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Songs of Enlightenment Kathopanishad (A Dialogue with Death!) (Set of 4 MP3 Audio CDs)

Songs of Enlightenment Kathopanishad (A Dialogue with Death!) (Set of 4 MP3 Audio CDs)
Swami Nikhilananda Saraswati
Chinmaya Mission Delhi
26 hrs. Approx
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From The Audio CD
Format: Audio CD
Duration: 26 hrs.


About The Audio CD

Kathopanishad is the story of a fit spiritual seeker, Nachiketas, approaching his Guru, the lord of Death about the nature of Reality. With single pointed focus, he enquires into the Absolute Truth-that which is different from dharma and adharma, beyond cause and effect and other than the past or the future.

As this unique Upanishad unfolds, the Guru takes his young student into the understanding Brahma-Vidya and instructs him in the technique leading to the final experience. Nachiketas, by continuous and deep practices of discrimination and meditation finally comes to realize his own nature to be the ever present consciousness

This teaching between the Guru and a dedicated spiritual aspirant is an important guide taking each one of us closer towards the understanding and experience of who we truly are.

The Regional Head of Chinmaya Mission Delhi, Swami Nikhilananda Saraswati has dedicated his life to the study and teaching of Vedanta. He has the admirable ability of conveying and communicating the essence of the Scriptures in an easy and comprehensible manner. With supreme mastery he takes this profound knowledge and unfolds it within his students. All serious seekers of the Truth will benefit immensely from listening to his satsang and interacting with him.




  Audio CD 1  
  Valli One  
1 Introduction and Verse 01-02 1:19:48
2 Verse 03-09 1:24:54
3 Verse 10-16 1:14:16
4 Verse 17-23 1:22:33
5 Verse 24-25 12:44:33
6 Verse 26-29 12:53:40
  Audio CD 2  
  Valli Two  
1 Verse 01-07 1:38:36
2 Verse 08-12 1:25:18
3 Verse 13-15 1:24:38
4 Verse 16-19 1:16:56
5 Verse 20-25 1:28:31
  Audio CD 3  
  Valli Three  
1 Verse 01-05 12:55:55
2 Verse 06-08 1:12:06
3 Verse 09-13 1:27:06
4 Verse 14-18 1:19:59
  Valli Four  
1 Verse 01-05 1:15:58
2 Verse 06-12 1:09:31
3 Verse 13-15 12:47:39
  Audio CD 4  
  Valli Five  
1 Verse 01-03 1:41:37
2 Verse 04-08 1:27:54
3 Verse 09-15 1:35:43
  Valli Six  
1 Verse 01-05 1:09:20
2 Verse 06-10 1:20:46
3 Verse 11-18 1:18:19
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