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The King of All Mantras (Om Namah Shivai Finger Ring)

The King of All Mantras (Om Namah Shivai Finger Ring)
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When Goddess Parvati was performing penance to obtain Lord Shiva as her husband, the great sage Narada paid her a visit. He initiated her into the five-syllabled mantra of Shiva, calling it the King of All Mantras and informed her that its continuous chanting was the most effective way of propitiating him. The mantra is: 'Namoh Shivai'

The Shiva Purana says:

"The chanting of the five-syllabled mantra shall always be performed along with Om" (Shiva Purana Vidyeshvarasamhita:17.34).

Thus the potent mantra becomes: 'Om Namoh Shivai.'

It is further stated:

This mantra is of the nature of Shiva himself. By holding on to the mantra, the physical body of the devotee becomes identified with Shiva. (Shiva Purana Vidyeshvarasamhita:17.132).

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