Pear-Cut and Trillion Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet

Indra is known as the God of Gods in the ancient Vedic tradition. He is also known as a deity among the Hindu, Buddist, and Jain belief systems. As king of the gods, Indra is also the god of lightning, thunder, and even the river and the rain. The Vedas describes Indra as the king of Heaven (the Svarga). He is also the most mentioned god in the Rigveda, often alluded to as a powerful god who put an end to Vritra, the greatest symbol of evil. This great feat is the one that got Indra to be constantly remembered by versus post-Vedic writings where he is depicted as a drunken adulterous god who disturbs monks in fears that self-realized humans can overtake him and his power.

As the ruler of the heavens, Indra is also associated with the rainbow. While his iconography suggests that he killed Vritra with a thunderbolt, he is also depicted as wielding a rainbow. This Pear-Cut and Trillion Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet capture the charm and the rainbow, most especially it’s quiet build-up from the lightest shades towards its iconic multicolored form. The Trillion Rainbow Moonstone gem catches showcases the colors of light at the right angle but its mostly neutral finish makes it easy to pair with almost any clothing style. Likewise, it also lends an elegant touch to formal wear thanks to its sterling silver base and band.

The rainbow is also called Indra's Bow. One of Indra's choice of weapon to wield, along with the thunderbolt and the sword. When Indra was fighting the forces of evil, his weapon of choice was mostly the thunderbolt, powerful gusts of winds, and storms. After his hard-earned battle, he and his Devas were worn out. It is said that after defeating evil, he made a bow that stretched across the sky to mark their victory. This bow is the rainbow.

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23.0 gms
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