Shrine – Raga Kalyan Surrender to the Almighty! (Audio CD)

Shrine – Raga Kalyan Surrender to the Almighty! (Audio CD)
Ajoy Chakrabarty
Times Music(2008)
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Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty enthralls you with a presentation of Raga music, in his serene and melodious voice. Pandit is one of the most well known singers of India. His expanded knowledge of Indian music is clearly heard through his wide repotoire of music ranging from Raga music, through to Bhajans and film music.

After his initial training under his father Mr. Ajit Chakrabarty, Panditji trained with one of the most knowledgeable and charismatic masters of his time – Pandit Gnan Prakash Ghosh. The impact of this training can be clearly recognized of expertise in all forms of Indian vocal music. He studied for several years with Ustad Munawar Ali Khan, an exponent of the legendary Patiala gharana, known to all by Bade Ghulam Ali Khan.

He was the first elected fellow to receive a gold medal from the Sangeet Research Academy, Calcutta, a premier music institution of India devoted to the promotion of classical music in India and abroad. Ajoyji joined as a Scholar but was in a few years assigned the rank of Guru and member of the Expert Committee, in recognition of his extraordinary expertise in the field of music.

He has made Raga music universal to all, through his devotion to the subject as well as the expression of human emotions through his mellifluous voice. He was the first Indian classical Vocalist who was invited to perform in Pakistan. As his musical genius prompts him to respect and cultivate all kinds of good music he has been proving his unique excellence in various genres of Indian music. Hence he received the Presidents’ Award for the best male playback singer in the 37th National Film Festival 1990 and many other State Awards.

The mission to which Panditji has addressed himself is illustrated through his institution – Shrutinandan. This school has been designed for imparting practical knowledge of the basics of vocal music to musically gifted children so that they realize their potentialities as worthy artistes by adapting themselves to musically talented children and genuine music lovers from all section. It is meant for musically talented children and genuine music lovers from all sections of society, and does not address itself to an elitist patronage. Here people with genuine interest in music will be educated to appreciate Indian Classical Music.

For this performance Ajoyji was accompanied by tabla player, Yogesh Samsi, son of the renowned vocalist Dinkar Kaikini. Yogesh is a highly respected artist of the younger generation and one of the foremost disciples of the late tabla virtuoso Ustad Alla Rakha Khan. He is known in the world of Indian music, as one of the most sensitive accompanists, demonstrating both an understanding of vocal music and virtuosic tabla skills. Sri Chiranjib Chakrabarty accompanied Ajoyji on the Harmonium. Chiranjib is an Indian vocal singer himself, having trained under Pandit Arun Bhaduri at the Sangeet Research Academy. He has performed and accompanied both in India and the UK, and has established himself as a singer and respected teacher in the UK. Sarwar E- Alam accompanied Ajoyji on the tanpura. He is a vocal student of Panditji in the UK.

Raga Kalyan

Kalyan is one of the most ancient ragas of North Indian Hindustani music. Normally it is sung as the first raga after the sun set. Most of the compositions are based on devotion – the feeling of prayer and surrender to the almighty. It is a sampurna raga where all eight notes are used in the scale. The fourth note in the scale is sharpened (called Tivra Ma), therefore the scale consists of Sa, Re, Ga, Ma Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa. Suddha Ma (i.e. pure ma) is also used while descending. In this raga the most important notes other than the tonic, are Ga, Pa and Ni, and Dha and Re are less frequently used. The Raga Kalyan is performed in its purest form in this album, perhaps for the first time ever by any Indian musician. There are many ragas in the Kalyan grouping of ragas such as Bhpali, Yaman and Kedar which are more commonly sung by Indian musicians. The Vilambit (slow) composition composed by the legendry Guru Gnan Prakash Ghosh is set to a slow tempo of twelve beats called Ektaal. The drut (fast) composition is set to a rhythmic cycle of 16 beats rhythm called Teentaal.

Ajoy Chakrabarty enthralls you with this serene and melodious voice. He has made raga music universal to al and continues to demonstrate why many consider him to be one of Indian’s greatest vocalists.

Raga Kalyan
1. Alap
2. Bada Khayal in Vilambit Ektaal
3. Chotta Khayalin Teentaal

4. ‘Ab na Satawo’in Misra Tilang

5. ‘Naina Ban Parhi’

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