of Benaras, Bismillah Khan retains the essentially rustic feel of the Kajri, while stylizing his presentation in the classical mould.

1. Raga Hamir Bahar (29:45)
2. Mishra Mel Ki Malhar (14:48)
3. Kajri (14:57)

Nayyar Hussain: Shehnai
Mumtaz Hussain: Shehnai
Nanne Hussain: Shehnai
Basharrat Hussain: Khurdak
Nazim Hussain: Tabla

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