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An Awkward Situation

An Awkward Situation
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Miniature Painting On Paper
10.0" x 7.0"
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Shiva is invariably visualized as an ascetic in the cannons of Indian iconography. He smears his body with ash and wears only a minimal amount of clothing. Here he stands turning slightly towards his spouse Parvati who hands him a tattered loincloth. There was a specific reason that prompted this action on her part: It is well known that Garuda, the mount of Vishnu, is a sworn enemy of snakes. Shiva typically adorns himself with serpents and one fine day when Vishnu decided to pay him a visit, Shiva had characteristically coiled a serpent around his middle serving as his loincloth. As soon as Vishnu entered Shiva's abode accompanied with Garuda, the serpent fled, leaving its master bewildered and abashed. Being the perfect wife that she was, Parvati immediately came to his rescue and handed him a small piece of fabric at hand to preserve his modesty.

Shiva stands here facing Parvati, his hands busy draping himself, while she, abashed, looks the other way. He has a sweet face with three eyes and thin, sensuous and reddened lips. Coils of hair cascade down like the waves of the mighty Ganges herself. He wears his typical rudraksha bead necklaces and armlets. A crescent moon crowns his head. Parvati is dressed in rags, a befitting drape for the wife of a hermit. The serpent makes good his escape and enters a anthill nearby. The couple stands on a tiger skin sprawled beneath them. Nandi their faithful companion looms in the background.

Vishnu is attired in a saffron dhoti, and each of his four arms bears a typical implement namely the conch, lotus, discus and mace. Garuda is green, portly and elaborately bejewelled. His beak is red as is the dhoti and talons of his feet. While Vishnu has managed to restrain his feelings at the awkward happenings, Garuda's mouth is slightly open, an expression of shocked surprise on his face.

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Awesome collection! Certainly will recommend this site to friends and relatives. Appreciate quick delivery.
Sunil, UAE
Thank you so much, I'm honoured and grateful to receive such a beautiful piece of art of Lakshmi. Please congratulate the artist for his incredible artwork. Looking forward to receiving her on Haida Gwaii, Canada. I live on an island, surrounded by water, and feel Lakshmi's present all around me.
Kiki, Canada
Nice package, same as in Picture very clean written and understandable, I just want to say Thank you Exotic India Jai Hind.
Jeewan, USA
I received my order today. When I opened the FedEx packet, I did not expect to find such a perfectly wrapped package. The book has arrived in pristine condition and I am very impressed by your excellent customer service. It was my pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to many more transactions with your company. Again, many thanks for your fantastic customer service! Keep up the good work.
Sherry, Canada
I received the package today... Wonderfully wrapped and packaged (beautiful statue)! Please thank all involved for everything they do! I deeply appreciate everyone's efforts!
Frances, USA
I have always been delighted with your excellent service and variety of items.
James, USA
I've been happy with prior purchases from this site!
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Thank you. You are providing an excellent and unique service.
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Thank You very much for this wonderful opportunity for helping people to acquire the spiritual treasures of Hinduism at such an affordable price.
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I really LOVE you! Wonderful selections, prices and service. Thank you!
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