Ashtalakshmi Darshanasah Shri Yantra (Shri Chakra) (Most Auspicious, Important and Powerful Yantra)

Ashtalakshmi Darshanasah Shri Yantra (Shri Chakra) (Most Auspicious, Important and Powerful Yantra)

One of the most auspicious yantras expounded in tantric texts, the Ashtalakshmi Darshasah Yantra is vouched for its auspiciousness and effectiveness by numerous devotees. The word 'ashta' in Sanskrit means eight, so this yantra is about the eight forms of Lakshmi, each of Whom have been engraved with considerable iconographic precision on each vertical edge of this yantra. They are (clockewise from top right) Shri Aishvaryalakshmi, Shri Veerlakshmi, Shri Dhyaanlakshmi, Shri Santanalakshmi (depicted with a 'santana', which means offsrpring), Shri Vijayalakshmi, Shri Adhilakshmi, Shri Gajalakshmi, and Shri Dhanlakshmi. The central bindu is surrounded by the sacred Shri Chakra motif of chaturdasha kona (fourteen triangles), followed by ashtadala (eight-petalled) and shodashadala (sixteen-petalled) padmas (lotuses), which is further followed by a trivalya (three girdles) and a trirekha (three-level bhupura or sacred precinct). While the significance of each petal of the lotuses has been inscribed on this yantra together with the holy 'Shri' syllable in the intercardinal directions, the number 3 which is of importance in this yantra stands for sattva, rajas, and tamas. The three-level bhupura of the Ashtalakshmi yantra belongs to the Kaul mat tradition. The mantra for this yantra is, "Om shri hi shri kamale kamalalaye praseed praseed/Shi hi shri om mahalakshmye namah".

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