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When The Gods Dance- Bharatanatyam Kathakali (Kalakshetra Krishnaveni Lakshmanan & Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam, V.P.Dhananjayan) ( DVD Video)

When The Gods Dance- Bharatanatyam Kathakali (Kalakshetra Krishnaveni Lakshmanan & Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam, V.P.Dhananjayan) ( DVD Video)
Various Artists
Super Audio (2008)
60 Minutes
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From the CD:


Kalakshetra group and A Solo by Krishnaveni Lakdhmanan

Glamorously packaged snippets of number of star performers, talented newcomers and extracts from popular dance dramas- a bird's eye view of some of the different styles, some basic info about each style, has all been rolled into one TV serial- WHEN THE GODS DANCE. The first episode starts with kalakshetra, India's leading Institution of Fine arts situated in Chennai. Founded by Smt Rukmani Devi Arundale in 1936, Kalakshetra can more appropriately be described as a "Temple of fine arts". Art lovers from all over the world come here to learn the Indian art forms under this Banyan tree. The principal Krishnaveni Lakshmanan demonstrates a small item to her students. We also have the senior staff of Kalakshetra who have been under direct tutelage of Rukmani Devi saying a few words, followed by a Thillana choreographed by Smt Rukmani Devi.


Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam (Bharatanrityam)
V.P. Dhananjayan (kathakali)
This episode features two famous dancers, Shri V.P.Dhananjayan and Dr. Padma subrahmanyam. The foremost among those who were trained at Kalakshetra but later established their own schools of dance are Shri Dhananjeyan and Smt. Shanta Dhananjeyan. Shri Dhananjeyan who is an exponent of not only Bharathanatyan but also Kathakali, performs his most popular item "Deiva karunyam,". The Indian press praised Dr. padma subrahmanyam as having opened a new chapter in the history of Bharathanatyam. In this episode she performs kalinga Nartanam, an extract from "Krishnauya thubyam namaha" which describes how Krishna won over kalinga, the multi headed serpent and danced on it.

Producer: Dr. Mohana Krishnaswamy

Title: When the Gods dance
Language: English
Running length: 60 mins
Audio: Stereo dolby digital
Regions: NTSC all regions
Catalogue number: 10094

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